8 Platforms To Save Your Time As A Student

College years are one of the most intense times of your life. It is hard to have a healthy balance between life, work, and studies for most people. It is true to almost every student that they have to deal with the fast pace of learning, an avalanche of tasks, and little to no external support. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice anything in your life to achieve great results and stay socially active. You can always contact your department if you feel overwhelmed and receive some help. 

It’s also possible to find plenty of resources that are free or affordable for an average student. This list has a variety of platforms that are a must in the bookmarks of any student. 

Paper Writer

Have you ever had creative or writer’s block? The type of block when you feel anxiety when you see an empty text file you just can’t start filling up. It happened to the best of us, and it happens even to professional writers. If you find yourself stuck and the deadline is too close, it’s time to ask for a helping hand. 

PaperWriter is a platform that provides its customers with writing help from experts. It is a place where the best online research paper writer shares knowledge in a variety of topics and subjects. It is a place where you can learn how to make your essays worth the highest grade. It can save you a couple of hours of headaches and suffering and get you straight to the point.


Studyfy is not a unique paper editing service, there are numerous others out there. Yet, the latter combines the features that are usually scattered between different websites. It can boast of an abundant collection of essay samples and guidelines on academic writing. In addition, students can find information about standardized tests like SAT and ACT. 

At the same time, the platform also offers the help of professional writers who can help you with editing and proofreading your drafts. You can even order tutoring services if there’re some study materials you struggle to understand.


All of us tend to omit our own mistakes when writing something. At the same time, we can notice each and every mistake in a text written by someone else. Nevertheless, it’s okay. It’s a fresh look that helps evaluate content objectively. 

That’s why almost all companies hire editors and proofreaders who can improve the written material. However, during college years, you have to learn how to make your writing good in the first place. So to say, you need to develop your voice and learn how to use arguments, facts, structure, and make effective conclusions. 

Grammarly is designed to polish your writing within several clicks. It takes only several minutes to spot all errors you should pay attention to. So, bookmark this website and use it during your studies and work.


We all know the struggle to read a five hundred-page novel till Monday, and other tasks can’t be postponed. Sometimes, it seems to be impossible to do everything in time and avoid failing other subjects. That’s when you can save some time and look for major plot points at SparkNotes. 

It is not limited to literature only. You can also find materials about philosophy, history, and many other subjects. The platform allows you to quickly understand what you should pay attention to. 

Khan Academy 

You will always encounter some subjects that will be harder to comprehend than usually. However, you don’t have to feel ashamed if you fall behind your groupmates’ pace. That’s where Khan Academy can provide you with easy and quick assistance. 

The level of your knowledge doesn’t matter. The materials are designed to suit every student, focusing on the relevant aspects of the field. 

This platform is completely free and adapted for various devices. So, you can take it anywhere and avoid wasting too much time to make sense of the topic. 


If you want to get extra perspective on a subject, you have to look for specialists. How can you save time and money and get top-notch experience? Skillshare is created for people of various backgrounds and careers as well as students and graduates. You can join for free and get access to hundreds of classes and courses taught by leaders of various industries and professionals in their field. 

You will save a considerable amount of time by getting feedback from people who have years of experience in the area you’re interested in. It is also a convenient platform to get extra skills that can be helpful for your career or focus on something that can be your comforting hobby.


Many people find it easier to learn and understand new information via games and flashcards. If you have trouble memorizing some concepts or studying a new language, you can try the method offered by Quizlet. It is a platform that provides you with assistance in a variety of subjects. The design and method of classes are easy to follow. 

Quizlet is a free platform where you can study as much as you need. There’s a possibility to adjust your schedule and work on several topics simultaneously. It is rather an additional study tool than a proper substitute for classes. Yet, it can improve your learning experience and save you time.


The key to having time for all your assignments and extra-curricular activities is being organized. Indeed, having a schedule and a plan eases your college life. TickTick allows you to create a detailed schedule and plan with convenient reminders. The service is a strong competitor of other productivity apps as you can synchronize your data from the app with other devices and track your progress without skipping anything.

It is also great for team projects as you can invite others to collaborate with you and share notes within the app. TickTick is proven to be effective in increasing your productivity and focus. If you can organize your assignments and to-do lists, you won’t waste your time on procrastination or less relevant tasks. 

Summing Up

Even though college is hard, it doesn’t mean you need to complicate your life. The best way to save your time is to start with organizing your space, creating a schedule, and prioritizing the tasks by their relevance. Other platforms like Alchemy Tuition are a great choice if you are looking for primary tutoring. They can help to improve your writing skills, boost your memory, or acquire extra knowledge in the area.

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