iQ Office Suites Toronto | Coworking at King Street, Yonge Street, & Uni Ave.

iQ Office Suites Toronto has been designed to impress one and all. With exposed brick walls and soaring concrete ceilings, you’ll come across one of the most refreshing atmospheres to work in. However, the character maple floors are eye candy. Besides, natural light, premium furniture, gourmet coffees are some other reasons, for falling in love with this Toronto coworking space.

iQ Office Suites in Toronto, have loads to offer from semi-private to fully private workstations, office spaces, virtual office, etc. You can choose from among a variety of seating areas and meeting spaces. The interiors have been ergonomically designed, and your productivity will soar with leaps and bounds. Interested to know more? Have a quick read!

Some amazing perks at iQ Office Suites Toronto:

  • Ultimate Interiors: The interiors of this coworking space, are full of smart furnishings, apart from sunlight, and amazing city views.
  • Noise reductive fittings: Crave some peace of mind at work? iQ Office Suites Toronto has engineered its walls to absorb sounds and maintain tranquillity.
  • Coffee & Snacks: Keep your energy levels upbeat with a regular dose of fine coffee, citrus water, or by the trail mix snack bar.
  • Lounge Area: Every time you get bored of your desk and chair, shift into the lounge area for a comfy couch seat. Here you can work, relax or chat with a fellow coworker, as you please. You can also watch TV, or grab a coffee from the kitchen, and watch your favorite NFL match.
  • Superfast Internet services: Internet is oxygen for every business out there. So what’s a better perk than getting access to high-speed internet, all the time? Besides, the secure V-LAN assures seamless operations via wifi at iQ Office Suites Toronto. 
  • Happy Hours: To instill a sense of community, members are treated to weekly happy hours. These entail sessions of locally crafted beers, spirits, or some fine wine.
  • Enterprize grade utilities: As smart as things can be, you can use any of their premium office equipment with your iQ pass card. Besides, these are accessible, right from your desk, wirelessly. 
  • On-site support: Have connectivity issues or that for your desk. The full-time support staff will always be at your service, for all your business needs. 
  • Video Conferencing: If you have your team or clients spread out at multiple locations, you’ll know the importance of video conferencing. At this Toronto coworking space, you’ll have access to some superior quality technology for catching up with distant professionals. 
  • Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms here are laced with all that you may need from whiteboards to flip charts and even flat-screen TVs.
  • Security: Though you might not be earning billions today, someday you may. For this, their security cameras keep a check on all the movement inside the premises.

iQ Office Suites Toronto


Membership options at iQ Office Suites Toronto:

iQ Office Suites Toronto is high on flexibility when it comes to their membership plans. The setting up process is absolutely easy and quick. Besides, you can opt for plans for as short as a month, to as long as you wish. Additionally, you can scale your workspace needs, with much more freedom. 

Dedicated Desks

For maximizing your productivity and zest to do more, the dedicated desks at iQ Office Toronto are your best bet out there. Plus, these semi-private workstations will be all yours, around the clock and all seven days. Starting from $500 per month, this membership will get you to access all the amenities that they have on offer.

Moreover, you will be pampered with the comfort of Tayco’s latest furniture line. The work desks are longer and the chairs are much more ergonomic. You’ll also have a movable pedestal where you can store your essential docs and stuff.

In case you need a dose of extra privacy and comfort, you can also hire a premium dedicated desk. These premium desks feature L shaped work desks, set beside a window for fresh ideas to hatch in your brain. So, that’s another plus of iQ Office Suites Toronto!

Private Offices

Working solo or in a group, if you need a fully private space, you must go for this membership. The office spaces are available from one to thirty plus team size. It’s a smart turnkey solution, wherein you won’t have to spend your time and money in selecting furniture, equipment, etc. The only thing you’ll miss here is the dullness of traditional office space.

Besides, your wish to impress clients with a classy yet professional office will also be granted. Frosted glass walls, noise insulation, and individual private V-Lan connections are some other noteworthy perks at iQ Office Toronto. 

The best part for having a private office at Toronto’s iQ Office Suites? The central CBD locations are brimming with networking opportunities. Apart from having a number of restaurants, and recreational facilities, at a stone’s throw.

