After Success of Coworking Spaces, Hotels Eager to Ride The Coworking Wave

The expanding concept of coworking spaces is being considered a big thing and henceforth, the idea of coworking hotels is also being taken up in great abundance. Various researches conducted recently, suggest that the concept of coworking in hotels is not only in acceptance with hoteliers but everyone considers it an impressive idea. As of now, we had heard a lot of restaurants and cafes turning into coworking spaces, now it is the hotel industry that is eager to start coworking.

Before we go any further, let us understand the concept of coworking hotels. As the name suggests, the very idea of the coworking hotels is something which is a combination of coworking spaces as well as hotel rooms. The hotel will remain as the primary product.

This concept of coworking hotels is emerging as a major preference for the digital nomads. People who are up for working and travelling to any part of the world on the availability of the internet. It has been seen that the current working class population is always looking for additional work benefits like a flexible number of working hours along with a workplace and a style which motivates them and never runs out of much hype.

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Coworking Hotels – An Emerging New Concept

Consider hostels or a rest house for backpackers. Now join a coworking space along with it. The result will be much like the new concept that we are talking about called coworking hotels. The design of the place will definitely be attractive.

Almost all good hotels have a business centre where you can work and have meetings. Now just assume these business centres take the shape of a well-operated coworking space. These hotel coworking spaces will not just be used by tourists who stay in the hotel but will also be used by locals.

Coworking hotels will be nothing less than a lively place where the guests witness a different kind of interesting work options whether to work in isolation or go for group desk where you can even connect and establish networks. Coworking hotels can be understood as the step of creating a kind of community of people who indulge in working and provide a platform for tourists to connect with locals of that area.

In anticipation of the needs of the digital nomads, the coworking hotels function with the aim of providing an integrated connection of network which deals with the availability of various kinds of needs namely work, home as well as leisure which go hand in hand at the coworking hotels along with the services related to hospitality.

Coworking Stats & New Trends

If the global coworking statistics are to be believed, the number of people who co-work is set to increase from 1.2 million as calculated in 2017 to as much as 3.8 million in the year 2020. It is believed that a subsequent increase in the number of digital nomads gives rise to the need of the coworking spaces. Just as now, we have niche specific or women-specific coworking spaces, this concept of hotel coworking id going to become popular real soon. In the coming years, we’ll have coworking hotels in all major locations of the world.

As of now, many coworking space chains are competing with WeWork and if this hotel coworking becomes popular, then WeWork competitors might include hotel chains like JW Marriott.

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