Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Mohali with Perks & Prices (2022)

One of the most prominent cities in Northern India, Mohali is the city where you will find a great mix of everything important in life. Located near to the City Beautiful, Mohali is rapidly developing only to be called as the next IT hub of the North. Getting a coworking space in Mohali will give you access to modern-day services, networking opportunities, and exposure to an entrepreneurial environment. 

A coworking space in this area means that everything that you need to work, grow, and scale is nearby. Being a neighbour of the Smart City Chandigarh, you will get appropriate sources for transportation. Want to get inspired or have some fun, you will find a lot of sources of entertainment all over the city. Lastly, Mohali is blessed with the intellect of a developing region and the traditionality of the Punjabi culture. With everything that is set to give you the best environment for development, it is no wonder that you are here searching for your next coworking space in Mohali. 

Coworking Space in Mohali


Regal Hive


Regal Hive is an inspired and motivated coworking space in Mohali, on a mission to help startups and entrepreneurs scale and grow. For any business, the address from where it works is essential. And Regal Hive resides in one of the most connected and easy to reach locations in the city. Add to this, you can also get HR services and Accounting help from certified chartered accountants. The whole workspace is tailor-made to enhance your efficiency. There is an ample amount of natural light penetrating to every corner of the space. 

Starting with amazing seating options, from 20-seater to 4-seater cabins and individual seats, Regal Hive is an ideal coworking space in the city. Amenities include high-speed internet, parking areas, in-house cafeteria, ergonomic seating, lounge area, meeting rooms, conference rooms, break-out zone, indoor games, stationery supply, 24*7 security, and printing facilities. 

Address: D-199, 7th Floor, Industrial Area, Phase 8-B, Mohali. (Sector 74). 


Contact No: +91 86996-77333

Membership Plans: Simple pricing but amazing services. All the members at Regal Hive will get unlimited to access all the services and amenities with their membership. A single-seat at Regal Hive will cost you ₹6000/month. Added to this, they also have 4-seater, 6-seater, 10-seater, 15-seater, and 20-seater cabins. The pricing structure of these cabins is subject to availability and you can contact Regal Hive for further information. Before I forget, all the membership plans are without any Lock-In period and the prices are inclusive of all Taxes. 


Next57 Coworking


Next 57 is regarded as the first coworking space in Mohali. It is here that you will find an invigorating environment that is curated to assist startups. At Next57 you will find a number of seating options with comfortable chairs and desks that provide convenience. In terms of services and amenities, you will get internet, reception facilities, housekeeping, power backup, IT support, cafeteria, Office Stationery, and secure office access. 

Next57 has designed its services and ecosystem to support IT startups. The plug n play office suites provided by them are perfect for smaller to medium-sized teams. The play area is designed to enhance member efficiency and you can also get access to several networking events which are the cornerstone of every coworking space. In other terms, Next57 is a complete package of services and an ecosystem that helps startups grow and scale. 

Address: C-205 6th Floor, Phase 8, Industrial Area


Membership Plans: In terms of membership you will find a lot of options at this Mohali coworking space. The Single seat inside a shared cabin will cost you ₹6000/month. Other than this, you can also hire private cabins that can accommodate 4 to 16 members. The cost for the private cabin is ₹6000 per seat/month. Lastly, you can also hire a big cabin with 64 people seating costing ₹10,000 per seat every 2 months. There are other memberships options also available like a virtual office, day pass, weekly pass. Also, you will also be charged GST or other service taxes above the base pricing. 


StartHub Nation


Moving on to the next amazing coworking space in Mohali, StartHub Nation. This shared workspace ie bestowed with a creative and infectious environment. An ideal place for freelancers and entrepreneurs StartHub Nation will provide you with mentors, angel investors, and all the help that you need to climb higher in your industry. StartHub Nation has a unique and most welcoming community that you can get. 

When it comes to amenities and services, StartHub Nation is bundled a lot of such perks that you will help you ease into your work and focus on scaling your venture. This includes customizable cabins, Internet facilities, Meeting areas, conference rooms, housekeeping services, cafeteria, power backup, game zone, and events & mentorship. 

Address: There are two locations of StartHub Nation in Mohali:

  • Mohali HQ: F-452, Phase 8B, Sector 91 Road, Industrial Area, Sector 91
  • Mohali Premium: Plot No D228, 4th Floor, Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Sector 91


Membership Plans: You can book your own dedicated seat or even work from private cabins. StartHub Nation also offers meeting rooms and conference rooms to the members at an extra cost. In Mohali, this coworking space has set some good precedents in terms of service provision and member events. 


Wotta Workspace


Wotta Workspace is where you can be innovative, creative, and pay attention to your work. As an entrepreneur-oriented coworking space in Mohali, Wotta Workspace has aligned its services and amenities to be in consonance with startups and solopreneurs requirements. 

One of the major facilities they offer includes productive meetups. These meetings boost the member’s ideation and lead to great networking plus discussions. The Mohali coworking spaces are still blooming, but spaces similar to Wotta Workspace and Regal Hive are turning the tide. In terms of perks, you can expect to get meeting rooms, conference rooms, legal and financial help, marketing services, play areas, housekeeping, and other sundry services to get all set for your amazing entrepreneurial venture. 

Address: Plot No: F-429, Phase 8-B


Membership Plans: At this coworking space in Mohali, you can get either a part-time desk, a full-time seat or even get a resident membership. The part-time membership will cost you ₹3000/month and the full-time membership comes at ₹4000/month. The Resident membership will cost you ₹6000/month and will provide 24*7 access to the workspace along with numerous other amenities. 


The Groove Mohali


Almost every coworking space in Mohali wants its member startups to thrive and scale. Similar is the goal with which The Groove works day in and out just to ensure that they provide the right kind of support and guidance to the members. From HR services to some limited financial services, The Groove aims to take care of the intricate and time-consuming functions. At the core of the Groove is to create an environment where people can trust each other and build a community. 

At this Mohali Coworking space, you will have amenities like high-speed internet, reception services, tea and coffee, printing, and mail handling. There are parking facilities available for members on the rooftop, but that is only sufficient for 2-wheelers. 

Address: Stan Professionals Pvt Ltd. C157, Phase 7. 


Membership Plans: There are three membership plans that you can take at The Groove. This includes Virtual office costing you ₹2000/month but you cannot get a work seat or a cabin space. With the Dedicated desk, you need to pay ₹4000 per month and get access to a desk on the common work floor area. The private cabin membership rates at The Groove starts at ₹12000/month. 


It is such an amazing thing that every one of the above-listed coworking space in Mohali is working with a mission. This is the fuel that inspires the members and operators alike to be better and work better. The coworking space trend may be new to Mohali, but looking at these shared work hubs it seems that these guys know what they are doing. 

Coworking spaces such as Regal Hive, The Groove, and Next57 are really taking upon a proactive role in forwarding this cool culture in Mohali. When starting a new venture you will need the support and expertise of these coworking spaces. Here is a list of the 5 best coworking spaces in Mohali. Check them all out, weigh the perks and prices and then make a choice. Happy Coworking!

Ajay Deep

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