8 Types of Friends You Need at Work

Do you have that one friend at work who is always happy and positive? They make even the worst of days a little brighter. And then you have the opposite friend – the one who is always negative and seems to bring everyone down. While both of these friends can be helpful in their own ways, there are some types of buddies you need at work that fall in the middle. These are the friends who balance out your mood and keep things from getting too dull or too chaotic.

So, what type of friend do you need at work? The answer may depend on your own personality. But here are a few types of friends you must have at work to help you get through the day.

The Squad of Friends You Need at Work

If you think that you can sail through your professional life without making any friends, it’s a misconception. Everyone needs a friend at some point. These are some of the types of friends you may want to have.

1. The Career-Oriented Friend

This is the friend who is always hustling and grinding. They are always working on some new project or taking on extra assignments. While they may not be the most entertaining person to hang out with, they are a great friend to have at work. This is because they can help you stay motivated and focused on your career goals. If you ever need advice on how to advance in your career, this is the friend you want to go to for advice.

2. The Confidante

This is the friend who you can talk to about anything – and we mean anything. They are someone you can vent or complain or just confide in. You need these types of friends at work because they provide a shoulder to cry on (literally, if you need it).

But be careful not to take advantage of this friendship. If you find yourself venting to your confidant all the time, it’s time to take a step back and reassess the situation. You must do that because you don’t want to burden your friend with all of your problems – at least not without taking time to also listen to their own.

3. The Mentor

This is the older, wiser friend who always seems to have their life together. They are the ones who offer sound advice and help you navigate the complicated world of work. If you’re ever feeling lost or confused at work, this is the friend you want by your side.

Moreover, these types of friends at work will not help you succeed in the professional arena but also in your personal life. Even at some point, you leave the company, or they leave, you will likely still be friends and continue to learn from each other.

4. The Social Butterfly

This is the friend who knows everyone and seems to be friends with everyone. They are the life of the party and always seem to be having a good time. While they may not be the most reliable friend, they are definitely the most fun. If you’re ever feeling down, these are the kind of friends you need at work.

Additionally, they will help you forget about your problems and enjoy yourself. This social butterfly will mostly have many interesting insights into the company because they talk to everyone. If you want to know something, ask this friend – they’ll either know the answer or know someone who does.

5. The Work Wife/Husband

This is the friend who is always there for you, no matter what. They are the ones you can rely on to help you with your work and personal life. Whether you require some help with a project or just need someone to talk to, this is one friend you may want by your side. These kinds of buddies are hard to come by, but they are worth their weight in gold.

6. The Partner-in-Crime

This is one friend who is always up for anything – whether it’s working late to finish a presentation or going out for drinks after hours. They are your ride-or-die, and you know that you can always count on them. If you ever think you’re in a bind, this is the friend who’ll light up the path for you. They will help you get through anything – and have a good time doing it.

7. The Networker

These ones are like spiders of a company; they keep connecting different departments with each other. While some people may see them as opportunists, they are actually great friends to have at work. This is because they can help you meet new people and make connections that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Also, if you’re running a business in a coworking space, these are the ones who’ll help you network with the right people. Additionally, if you’re ever looking for a new job or trying to advance in your career, these are the friends you need at work.

8. The Complimenter

Achieving great things in your career, but no one compliments you? This is the friend you need at work. They are always quick to give you a compliment, whether it’s about your latest presentation or that new outfit you’re wearing. While some people may see them as insincere, they can actually be quite helpful. This is because they help boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

Why Do You Need Friends at Work?

Well, why won’t anyone want friends at work? This is the main question! Who doesn’t like friends? Especially when these friends help you in different ways, such as:

  • First and foremost, friends at work make the days go by faster. You might not think that this is a big deal, but it really is. If you do not have anyone to talk to at work, the days can drag on forever. But if you have friends at work, the time will fly by.
  • Your friends at work can help relieve or at least manage stress at work. Let’s face it; work can be quite stressful sometimes. However, if you have a few supporters by your side, they’ll blow away the stress like dandelions in the wind.
  • Friends at work can help you learn and grow. If you have friends who are willing to share their knowledge with you, it can be a huge asset. These friends can help mentor you and teach you new things.
  • Lastly, coworking spaces are becoming popular lately, and if you’re part of one, you know the value of friends. These spaces have professionals from different fields, and some of them are successful entrepreneurs or CEO. If you think of things at large, making such friends can hog up new opportunities for you. Additionally, there will be other benefits, like you’ll have someone to talk to during coffee or lunch breaks. That means goodbye to the lonely work life.


Having friends at work is a great way to improve your career and life. These friends can help you in more than one way. They’ll make the days go by faster, help relieve stress, and help you learn and grow. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and make some friends you need at work.

Ajay Deep

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