7 Awesome Benefits of Standing Desks & Why You Should Use One

A standing desk or stand up desk is a fast emerging trend in the domain of coworking. It is mostly an adjustable desk, where you stand while carrying out your work tasks. But these standing desks have many benefits, you must be unaware of. Though they have already attracted many entrepreneurs and startups looking for fine office spaces, at lower fares. And are also preferable for their fun-filled work experience, not to mention the casual conversations with other coworkers. But apart from being low cost and their casual working style, they also tag-along many other perks. Wish to know all? Continue reading…

The standing desks are the latest additions to many coworking spaces. And their introduction by smart coworking facility owners is not for nothing. These desks offer everything from saving bucks to saving health and even enhance the overall work output of users. So, if you are new to the coworking culture or still looking for one, read carefully before you choose a plan. And if you are already a coworker, a standing desk will be worth a try after going through this post. So, please go through the following benefits of standing desks.

Flexible and Economically Priced

What can be a better option than a standing desk for any startup in their initial days of struggle? Most standing desks come at very pocket-friendly prices along with the flexibility to access the space. They are usually the cheapest membership option available for coworking. By flexibility, I mean flexibility with hours per day or days per month etc. Besides flexibility to choose a place within the shared area. Such memberships also give access to unlimited wifi, kitchen/cafe and lounge areas and many other office amenities. Though these may differ or different spaces and locations.

Enhances Productivity

Surprising? Who could think that this could be a benefit of a standing desk? In fact, standing all day at work must ideally leave a person tired to the core. But, no, it’s the opposite. Many coworking spaces and businesses themselves tested standing desks, individually as well as for meetings. Each individual in these studies reported higher efficiency at a standing desk than in sitting area. In case of team meets, those organised at standing spaces winded-up in less than half the time they usually took in the sit-in meeting rooms. So when you are standing, you will naturally move around a little more, keeping your body active, mind fresh and productivity enhanced. In fact, sitting all day is more hazardous for your productivity. Sitting brings in more lethargy, stress and little body movement. Plus you might suffer from the strain in the eyes, spine or other body parts, affecting your efficiency at work.

Gives a Better Posture

When at work, you don’t always get to choose your own furniture. Some chairs have lousy backs, some firm, but sitting for long hours, even on the most comfortable seat can adversely impact your posture. Many even wonder about what caused their backaches, shoulder pains, neck stiffness and stress. It’s simple – the same posture for long hours. Now, how standing desks can benefit you is through the constant activity your body gets into when standing. As, it is a general human tendency to keep moving, when on foot. Moreover, most of the standing desks are adjustable to your height. So you can set them at an ergonomic angle for your eyes, arms and back. Standing erect, your body posture gets better aligned and you will obviously look more active.

Obesity Buster

Many people complain of being unable to take off time for morning walks or workouts. They sit all day at a desk, day after day, year after year. And end up with a big fat belly at an early age. Well, with the option to use standing desks, no excuses! Standing all day at work will act as a daily mild physical exercise for your body. You might not get rid of your obesity in a few days, but in long term, a difference will be visible. Even Physicians approve that standing for at least 4-5 hours a day, improves blood circulation in the entire body. It burns more calories and even tones your stomach and thigh muscles. So, if you too want to save yourself from gaining fat,  make the most of this standing desk benefit.

Good for the Heart

Many physicians have reported that people with little to no physical activity are more prone to heart ailments. While sitting all day, increases a person’s vulnerability to heart attacks. Standing desks are beneficial for the health of your heart on the other hand. The constant body movement at standing desks ensures good blood flow in the body. Your blood circulation improves and gets more balanced from the head to toe. It may interest you that the physical activity carried out while standing for 4-5 hours is equal to taking a quarter mile walk. So no morning walks, no problem. Just a few hours at work, on a standing desk, and your daily cardio is taken care of. 

Sugar Coated

Are you diabetic or afraid to get the disease? Any general physician would tell you that daily physical activity is a must to keep your blood sugar in check. This is to be specially taken care of after having meals, the ideal time for blood sugar to level upward. So for such coworkers, it will be ideal to use the standing and sitting desks alternately, every few hours. So sufficient body movement, lesser stress and fatigue, keep you healthy, which reflects in your good mood. Thus, diabetic or not, you must all take this sugar-coated benefit of standing desks.

Healthy Mind

Coworking shared office spaces offering a standing desk to its members, come with numerous health benefits. The person who is working on a stand-up workstation desk is likely to have fewer health issues than those who sit on a chair the entire day long. Because lying stagnant at one place in the same position can invite several diseases. One of the benefits of standing desks is that it increases blood flow, lowers blood sugar and strengthens the heart. These collectively help in lengthening one’s lifespan and keep the mind and mood uplifted.

Happy Feet

It is also true that standing beyond 5-6 hours can cause fatigue, besides the pain in legs, swollen feet etc. But why shall your feet bear the brunt of your day long standing? Many coworking spaces have used the services of engineers and physicians for this. Some have placed specifically designed floor mats in these standing desk areas where users can use the desks bare feet or with socks on. Some mats boost body movement while some leave acupuncture kind of effect on the feet. On the other hand, some shared office spaces give standing desk members access to sitting areas as well. So that they can alternate between sitting and standing after every few hours. So there will be no stress, no strain and the benefits of standing desk shall not turn into any disadvantage.

And did I miss, all these well culminate into one thing – a longer happier life!


No one wishes for a fat tummy, hunched backs and crying for help knees, at any age. Neither do you, of course. So whatever seating option you have opted for, do try the standing desks for at least once. Physical activity, a few hours a day, is a must for every health-conscious soul. I personally recommend those seeking standing desks, to alternate between the lounge and standing areas for best results. As this will balance the activity-rest cycle of your body on daily basis. And you shall reap full benefit of standing desks.

I am not sure who came up with the quote – ‘Health is Wealth’. And nobody is! But the honesty of the statement needs no proof. Besides eating right, the kind of workspace you choose has an immense effect on your health and productivity. And you have been walked through the many benefits of standing desks in coworking spaces. So, when are you planning to try out these desks at your coworking location?

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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