Regal Hive Coworking, Mohali – Prices & Perks (2021)

Regal Hive is set to become one of the premier and most productive coworking spaces in Mohali. Wanna know the reason? There are plenty of them and we will discuss them all. But first, let us know the motive behind Regal Hive Coworking Mohali. 

Regal Hive translates to a royal place to work. This Royalty manifests in this coworking space’s entire structure. It is all about your mindset. Well, it is no brainer that every individual is born similar, but makes the difference is how you develop your life. It can be an isolated life where you are resistant to any kind of progress. Or you can become a powerhouse of energy and let everybody learn something from you. Regal Hive Mohali is akin to the latter. This coworking space will prove to be your powerhouse. And let you develop not only your mindset but your attitude, business, startup and in turn, your destiny. 

From what I have experienced at Regal Hive coworking space is that it has vibrancy, energy, and success in this coworking space. Also, there are a number of amenities at your disposal. All of these amenities are oriented towards providing an ideal environment for you to be more productive in your work. 

Amenities at Regal Hive Coworking, Mohali: 

  • Blazing Fast Internet: Regal Hive Mohali will serve you with the best internet facility in the whole city. There is a dedicated leased line for all members providing unlimited access to the internet.  
  • Air Conditioned: To add a whole another level of comfort to your work, the whole workspace is fully air-conditioned. 
  • Love thy Plants: This coworking space has a unique connection with Mother Nature. There is a lot of greenery within the workspace to make sure that you get fresh air all the time. 
  • Stationary: Need a pen, paper or even the stapler? Well, you will get everything in-house. Don’t just head out wasting your time for such a small requirement. 
  • Your Space your seat: The whole workspace area of Regal Hive Mohali is at your disposal. You any sit anywhere you like, be it near the plants or the wall-sized glass window. 
  • Open Design: The very concept of Regal Hive Coworking is to liberate you from the traditional cubicle format of working. So that you can work in an open environment which further fuels interaction and engagement. 
  • Snacks: All the members will get complimentary tea or coffee twice a day from the inhouse cafe. 
  • Energetic Environment: It is here that you will find an ecosystem that is tailor-made to inspire entrepreneurs and startups. The very essence of this coworking enhances your productivity. 
  • Basement Parking: There is an ample amount of parking space on the lower ground floor of the Regal Hive Mohali building. 
  • Ergonomic Seats: There are chairs, long chairs, couches, and bean bags available within the premises. Choose from where you want to work and how you want to do it. 
  • Natural and artificial Lightning: The wall-sized window will take care of the natural light penetrating to every corner of the workspace. Add to this, artificial lighting is also present to cover the whole area optimally. 
  • E-Surveillance: From the gated entry to the working inside your new modern office, everything is securitized with high-tech CCTV cameras.

Regal Hive Mohali






Membership Plans at Regal Hive Coworking:

Becoming a member at Regal Hive is as easy as it gets. All you need to have is an entrepreneurial mind and the zeal to conquer the world. As of now, Regal Hive coworking space Mohali only offers hot seats on the common work floor. You can either hire a single seat or multiple numbers of seats for your team. For teams, there is a special CEO cabin useful for a client meeting. 

Every seat at Regal Hive will cost you Rs. 5000/month. Within this price, you will get a whole gamut of services and amenities targeted towards the growth of your startup. 

Regal Hive Mohali

Location and Contact:

Well, here is yet another amazing thing about Regal Hive. This coworking space is located in a premium area of the city. The Airport Road of Mohali is connected to a national highway and has links to all the major areas of the tri-city. Hence, you will be working from an address that is accessible from all the angles. Moreover, located on the 4th floor, this workspace will allow you to gaze upon the beautiful skyline of the city. 

You will find a number of local transportation sources right at the doorstep of Regal Hive Mohali. Apart from the underground parking space, there is an ample amount of space in and around the building. 

Mohali Address: D-199, 7th Floor, Phase 8-B, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 08699677333




All in all, Regal Hive Mohali is one of the rare coworking spaces in the area which is strives to fulfil their mission. A mission to help you realize your dreams, fulfil your potential, and skyrocket your productivity. It is all about how to channelize your resources and your energy to build your venture. This is where you will get an ideal environment to fuel that energy and the support to progress further. Let us finish this by saying that Regal Hive Coworking is stepping into the world of coworking to make a difference. Be a part of this new age trend of coworking with Regal Hive at Mohali. 

Ajay Deep

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