The Rise of Women in the Workplace

From athletics to STEM careers, women are rising through the ranks in the workplace and helping to lead us into a new future. Impressive changes have been occurring around the world to include more women in places where it matters, like politics and business. We have been experiencing noticeable change for the better and the atmosphere has become a lot more encouraging and accommodating for female professionals. Here are some of the sectors and industries experiencing the most female growth.

Powerful Women in Business

We’ve come a long way in society and there are more female entrepreneurs and business owners than ever before in history. A quick look at some Fortune 500 companies will reveal numerous female CEOs and leaders. At General Motors, Mary Barra is considered the first female CEO of any major car manufacturer; she took over in 2014 and has helped GM stay relevant and productive in this competitive market.

Fortune magazine declared that the number of female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies has hit an all time high, with 37 of the companies now led by women. Another interesting trend is the growing number of women in negotiator positions that were traditionally held by men. Author and instructor Chris Voss teaches negotiation techniques for businesses, and continuously sings the praises of women in his field. He has said that women naturally make terrific negotiators because of their high emotional IQ. Women are more easily able to identify how both parties are feeling and work together to find a mutually beneficial arrangement.

That’s great news from these established companies, but what about female entrepreneurs and business owners? Studies and trends would indicate that many more women are inspired every year to start their own companies and home businesses. Of course, there are countless examples of successful women who started their own endeavours like the billionaire Oprah, youthful icon Kylie Jenner, and many more. Why are more women interested in starting their own businesses now than ever before?

One notable trend is that many women are finding themselves interested in starting home businesses because of necessity. While they are raising their children, they need a business they can build from their own home, leading to a rise in online ecommerce stores. Studies and surveys have indicated that they also value the freedom to make their own schedule and set their own hours. For many other women frustrated by the lack of mobility in their office careers, the opportunity to venture off on their own and start a new business has proven tempting.

Women in STEM

Of course, it’s not just the business world that is welcoming more talented and ambitious women. The important world of STEM careers is also experiencing large numbers of educated women graduates joining the force. Having more female representation in scientific careers is very important for society; notably, the fields of chemistry and environmental engineering are some of the most popular among female graduates. Areas like computer science have the biggest gap between men and women, and advocates have pushed to see more women joining this sector. To help foster the inclusion of women in STEM careers, even coworking spaces are advertising women-only offices.

Other Activities and Fields

Many traditionally male dominated industries are building up more female representation within their ranks. For instance, even in the world of poker, professionals like Nikita Luther have enjoyed success in what has historically been a man’s world. Many more women have followed suit in the world of poker.

Chess is another field that has become much more diverse in recent years. The internet has allowed professionals and amateurs to practice together and share knowledge. Around the world the chess scene is growing and bringing the game into the new age, and along with this growth has come many new female grandmasters and international masters.

Esports is another massive trend that is continuing to grow in large countries. Through the rise of platforms like Twitch, many young women have become interested in competitive gaming. Now there are many teams of all-female pros that are showing the world that they are just as skilled as anyone else.

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