Coworking Space Event Ideas – For a Healthy Community

Coworking spaces are at the forefront of creating healthy communities of working professionals around the world. A community is a group of like-minded, motivated individuals who may not share the same interests but are there for the same purpose — networking and idea growth. A coworking space constructively fosters these members to form a community that will ultimately benefit them. However, a community may not achieve its full potential if that space fails to create a healthy environment. This is where coworking space event ideas come into play.

Individuals who can potentially be a part of a community often bring together ideas and expect a good outcome from the community. To serve the needs of the individuals in a community, it’s essential to keep providing events that can contribute to their growth. Events are not only a way to help community members but also attract new ones and keep the scenario engaging. 

Why Does a Coworking Space Need To Host Events?

Events are where all the community members come together and engage in an activity. Community members are rooting for something to get together with by the end of the day. Allowing them to gather around and exchange ideas can be a morally uplifting task like they do at Good Coworking. There are various other benefits of hosting a community event: 

  • Hosting an event brings brand exposure. 
  • It attracts new customers.
  • It adds to the mental health of coworkers.
  • It makes networking easy.
  • It helps new members to get to know the rest of the community.

Coworking Space Event Ideas

To build a healthy community, it’s necessary to provide reasons for members to come together. If you’re in a rut thinking about ideas for events to host, don’t fret. Here are some of the top-notch ideas to host an event:


Get-togethers are small gatherings of members with a particular activity as the main focus. The best way to organize a gathering is to keep members’ wellness and health requirements. You can arrange breakfast or lunch get-togethers to start with. As you make your way up, try scheduling gatherings for morning runs or yoga & meditation. This will ensure that your coworking community is inspired towards a healthier way of living, as well as connect in a constructive way. 

Stand-Ups/Open Mics

If you’re someone with a coworking space that focuses on the aesthetics of living, arranging an open mic can be one of the best coworking space event ideas. To foster a significant portion of artists in the community, you can invite some local artists to perform their pieces and offer them discount vouchers or free hours for your space. This will not only entice the community members to destress in a chill environment but it will also inspire them to come forward with their own pieces. Emphasize the stand-ups if you can, or invite random members to give some comedy pieces. This will ensure that members get a good, healthy laugh.

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Guest Speaker

Invite entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals to share their success stories with your community. If a community of working professionals indulges in your coworking space, they expect you to provide them with events that can contribute to their productivity in general. You can invite authors or motivational speakers to speak on self-improvement, time management, steps to take care of one’s mental health, etc. Anyone can be a guest speaker as long as they have a matter to contribute and preceding credibility for their word.

Weekly Happy Hours

Another tip for an event is to help your members kick back and unwind after their long work days. Weekly happy hours can help members indulge in a relaxed atmosphere over a few drinks. This will ensure that members are having a good time with each other and share some of their experiences. You can either provide your drinks or ask members to come bearing gifts for the event. You can invite a musician to add to the spark of the night. 


If your community is thriving, it’s because they put their trust in your services. To amp up, you can organize workshops to help the members upskill. If you’re wondering what sort of workshop you should arrange, survey your members and see what they might be interested in. If graphic design is what the majority wants, move ahead with that. Or you could choose to go with something less technical, like a workshop on how to be more expressive, exercises on managing work-life balance, etc. 

Game Nights

Game nights are where the fun starts for your community. Group activities are supposed to build a better vibe among the members. Game nights/evenings can induce a sense of team bonding among the community members, where they can coordinate to win a game. The coordination is where they pave the path for a healthier community. You can choose fun games like charades, Pictionary, indoor bowling, etc. 

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These ideas will help you organize a sound community event to strengthen it further. The trick is to keep the needs of your community members in mind while planning. Take into consideration their opinions too, if they have any suggestions for the next event. This way, you not only give them a chance to voice their opinion but also organize an event that they will undoubtedly enjoy. And when you’re in a rut thinking about event ideas, you can repeat some past events you’ve successfully hosted. 

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