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Work Club Sydney is a premium coworking space in Australia. But it is more about diversity, than being elitist. This is a place where heterogeneity meets functionality. This club is filled with ideas, knowledge and multifariousness, but minus the noise. Besides, a notable feature of this club is access to a global community. How? Let me explain. Work Club Global has connections with multiple coworking spaces in many iconic cities of the world. Delhi, London, Rome, Paris, Dubai, the list is long and ever expanding. By being a member, you can access these spaces whenever you are on global vacay. Needless to say, this place has redefined the class of coworking.

Work Club Sydney is another name for authenticity. Founded by a Danish entrepreneur, who has designed offices for top Forbes listed businesses. Soren (the founder) has made a classic Nordic statement in the name of Work Club Global, right here in Australia. The most outstanding feature of all Club offices is the attention to the details, especially furniture. The artisanal furniture has been imported from a Denmark designer, who makes limited pieces. And each piece is indeed handcrafted to perfection. Need a taste of decent luxury? Keep reading…

Locations of Work Club Sydney:

Their coworking spaces are spread across three locations Sydney. But, all its locations have home in select corporate locations, empowering businesses with maximum opportunities. So, come, let’s dig deeper into them.

Work Club Sydney Supreme Court


The level 8 on 99 Elizabeth Street is one of the addresses of Work Club Sydney. Right in the heart of CBD, it overlooks the Australian Supreme Court. And also has a stunning view of Hyde Park. The Library here is full of law journals while spreading the unique smell of leather binding. Moreover, the select Danish imported furniture adds a different class to it. There are many spaces available here, from coworking pods to boardrooms and event spaces. Besides the locale is home to various European retail stores, including Pitt Street Mall, MLC Centre, etc. The public transport, restaurants and bars are all on walking distances.

Address: L8, 99 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:+ 61 2 9019 1888

Work Club Barrack Place Sydney 


The Work Club Sydney Barrack Place is at 151 Clarence Street. This building is an award-winning, high- grade workplace. Freshly renovated in 2018, it’s the former home to the iconic Grand Central Coffee Palace. Moreover, now it houses an excellent end of trip facilities, be it bike racks or showers. Exposed brick walls and use of steel and timber add uniqueness to Its decor. Besides, it’s at a minute walk from Martin Place and two minutes from the Wynyard Railway Station. In addition, the place is a hub of high-end retail and fine dining. But do not that this office doesn’t offer Corporate Membership.

Address: G, 151 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:+ 61 2 9019 1890

Work Club Sydney Barangaroo


201 Kent Street is a landmark location of Work Club Sydney. This 34 level A grade business tower is a prime address. The striking feature of this building is the open-air courtyard which connects to the adjacent Grafton Bond Building. And plus, it has magnificent views on all four fronts. The library is outfitted with handcrafted walnut bookshelves and antique French desks. Additionally, there is an undercover car parking, that too for not a few but 400 vehicles. Just five minutes on foot and you will reach Barangaroo, Darling Harbour or King Street. Lastly, the 180m long Wynyard Walk, trains and trams are all at easy access.

Address: G, 201 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:+ 61 2 9019 1889


Email: [email protected]

Perks of  Work Club Sydney:

