10 Startups That Are Going to Create History in Kolkata

The startup culture in Kolkata started about a decade back but it has spread like bonfire only in the last two to three years. At first, people were a bit apprehensive about the entire culture of entrepreneurship and startups. But Right now, Kolkata is buzzing with a number of budding entrepreneurs who are setting up their own units and there are a lot of startups that have been already established.

Startups in Kolkata

Out of the many startups that are operating in Kolkata, here are our favourite ones that have the potential to make it big. Many of these startups are a part of the coworking spaces in Kolkata. Let’s browse through the list. 


This is one of the major upcoming startups in Kolkata that has not only been able to make a mark in West Bengal but has also been promoted to the entire nation in the arena of being a tax consultant. Till date, it has been able to incorporate over 5000 businesses, managed 8000 more and over 300 thousand tax returns have been filed since the day of its launch. It has also been able to assist the funding of over 500 million to all the big and small companies and that is the reason why it remains one of the most hyped over startup in Kolkata which has the potential to bring the desired change. Here you will also get to have GST assistance in terms of GST compliance, litigation and refunds. Its official website is www.taxmantra.com and is undeniably one of the best websites to help all small scale and large scale, entrepreneurs.

Mihup’s Nectar

Ever heard of an SMS based web searching module which can keep your net searching craze in unstoppable mode even if you do not have your desktop or laptop with you? Well, this is one of the most innovative startups in the heart of Kolkata that has brought forward the system of message-based net research where you can find categorized content on news, reviews, affordability ratings and the trending ones. Since its formation, it has already grabbed over 5 million users and the numbers are ever increasing. The main motto of this startup is to give an enormous boost to the dimension of analytics in Kolkata. It provides sales, customer oriented predictions and also looks after the marketing analytics to support all its clients.  The CEO and founder, Mr Angshuman Bhattacharya thinks that the city is lagging behind as per technology and it needs to speed up a lot.


This is an academics-oriented startup that has registered over 10,000 clients within a span of six months of the official launch of the company. This is a website that gives online training sessions on the tough subjects like Mathematics and Science and the learning programme is innovative as well. This website uses adaptive learning procedures and uses unique study materials so that the student does not feel monotonous in any manner. One of the co-founders has framed over 25000 tricky questions from the fifth to tenth standard so that the students can find the solution to those problems and have an enhanced aptitude. Their official website is www.mindhour.com and you just have to take a look in the same to know about all the features of MindHour.


Not only in fields of technology and academics, but certain entrepreneurs have also started amazing startups for a social cause like healthcare services for rural areas and IKure has definitely topped the list. Its main vision is to make the healthcare services affordable in the rural areas and the regulation is done with an upgraded cloud-based monitoring system called the WHIMS. WHIMS stands for Wireless health Incident Monitoring system which allows the mapping of the main types and the causes of the various diseases in the rural areas so that the best medical professionals can be put in the assistance of the affected areas. Their official website is www.ikuretechsoft.com and you can sneak a peek in here to know more.


Located in the Ballygunge location, it is a cool startup that started for the sweet dish fanatics of Kolkata and has been able to export a lot of sweets out of town as well. Their tagline is pretty interesting – ‘ektu mishti home jaak!’. Kolkata was already famous for its sweets now this forum has made the popularity even more immense. The number of flavours that you get to choose from is innumerable and there are some fine combinations that these entrepreneurs have come up with. You can see flavours here that you could not have imagined could be possible in a simple mishti. There is a ready list of sweets but also you can have a customized assortment of your own sweets. This is one of the most buzzing platforms when it comes to buying sweets for your loved ones and before buying, do check out on their official Facebook page. Their official website is www.sweethandi.com.


Are you bored of going for trips on holidays with your regular travel agent who does not let you make your own plans? Well, this can be an agonizing experience, and that is the reason why Tripmamu has surfaced, which is one of the most trending startups based in Kolkata and has been founded by Somdev Sutta Gupta. Now you can have your own customized trips to any place and you can have your stay at any place you like without any hindrance. This also lets you compare the rates and facilities of various travel agents so that you can crack the best deals of the lot and have the best travel experience of the lot. Their official website is www.tripmamu.com. to know more, you can also contact- 70744417774.

Pick Ji

If you need to get something delivered soon and you have no idea how to get that done, you need not to search anymore as Pickji, the best delivery startup platform is there to cater to all your delivery needs. This delivery system works through an app and you can track all the details once the dispatching is done so that you need not anxious about the package. This app is available in both the Android as well as IOS device and there is the facility for the corporate feature as well as pay on delivery options. You can also ask for the pickup of the delivery indifferent of where you are located. Why wait anymore?


This is another startup in Kolkata with an academic approach but with a unique and innovative approach. It helps you to connect with come of the brilliant coaches of the world and also helps in a lot of aspects like college admissions, school routines and also the best suggestions for colleges with scholarship facilities. It also assists the students who are aspiring to study abroad to create their applications in the most impressive manner. It mentors all the students in the best possible manner so that they can achieve what they have been dreaming of. Everything of this forum is online and you can have the assistance at the comfort of your home. their official website is www.eazycoach.com.


Are you looking for the most perfect gift for your loved ones which will thrill them? Well think no more as the new startup in Kolkata named Outbox which gives the best of flowers and gifts to your doorstep and it also comes with a lot of unique ideas for surprising. You can have beautiful ideas for proposing your girlfriend like in a lush green place with heart-shaped helium balloons all over. Other ideas are a romantic canopy, a private movie chance, and a lot more. There are an array of personalised ideas to choose from and you would love to see the collection. Sneak a peek in the website www.outboxsurprises.com to know more. The best part is that they have same day services as well so it’s never too late to order!


Have you ever wondered how it would have been if you could browse for the dress you need at home and find out which local store has that? Well, you no longer have to wonder as now you can have the assistance of Fashionove, a newly started entrepreneurship which has been able to solve this problem. Now before going shopping offline, you can check out the dress collections offline and then go for a buying spree.

End Notes:

The aforementioned names are somehow the best ones among the upcoming Kolkata startups that have been able to successfully break the shackles of convention and be on the top of the trend. If you want to startup and need an office space, Kolkata has a lot of coworking spaces to choose from. Choose your office space at affordable prices, get into the Kolkata Ecosystem and let us end it as they say in Silicon Valley – Get Shit Done!

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