Searching For High-Earning Career? Here Are 5 Options

It’s a long-established cliché that, if you love your job it will never feel like work. Instead, it will involve spending every day doing something that you are passionate about and would maybe do without any remuneration at all.

That may be true, but we all need to earn money. And, for many of us, earning as much as we possibly can is a prime objective.

Fortunately, there are many opportunities to do this across a number of fields. There are also fewer restrictions than ever about switching from one path to another to create a so-called “portfolio” career. What’s more, age is also becoming far less of a barrier to career change with many sectors starting to realize the benefits that experience can bring. Attending conferences at Coworking Europe provides much insight into various trends happening within high performing industries.

While this might not work out for a couple of the suggestions below, due to the long periods of study needed before qualification, there are still potentially lucrative options whatever stage of life you’re in. So, if you’re hankering for a new challenge, as well as a healthier bank balance, here are a few ways to go for it.


It’s well-known that doctors can command high salaries, but the flip side to this is the difficulty of first getting into med school and then all the years of expensive study that follow. But, provided you’re able and prepared to work hard, you’ll find yourself in probably the highest-paid profession there is.

Just how much you could expect to earn depends on a number of factors. The first is what kind of medic you want to be. For example, in 2018 family doctors in Canada earned an average of $281,000 a year while surgical specialists made $481,000 a year. As a rough rule of thumb, the more complex and specialized the field, the higher the earnings potential.

This can also depend on whereabouts in Canada you practice with physicians in main cities earning up to 20% more than in the provinces.


Unlike medicine, IT doesn’t necessarily involve many years of training before you’re qualified to work and earn. Certainly, a degree in a related subject will give you a head start but there are plenty of other options including teaching yourself the basics. Then, it’s a question of getting a foot in the door and learning on the job.

What’s more, there is a wide range of different jobs available in Canada’s booming IT sector from software developers to project managers. There are also many more jobs opening up in data safety and security.

Overall, the average salary in the sector is $81,000 with peaks in the big cities like Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver of around $128,000 a year.

Professional Poker Player

You might think that this is a strange choice of a career move – but it’s certainly not one to dismiss out of hand. Provided that you have the aptitude for the game and the time to develop your skills, the earning potential is huge.

There’s also a strong tradition of great Canadian poker players with the legendary Daniel Negreanu leading the field. His career earnings to date are over $48 million, not bad for just playing cards.

The great thing about this option is that you can start off by combining playing with your day job, for example by playing in poker tournaments at 888poker Canada. Then, once you’ve proved to yourself that you’ve got what it takes in online play, it could be time to enter a real tournament or two.

From there on in, the sky’s the limit with the ultimate destination surely to win big at the World Series of Poker Main Event that’s held every year in Vegas.


Like medicine, the law is a recognized profession that also involves extensive study and training before you are allowed to practice. And, while the rewards might not be quite as high as for doctors, they are still considerable. They tend to range from around $98,000 a year up to $135,000. You also have to bear in mind that the starting salary for anyone going into practice is over $70,000, not a bad start at all.

The other advantage of the law is that there are so many branches to go into. Some might want to specialize in criminal work, gaining placements at W&C LLP while others can concentrate on corporate law. You can also be confident that there will be jobs available in every part of the country so it offers the flexibility to live where you want.


Last, but by no means least, you could decide to take destiny into your own hands with the hope of joining the list of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs. There are a few ingredients that are essential, though. The first is having a good idea and the second is being prepared to go all-in with it.

Also important is being able to acknowledge that first attempts often fail and you need the resilience to get up, dust yourself down and try again. After all, it’s said that all high-achieving entrepreneurs have learned far more from their mistakes than they ever have from their successes.

If you think you can tick all of these boxes then maybe it’s time to take that leap. Reading books recommended byPowermba could make you the richest of all.

So think on, start planning and you could be on the verge of a very exciting new chapter in your career.

Ajay Deep

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