  • Imported Danish Furniture: All Club spaces are furnished with classy hand made furniture. Each item is limited edition and fills the air with a sense of achievement.
  • Concierge: A hospitable and professional concierge is always at your anvil here. So every time you or your guests enter into this space, there will be someone to greet. Or if you need help with internet, desks or tech equips, or any other queries, you know who to ask. Moreover, they can also be of help if need to reach out to the global community of the Club.
  • Events: They have great event spaces suitable for different business needs. Apart from these, they hold tree to four in-house events for members to present on different ideas. Known by the name of ‘Florence Guild’, these events are a great means for expanding both business and influence.
  • Prime Business Address: All the Club offices are enviable business addresses. Moreover, by being a clubber here, you will be empowered to use the address for your business.
  • Mail Handling Services: When you use the Club address as yours, your postal mails are bound to arrive here. But that doesn’t mean that you have to make rounds of the reception to get them The staff here will handle all your posts efficiently in both your presence or absence.
  • Bar: A perfectly lit bar with high stools and friendly ambience is also available. Coffee, alcohol or light beverages, there’s a variety for you to pick from. Moreover, it’s the best place to wind down after a hard day of work or and the end of the week.
  • Library: The Library is usually my favourite spot to be in, at all the Work Club Sydney locations. And irrespective of that, it will be your favourite too. That will be, thanks to the signature furnishings, the scent of leather and the calm that prevails here.
  • Kitchen: Tired? Hungry? Or Thirsty? Satiate your tummy and taste buds with fresh fruits and snacks, or fuel up your voltage with a constant supply of coffee.
  • Meditation Area: Need a space to relax? Visit the Meditation area at the Sydney Barangaroo office and let loose all that stresses your mind.
  • Podcast Recording Studio: Businesses with podcasting needs will benefit the most from these hireable studios.
  • 24/7 access: Membership gets you 24/7 access to this aesthetic coworking space. All spaces have high-speed internet and wifi facility.
  • General office equipment: Need to print, scan or shred? All office spaces are fully equipped with high quality and performance grade office machines.

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Work Club Sydney Membership Plans:

Work Club Sydney offers many membership options so that maximum people can be a part of the amazing coworking culture. Their membership plans start from $200 per month for individuals to up to $1250 a month for high-end users. Though, the point to note here is that they have tailor-made packages for all members. Thus for pricing info, you must contact them on their website. The coworking here includes both hot (shared) and dedicated desks, besides private office spaces. Which are accessible through the following membership plans.

Associate (2 days/week)

Do you feel suffocated in a traditional office setup? Or, you prefer marching to the beat of your own drum? Get a 2 day per week pass at the Work Club Sydney and work from among like-minded people. You are free to move around in all the shared areas and find a seat that suits your mood for the day.

Visiting (4 days/ month)

Treat yourself and your clients with an exceptional workspace, by being a visiting member. This membership gets you to access the shared coworking area for 4 days in a month. Or, get a change of workspace, and be open to expanding your contact list.


If you fall in love with this place, get married to it! I’m kidding. Just get the premium membership and you can visit this space 24/7 as and when you need. And like that wasn’t good enough. You also get the opportunity to be a part of any of their global affiliated locations. London, Paris, New York, or any other iconic city with Work Club Sydney affiliated workspace, there’s nothing stopping you.

Side Project

A night owl or an adventurous soul, or working on a sidekick project? Get yourself a Side Project membership. You will get access to the workspace in the after hours, i.e. after 5 pm and on weekends. Get the space and set a pace to your amazing ideas.


You have to be a part of coworking space to be able to network, said no one ever at the Work Club Sydney. All social butterflies are welcome to the Club, without using a desk for even a single day. With this membership, you get access to the shared area during Bar hours, on all 7 days of the week. And have some friends, clients or simply guests? Tag them along and amuse them with fine beverages from the bar. And set spark to new beginnings or set alight old collaborations.

Private Suite

In case, you have decided to call the Club ‘Home’, get a private office suite. You may hire these suites for teams, as small as one to up to 200. Get a space that is yours, with permanency and privacy. These offices are fully furnished, enclosed and are 24/7 accessible. Additionally, there is lockable storage as well. And in case you need more? Just ask for it.


The Club offers solutions to even bigger corporate owners of property who are looking for efficient investment options. These corporates can be a part of the workplace as a service model of Club. Thus, together they can come up with core business spaces, flexible spaces or a combination of both.

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I have found three great reasons for you to choose the Work Club Sydney as your work address. Firstly, they have an amazingly diverse community. Philosophers, Lawyers, Coders and many more add richness to the talent pool of this space. Secondly, their interiors are spot on. Because, everything from the Danish handmade furniture to library shelves and wall decors, drive passion and purpose. And thirdly, the grand exposure you can get to the global coworking community. Thus, it’s a complete package, isn’t it?

Work Club Sydney is a place that oozes with variety, be it in terms of age, experience, profession or facilities. The memberships here is on an application basis. But the screening is not to filter out the best, but the most diverse. So when are you getting the taste of the Nordic air under the great Australian sunshine? Visit soon!

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