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Have you ever worked in an office which has an actual lemon tree growing inside the four walls? Well, it makes you wonder what kind of office is it? We are talking about Make Lemonade Toronto coworking space, which is known as the only women coworking space in the city. Women power as a concept has taken the world by storm, starting from the Powerpuff girls to allowing women drivers to tread the roads of Saudi Arabia, the belief that women can do everything they desire this coworking space was built on similar lines. Highlighting this belief in Toronto, Make Lemonade serve as a go-to destination for women entrepreneurs.

Hop on all the lady entrepreneurs who want to hone their bossy skills and leadership qualities, this coworking space is the place for you. The women-only tag is not applicable in a literal sense, men are allowed inside the premises but their stay depends on the behaviour and their law-abiding nature.

For every type of work that one requires is some peacetime and space for introspection, you will be excited to know that Make Lemonade coworking space has exclusive zoning off lounges and patios where you can sit and reflect upon your journey. They believe that working is not only about constant dribbling with your laptop or on your phone, but it also includes some brainstorming sessions with your co-workers or in solitude. Nonetheless, the aim is to steer you in the right direction and the interiors at Make Lemonade Toronto play a major role in driving your focus in the right direction.

Location & Contact 

It is hard to miss a coworking space such as Make Lemonade Toronto despite being located in the tightly knit area of the city. You can locate this women coworking space at 326 Adelaide Street West Floor 6, Toronto ON.

Not in the mood to visit there, they are open for an enlightening chit chat through [email protected] or you can also call them at (947) 882 9914.

Perks & Amenities

  • Let’s start with high-speed Wi-Fi and printing facilities provided to every member.
  • Call your secret clients from private phone booths and do not let anyone know what’s cooking.
  • Avail from shared and dedicated desks that are available to all the members.
  • Not in the mood to sit inside, jump to the patio and work from there.
  • The lounge areas are built to increase your productivity and they force you to think and think and think.
  • Nearby parking spots are available 24*7.

Origin of Make Lemonade Toronto

What drives someone to swim into uncharted waters and come out successful? Is it the fool-proof plan or the gut feeling that “No, this will work and I will make it work”. I would go for the latter, on these lines Kelly wished to get out of her regular everyday mobile office and set up something that will allow women to interact, work and enjoy some free lemonade anytime they want.

An idea was born and the concept was already persistent in the market of coworking spaces, the only thing missing was the capital. For that, Kelly called on to her family and friends for support. Hence, an idea turned into a beautiful lemon filled reality, a place for women entrepreneurs who wish to become self-sufficient and make a name for themselves in the market.

Interiors at Make Lemonade Toronto

  • Energizing interiors with inspirational and eloquent settings.
  • The meeting tables are backed with green leafy murals.
  • The conference rooms are excited with lemon murals.
  • The kitchen is just like women like it to be.
  • After all, it was designed and created by a woman, so no expense was spared in its creation.







Make Lemonade Toronto Membership Plans

The pricing plans at this women coworking space have been created in a unique way. It is about how much lemon you want. Check these out below:

Just a Drop of Lemon:

One drop of lemon juice means a day pass and you need to shed $25 for one day. It will give you 9 AM to 6 PM access to the Make Lemonade Toronto coworking space. If you wish to avail a locker be prepared to part with another 10 bucks.

Just the Lemon peel:

The Zest community plan comes at an easy $30 for the month, it will give you free coffee, lemonade or tea along with a one day pass. You can also avail for a meeting room for an hour in this period and get event discounts if required.

I need half a lemon:

Half a lemon will get you a shared desk at the rate of $300 per month with an equally energizing and vibrant entrepreneur along with unlimited access to the Make Lemonade Toronto space during the office hours. Receive letters on your exclusive mailing address and do not forget unlimited tea, coffee or lemonade. Lastly, if you want all the perks of being a half pressed member along with 24*7 access to your office, it will be $50 more than the original rate.

A full-fledged juicy Lemon:

Well, this is the whole package. The whole lemon fixed desk will give you all the benefits and services available with Toronto’s Make Lemonade. It includes 6 hours meeting time per month, mailing address, your own desk space, a separate key to the office for 24*7 unhindered access. All this after shedding $400 per month but only if you agree to a three-month contract, else the rate is $500 per month.


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A coworking space which invites people from all walks of life and which welcomes inclusiveness among its members Make Lemonade Toronto is bereft of any discrimination and homophobic remarks. This is what describes our approach towards the making of an invigorating and welcoming culture inside the four walls of the premises. The community culture inside this workspace is what sets it apart from others and allows its members to become successful. Because a supportive culture and creative ideas are required by every successful startup, and you can only get this type of environment if you are working in a challenging yet supportive atmosphere whose air is filled with constructive criticism and not with belligerent remarks. So don’t wait up, time is money women, rush up to book your own office and observe your success chart upscale like never before.

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Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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