Top Video Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Coworking Space

Today the pandemic reshaped our traditional ways of work and entertainment, and people are forced to stay at home. It has a detrimental effect on coworking spaces which helped many workers to enhance their productivity in a place with numerous networking opportunities. As we come back to normal life, the coworking industry needs an impetus to attract visitors anew. If you are the owner of a coworking company and do not know how to promote your business creatively, we prepared five tips for you for a digital marketing campaign.

Coworking Space Advantages 

The coworking space is good as a business idea as well as a place to work for some businesses. Today there are about 20,000 coworking companies worldwide, and their number is expected to double by 2024. There are a lot of coworking benefits, and here we’ll outline the main ones:

Enhanced Connection 

Working in a space with an agreeable design and many networking opportunities, people can connect with professionals. Freelancers and remote workers can interact with others, leading conversations with people working there or other visitors. This energetic environment suggests some events for their visitors to distract and connect. 

Access the Desired Forms of Working Spaces 

You know that coworking spaces have a modern design and allow people to work in a shared space or seat separately. Neither home nor office will give you these options, but in coworking, you can work in a place depending on your mood. These spaces have plenty of free space where people feel free to create and interact with others. 

Scheduling of a Workday

When people choose coworking as their working place, they can admit that better day structuring and enhanced wellbeing are one of the main coworking benefits. When working from home, it’s challenging to stay productive and plan your time but in this space, people feel organized. They arrive at this place and leave once the work is done without any pressure and distractions. 

5 Video Ideas for the Promotion of Your Coworking Space

Let’s explore how you can make your promotion video stand out and attract more visitors to the coworking space. There is a lot of decent and professional video software for achieving this, like Magisto, VideoStudio, PowerDirector, and more. Choose yours for making videos that cannot leave anyone cold.

#1 Prepare for the Shooting 

There are lots of unconventional places for coworking nowadays and to stand out you need to put lots of effort into the promotion strategy. Firstly, you should establish your online presence and create a website or social media page to post your videos. It’s also great to launch promotional campaigns on different platforms, not exclusively on your own. 

Make sure your space is prepared for shooting: it’s clean, there’s enough lighting, and you do not distract visitors. You may add some shots with visitors and without them to diversify content. 

When implementing your video ideas, take a big picture of your space and then focus on small details. It is especially relevant when making virtual tours around your coworking. 

And finally, you should take a lot of footage and then find good video software and edit your video content properly. If you decide to post it on social media, adjust it to the platform. When you choose Instagram, make it short and eye-catchy; YouTube videos might be longer, accompanied with proper music, but not long and boring. 

#2 Tell the Company’s Story

You can tell in your video a story about your space, highlighting your main achievements and great people working there. Be honest with viewers and show who you really are so they make a choice by their heart. 

You can use different effects to make a narration captivating, and you may need to know how to overlay a picture on a video for better results. 

It’s a good idea for you to appear in a video and tell how you established the space. Do not indulge in details not to overwhelm the video. Tell about the obstacles on your way and how you managed to overcome them. 

When making videos for your working space promotion, emphasize its advantages. But it’ll not be true if your company has no cons, so mention a few and give a solution to how you manage them. 

With your company’s story, you should prove to the audience that you do not seek profit exclusively but also want to provide people in your area with a comfortable working place. 

#3 Make a Virtual Tour

This video idea is an excellent choice to win people’s attention, as they would like to know the place they are going to visit. Use a 360-degree camera to show everything you have in the space in a creative manner.  

Accompany you a virtual tour video with light background music and tell viewers about the main objects and parts of the place. Do not focus on every detail but highlight the most interesting and useful thing you have. 

It’d be great to create a short general tour around the place and then post other videos presenting different aspects of the coworking. You should probably have areas where people can eat, work, relax, communicate, etc., so there are many things to show. 

When shooting a virtual tour, make your video more absorbing by adding details about the interior style and the location. People should see that you care for their comfort and welfare.

#4 Interview Your Visitors 

There’s nothing better than a true opinion on the business you promote. When adding testimonials on the site, people often do not trust them. But when they see real visitors sitting in a coworking space and giving their opinion, it proves your place’s status. 

Here you can ask a person to give an extensive interview, asking them a lot of interesting questions. It’d be better that they prepare for them in advance not to make the video long and boring. 

Another option is to notify visitors about the shooting and come to them and ask them to say several words they think about the place. 

You can ask people why they chose your coworking and what makes it stand out among other spaces. Capture honest answers that do not look prepared and fully praise your company. It’s also interesting to know if their productivity increased and how much money visitors saved working in your place.

#5 Make a POV Story

It’ll be a wonderful solution to show a day of an ordinary visitor of coworking. Use professional video software to make your video viral. It may be a short story with no comments or a long video where a person tells about their working day. 

You can start by showing how it’s challenging to work at home and move to enter the working space. Here a visitor can tell how they order a snack, choose a place, and enjoy working there. Make it funny, add agreeable music, and show a true POV story without exaggeration and embellishments.


Now you know how with the help of making videos, you can promote your coworking business successfully. These creative ideas and powerful tools will enable you to stand out.

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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