These 6 Things Can Help Any Coworking Space Flourish Again After the Pandemic

Who can forget the year 2020? The entire world was forced to live in their houses with zero links with the outside world. Businesses were shut down, transportation and traveling were stopped, and whatnot. But, everything had to end, and so did the pandemic.

As the lockdown restrictions were lifted, the new normal came into action. Most of the people were already used to the WFH (Work From Home) routine, and there was very little that businesses could do to bring them back to offices.

The new normal significantly affected the coworking industry too. Currently, the coworking industry is slowly recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic. However, things are not the same as before. The coworking sector is doing things way differently than before.

How is the Coworking Industry Rising After the Pandemic?

Let’s read ahead and uncover some critical recovery methods that the coworking sector is taking.

Safety and Hygiene

The most critical item in everyone’s pocket after the pandemic is a sanitizer and a face mask. As it has become a norm for everyone to carry these items, you also need to have them in your coworking space.

You need to ensure that sanitizers are available at each desk and in each cabin. On top of that, keep sanitizers at the entrance of your office. Make it necessary to keep masks handy for everyone. Moreover, urge people to maintain social distancing in the coworking space. Get your office space sanitized on a daily basis.

Customizable Desk

The WFH schedule has made people adapt to their home environment completely. Therefore, around 76% of the employees don’t want to return to a full-time office job. This can be tricky as people are ready to quit their job if not provided with work flexibility.

To counter this problem, coworking spaces can offer the facility of a customizable office. People who have a membership in a coworking space can alter their hot desk or cabin based on their preferences.

The core aim here is to help users bring their homes to the office. You can allow people to carry their essential belongings to the office that they use at home. You can permit them to bring their pets to the office. Try to include indoor plants as they tend to make people happy. In short, develop a coworking environment that mimics their home environment.

Cab Service

One of the key concerns of people after the pandemic is traveling. Most of them are not ready to spend on transit, whether it is time or money. This has become a major challenge for coworking and other office owners.

Therefore, one way to deal with this is to start a cab service for the people of your coworking space. Yes, they would be spending time, but the variable of the high cost will be eliminated. You can provide the cab service at an affordable price. Offering a pick-and-drop service can be the key USP of your coworking space.

Ergonomic Furniture

Professional office chairs surely uplift the aesthetics of the coworking space and make it look professional. But, for the post-pandemic era, you need to make it a bit casual. The pandemic era has made people more addicted to comfortable furniture than professional chairs.

Hence, you need to invest in ergonomic and relaxing furniture like bean bags, couches, recliners, standing desks, ottomans, etc. The inclusion of these furniture items in your space will help people stay comfortable while working, just like in their homes.

Live Kitchen

Many people believe that the best thing about the pandemic was the food that they cooked at home. As it was not canned or packed, the nutritional quality and taste of it were better. Hence, it can be a great way to attract people to your coworking space by providing them with fresh food items.

Alongside having a vending machine at your office premises, include a live kitchen. Appoint some professional chefs based on the volume of your coworking space. Allow people to order what they want to eat and let them see that the food is freshly cooked. Keep absolute transparency with the food aspect. You can also include a bar to make things better and more diverse.

Leisure Time

Many people develop the habit of practicing yoga, meditation, listening to music, and playing games in their free time. To ensure that your coworking flourishes in the post-pandemic world, try to incorporate these things into your office space.

Based on the office space you have, dedicate some area to a recreational center where people can meditate and practice yoga. Establish a gaming room with all the necessary gadgets like a playstation, speakers, remotes, cameras, etc.

Lastly, you can also add a lounge area with a small library where people can read books and socialize with other people in the space.

To conclude

To put it plainly, you need to convince people that there is another home away from their home, and that is your coworking space. In the post-pandemic era, your coworking space with the mentioned features can be a potential magnet for the people.

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