Virtual Offices

If you are conscious of saving some extra bucks, yet crave for a professional image, get a virtual office membership at iQ Office Toronto. Moreover, if you prefer working from home there’s absolutely no sense in paying for a full-time workspace. 

Through an iQ Office virtual plan, you can access one of their business locations, or call handling service, or both. There are three plans to choose from, which are,

  • iQ Mail: If you are only looking for a professional mailing address, this plan for $59 a month will be best for you. All your mails will be professionally handled, besides, you’ll have access to their admin support at all times.
  • iQ Virtual Auto-Attendant: This plan will get you a local call number in addition to an automated call answering facility. With a few more additional perks, you’ll have to pay $99 per month for this.
  • iQ Virtual Complete: At $149 per month, you can make the most of the virtual office services, right from your home office.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting spaces are available at three locations of iQ Office Suites in Toronto. So you can book from among a small meeting room for eight, at the price of $89/hour. Or perhaps a complete lounge for $250/hour, that can accommodate around 60 people could befit your business gathering.

Event Spaces

If you need to host a product launch or a success party, awesome and stylish places are available at iQ Office Suites Toronto. The Dineen Lounge at 140 Young Street, has a unique rustic charm and is hireable for $290 or $350per hour. Other like the Vault and King York Terrace are more expansive and will cost you $500 per hour.

IQ Office Suites Toronto

Location and Contact

In Toronto, iQ Office Suites have four coworking locations. All are located at premium locations in the city, that will fit in all your networking needs. 

140 Yonge Street


140 Young Street iQ Office Suites membership, brings along the benefit of a historic and recognized street in central Toronto. You’ll also be in awe of the raw beauty that the exposed brick walls and vaulted ceilings have to offer. Visit this location for a glimpse of warmth and luxury that’ll make running your business a stress-free task. The iQ Office is located in Suite 200 of this elegant building.

The location also grants you access to Toronto’s Eaton Centre, which is a hub for restaurants, shopping and much more. For public commuting, the TTC subway, and Go Transit stations are minutes away. While streetcars are readily available. 

250 University Avenue


What could be a more premium spot in the city to have an office than 250 University Avenue? If you don’t have an answer, this is the Bank of Canada building that been lauded with heritage status. It also covers a whole block, so plenty of light and mesmerizing views are collateral. 

Interiors of Toronto’s iQ Offices catches up with the building’s design through high ceilings, broad doorways, and exposed concrete columns. The best part is that members will get access to the Vault. Vault is nothing but a remarkable lounge, which once housed Bank’s stash of gold and currency reserves for the region. It also serves as an excellent event space for all kinds of professional needs.

Daily commuters, shall be glad to know that the Osgoode subway station is right across the front door. Besides, a plethora of streetcars and GO Transit train stations make transit a comfortable chore. In case you are a shopaholic, Eaton Centre is just around the corner, and so are a number of restaurants.

150 King Street West


With a massive floor space spread across two floors, these iQ Office Suites is in the heart of Toronto. The exposed ceilings and columns are quite a delight. Plus, you will also have a terrace for some fresh breath of air. If you prefer riding a bike to work, you’ll have sufficient indoor storage.

However, please note that dedicated desks are not available at this location.

The TTC Subway and the PATH system are directly underneath it. The PATH has a wealth of restaurants and shopping points. And in case you are unaware, it’s the largest underground shopping complex on the face of Earth.

545 King Street West


A special feature of this iQ Office Suites Toronto location is its dog-friendliness. Besides, the vaulted wood beam ceilings are a great delight for the eyes. Moreover, this heritage building has been recently refurbished.

You can use the sitting or standing desks and even the outdoor terrace for some change of workspace. The Union Station is only at a stone’s throw. While all other means of commute are painlessly accessible, from this place.

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Let’s wrap up!

It’s plain and simple, that the iQ Office Suites Toronto are one of the finest locations for coworking in Toronto. Their spaces are located at amazing locations in the city. And the thoughtfully designed interiors are keen to motivate you to deliver the best to your abilities. So freelancing or a budding entrepreneur, this is where you can accomplish some serious goals. 

Flexible workspaces are in themselves touted as being efficient to meet the demands of today’s professionals. And when coupled with some amazing furnishings and interiors, businesses simply level up. For an amazing coworking experience in the dynamic city, iQ Office Suites Toronto is the best way forward. So when are you visiting them?

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