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VibeWire Sydney is a lively and energetic coworking space, especially for young entrepreneurs. Gradually this space is home to a community of innovators, none above the age of 35. Besides they are from the most diverse of professional backgrounds that this space is a hub of ideas. The vibe here is full of pleasure and potential. There are many makers and many more mould breakers. They, in fact, have a Skills Gym, as they call it. Where the entrepreneurial minds are made enterprise ready.

VibeWire is a not-for-profit launch pad for budding experts. The place is replete with green plants at every possible corner. Besides, the funky outlook adds coolness to the environment. The coworking areas have desks of different shapes and sizes. Plus their sessions are built to assist startups with ideas, assistance and collaborations. And the best part, you can make mistakes here. As the people and staff will only help you get the best out of every goal you have. And assist you with every route you take to achieve it. A win-win isn’t it?

Perks of VibeWire Coworking space:

  • 24*7 access: The facilities here are open to members 24*7. So if you are a day time worker or a night owl, this space is at your anvil. Besides, if you already have a day job, night time access to a workspace is a big advantage.
  • Wifi: Internet and wifi are like fuel to every business today. And unlimited connectivity to the internet as available at this location is a big comfort.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen space at VibeWire has all you need to eat and cook. But the most important asset here is the coffee maker. So members enjoy an unlimited supply of coffee, all day through. And they have loads of snacks too!
  • Meeting spaces: Need space to meet and impress clients and investors? You will find them here with the advantage of flexibility. The open boardroom has space for 20 people.
  • Office Utilities: All office equipment like printers and scanners are handy for all members.
  • Lounge Area: These are relaxing spaces where you can take a short break, work, or just go chatty.
  • Event spaces: They also have event spaces, which could be home to your launch event, workshops an what not.
  • Bike Racks: They also have bike storage onsite.
  • Community: The community here is the biggest reason to be a part of this space. The people here are young and from diverse professional backgrounds.

VibeWire Sydney Sessions:

VibeWire Sydney offers various sessions for startups to master the skills to do business. And not just to survive but thrive in the tough competition. They have clubbed their 2030 skills into four different sessions.

Startup Sundays

The Startup Sundays session of VibeWire involves augmenting problem-solving acumen besides creativity and critical reasoning. So the startups can bring up their ideas and business plans for a quick assessment. In fact, they might even find you a partner, or a mentor. Besides, you will also get knowledge of various business processes. For instance, product designing,  branding, marketing, distribution etc. Thus if you too have a startup or a plan, make your Sunday productive like never before.

Dollar Dollar Bill

As the name suggests, this session deals with financial knowledge. Along with thinking more creatively and critically. These sessions include workshops to help businesses figure out efficient growth models and strategies. You can also learn of new and trending investment options, especially the ones that suit your business. In fact, you could also undergo a strategy test to check your tactics in real time. Or just realize the true potential of your brand and yourself as well.


No, you don’t need to be a hacker, to be a part of the session. The hack here is in reference to the creative and careful approach to cut away ‘digital dangers’ for your brand. This is a must attend for businesses in all domains, to be better aware. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Sound knowledge of what is real and what is bogus can save you down the line.

Soapbox Club

Soapbox session of VibeWire is all about smoothening your business on daily basis. And how’s that? Simple! By improving your communication and presentation skills. This will involve workshops wherein, you will practice presenting your ideas and business negotiations. The one-hour public speaking session is a great learning opportunity. Plus, it also includes the importance and impacts of good teamwork. In addition, this will sharpen your overall personality in daily life too. For life too, is a daily business!





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Membership Plans:

The VibeWire has a common coworking area, which is home to its vibrant community. And there are four membership plans to access this common space, the sessions and of course the coworking space. These are,

Casual Pass

You can buy a Casual Pass for as little as $15. And at this price, you will get access to any one of the sessions at the VibeWire. So choose any or all, but choose what suits you right.

5 Pack

Need access to more sessions here? It is easy. As you can also get access to any five sessions at VibeWire for $50. This is just a saviour pack. As you save twenty-five bucks as in case of purchasing casual passe for five sessions.

Common Room

And in case you fall in love with this place. Be a part of the community and get unlimited access to all the sessions. Additionally, you will also get access to the coworking area. This membership is available at $130 per month. But this room requires a minimum membership for a term of three months.  Besides, a $100 joining fee as well. The desk space with this membership is a temporary desk, namely hot desks. Wherein, on every visit, you will have to find a vacant desk in here. So, you may or may not get the same desk again.

Permanent Desk

Wish to direct all your energy into your idea or venture? Get a permanent desk in the coworking space for $220 per month. And as in the case of Common Room membership, you will have to pay $100 as joining fee. Apart from a minimum membership agreement of three months. Further, you can access all the sessions at VibeWire. And of course a permanent desk, which will be all yours, during your term here.

Event Spaces

An entrepreneur, singer or a speaker, you need a space to showcase your talent. And VibeWire has three event spaces available for hire. These are,

  • Mellow Mode: This room has a capacity for up to 40 people. And you may hire it for $250 for three hours. After which you will have to pay an additional $50 per hour.
  • Intimate Mode: You may hire this space for $240 for three hours. And $80 per hour will be added every hour after that. Besides, this room has a capacity for 40 to 80 people.
  • Intense Mode: With capacity for 60 to 80, you may hire this event space for $330 for three hours. After these three hours, the fee will be $110 per hour.

Location and Contact:

VibeWire Sydney

You will find VibeWire at 525 Harris Street in Ultimo. The building gets lots of sunlight from the glass facade. The location is at walking distance from the Central Station. Besides, they are right next to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and Ultimo Community Centre. In addition to the Powerhouse Museum on the same street. Moreover, there are many cafes and parks to spend some quality time. As for public transport, trains and buses are all a stone’s throw away.

For any queries please contact VibeWire at [email protected]


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Coders, filmmakers, designers, marketers, scientists, and many more call VibeWire home. All members are young and full of energy, ideas and skills. They have intensive training programmes, in the form of sessions. Each catering to different entrepreneurial requirements, but one common goal. To help you succeed. To help you make a difference. And for this, they have outlined some 2030 skills, on which their sessions are centred on. These skills include communication, presentation and negotiation skills besides, digital and financial literacy. In addition to personality and behavioural aspects like teamwork, creativity and critical thinking. It will be fair enough if we say that they create entrepreneurs out of people with talents. And this space is surely full of future makers!

Wish to be a part of this extraordinary community? Contact VibeWire, or visit them at Ultimo!

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