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A well-architectured coworking marvel! That’s how I choose to introduce Dextrus Mumbai. This coworking space in BKC is a class in itself. Situated in a sprawling 15,000 sqft office, Dextrus has managed to turn heads ever since its arrival. From the gorgeous interiors to unlimited beverages, it has impressed one and all. The place offers plenty of choices to members which gradually culminate into a sense of homeliness. And if I sound too cheezy, go visit Dextrus Mumbai, for seeing is believing! For now, read ahead.

Mumbai is not new to coworking. But the richness brought-in by Dextrus Mumbai into shared office culture is definitely something unique. The founder, Robin Chhabra has made the most of his architectural acumen into building Dextrus. Standing true to its name, this space has been dexterously designed to bring out the best of your skills. That’s because working at Dextrus Mumbai replaces mundane with exciting and traditional with innovative. With a Dextrus membership, you can expect a better you and better returns from your business.

What makes Dextrus Mumbai Special?

The ceiling, the flooring and everything in between!

The idea behind Dextrus is to have you run your business without any hassles or maintenance overheads. Painted in subtle tones and frequent use of gold and white, the place has a soothing vibe. Let me take you a bit deeper into the Dextrus premises.

A Natural Delight

Dextrus has been adorned with an aesthetic decor. Live plants placed in every possible frame, add freshness into the air. Talking of the air, the space lets in plenty of sunshine, even into the deeper interiors. The lime plastered ceilings and light flooring bring a glow to the area. The place is very neat and modest, reflecting in the mindset of the people using this facility.

Brass Lighted & Steely Furnishings

The brass-clad ceiling and hanging lights, keep the space majestically illuminated. While the steel framed ergonomic chairs deliver comfort at its best. The high-quality wooden panels and installed pieces of art add grandeur to the place.

Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces

The Dextrus Mumbai has Meeting Rooms with capacity for up to 40 people. And on weekends, these can be customized for an even bigger crowd. These are fully equipped with high tech AV gadgetry and super fast wifi. You may even request for an additional food and beverage service, while unlimited tea and coffee will come at no extra cost. Meeting Room prices are available on request.

Shared Areas

Here’s a list of shared areas available in the space and accessible to all members.

  • Cafeteria: Is a nice and cozy place where you and your clients can chat over unlimited fine tea or coffee.
  • Pantry: For those who wish to cook up a quick delicacy themselves.
  • Library: Specially created to quench the thirst of bookaholic members.
  • Lounges: Need to relax a bit, or have an informal chat with your colleagues? A comfy sofa awaits you in the lounge.
  • Phone Booths: An important business call or one from home, asking for where you left the TV remote. Maintain your chat’s privacy here.
  • Showers: Can’t believe? Yes, they have got showers too! Germophobic or need to freshen up before an important meeting, go ahead. Plus, the Bathrooms are Disabled friendly.

Some Other Amenities

  • 24/7 Key Card accessible, fully air-conditioned premises.
  • Call and Mail Handling Services, so you can get your official correspondences handled in a professional way.
  • Their spaces are also furnished with Server racks and UPS power backup facility.
  • They have Lockers and Storage spaces for members.
  • Access to all general office utilities, like Stationaries, Printers, Copiers etc.
  • Access to Housekeeping, Security, and Valet Parking facility.
  • Snackfood Market for fast food junkies.




Dextrus Mumbai Membership Plans

I am not aware of what exactly you are looking for. Neither your requirements nor your team size. But I do know that Dextrus has a space for you. That’s because they are flexible on terms and memberships. From hot desking for freelancers to private offices for smaller or larger corporates, they have it all covered. They offer customizability, not only to larger firms but even individual members.

Please go through the following Dextrus Mumbai membership plans, and see what suits you best.

Dextrus Daily

If you are a work at home professional, you know it best that how distracting the home environment can be. Besides, the arrival of guests or kids jumping around could be eating on your professional commitments. Or are you looking for a calm space to carry on your work during a business trip to Mumbai?

I have a solution for you! Get a day pass at Dextrus Mumbai at INR 900/- per day. The coworking area will provide you with the essence of doing the best of your capabilities. Besides a space to work, you will also be able to use the shared areas and amenities of Dextrus, as discussed earlier. Even the Meeting Rooms will be available on request.

Please note that Dextrus offers complimentary one day pass for those who wish to try the place before committing. So please Contact Dextrus for a free day pass, if you need one.

Hot Desks

If your traditional (or home-based) office is dull and boring? Or you need connections to give your idea a direction? Head to BKC, as building connections is a hot-desk away at Dextrus Mumbai. There are many coworkers to meet and greet each day, making this membership a great choice for even networking enthusiasts. And of course for fueling your expansion goals.

Priced at INR 17,750/- per month, a Dextrus Desk will get you access to a fully furnished shared sunlit area. Wherein you can find a desk, on first come first serve basis, and just start off with your work. Some other perks of Hot Desking here are:

  • Free monthly usage of Meeting Rooms for up to 2 hours.
  • Additional credits for your business Printouts.
  • Use of Dextrus BKC location as your address, on your entire business and marketing collateral.

Private Offices

At a monthly payment of INR 30,750/- per seat, you can get Private Office space in the premium Bandra East location. These offices are fully furnished and ready to move in. You can request a customized space as well, to these secured key card accessible offices.

Some additional perks that come along with this membership are:

  • Access to enterprise-grade lease-lined internet service.
  • A digital telephone for your business.
  • Lockable storage facility within your office space for your valuable docs.
  • Printer usage credits.
  • Up to 2-hour free access to the Meeting Rooms, per month.
  • Call and Mail Handling Services.
  • Free usage of Dextrus address as your company’s address.

Virtual Office

The Virtual package empowers you to use the Dextrus Mumbai as your business address. Plus their staff will handle all your calls and postal packages for you, as per your instructions. Please note that Dextrus has not shared their price for the Virtual package. So for pricing info please visit their website.

Virtual Office Plus

Get a Virtual Office Plus membership at INR 11,750/- per month. The Virtual Plus comes packed with all that’s included in the Virtual Package just discussed, but along with two additional perks. These are:

  • Two-hour credit to use the Meeting Rooms.
  • 4 Dextrus Daily passes, absolutely free.

Location and Contact:

Dextrus Coworking Mumbai

Dextrus Mumbai is well located in a prime commercial hub, in the state of Maharashtra. The 20 storied building goes by the name of Parinee Crescenzo, where Dextrus offices are on the eighth floor. The location is adjacent to ONGC Green Heights, while two five star hotels, The Trident, and Grand Hyatt are a few kilometers away. If you are a train traveler, the Kurla Railway Station is just 2.7 km away and the Bandra Railway Station is at 5 km distance.

For any other queries, you may contact Dextrus at [email protected] or call them at +91 22 62606800.


Address: A-802, 8th Floor, Crescenzo, C/38-39, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400051, Maharashtra.


Now that you have read enough about Dextrus Mumbai, (I hope you did,) let me put forth some more insight. I expect that if you are on this page you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur looking for a professional backdrop for your startup or maybe a bigger firm looking for a private office option. But either way, Dextrus will be a worthy answer to your business requirements. It has all it takes to move forward in the fast-paced business world and to not just survive.

Workspaces do have an impact on human efficiency. Dextrus Mumbai is a coworking space that will motivate you to run your creative horses to the full. The calmness of the interior will keep you more focused and goal oriented. In fact, It’s a place you will find difficult to leave and eager to come back to. Moreover, the Bandra East location is a great address to put up on your visiting cards. If you have never been a coworker before, this is the perfect place to get your first taste of coworking. And if you are not, this place still deserves a visit. I insist!

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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