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Tyro FinTech Hub is a coworking firm specially designed for Fintech startups. This workspace houses ambitious aspirants who have a knack for innovation. Further, this boutique coworking space is ideal for fintech entrepreneurs specialising in banking, finance and insurance. So, if you are are looking for a place to discover your potential, then you are in the right place. Apart from this, being located in a CBD area is a plus point. That is to say, you can get all the facilities just around the corner.  Also, an impressive business address can help you gain more clients which will ultimately help in the growth of your business. Isn’t it exactly what you are looking for?

For entrepreneurs, networking is an essential criterion for development. Not only does it enhance your knowledge but it also steers you in the right direction. Besides, you will be in direct contact with some major founders. Tyro FinTech Hub offers flexible membership plans which are designed to suit your schedule. These plans are divided into different categories so that you can opt for the most suitable one. Apart from this, there are abundant facilities available at the centre at no additional cost. So, book yourself a spot today and work in a great environment. To know more, keep reading further.

Amenities offered by Tyro FinTech Hub:

  • Secure access: Tyro FinTech Hub provides you with 24/7 secure access. That is to say, the work centre has a commendable security system.
  • Bike storage: There is enough room for you to store your bikes. So, no more worrying about where to park your bikes.
  • Meeting rooms: Modern and well-equipped meeting rooms are also available at Tyro Fintech Hub. So, if you want to conduct a professional meeting with your team, then there is no better place than this.
  • Events: The events at the centre will help you meet other FinTech entrepreneurs who can help you establish your business. Also, these informative events can help you grow at an individual level.
  • Shower and Changing rooms: If you feel tired or lazy, you can take a quick shower at the workstation itself. In addition, there is an availability of changing rooms.
  • Internet: You can access the secure Wi-Fi facility at Tyro FinTech Hub and stay connected always!
  • Lockers: Worried about the safety of your belongings? Don’t be! There are secure lockable storage facilities at this workspace. So, you don’t need to bother about carrying around your belongings with you.
  • Breakout areas: To recharge yourself after working for a long time, Tyro FinTech Hub houses a variety of communal spaces. For instance, there is a rooftop terrace where you can relax for a while before continuing with your task.
  • Coffee: Gulp down a fresh cup of coffee and tackle your obstacles with renewed energy!






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Membership Plans at Tyro FinTech Hub:

Tyro Fintech Hub offers coworking desks to fintech entrepreneurs and startups. They house a total of 125 desks in addition to other areas like meeting rooms, boardrooms, and event spaces. Further, they provide three forms of monthly memberships so that you can choose the most suitable one. Besides, with all the membership plans, there is a range of benefits available at your disposal. Given below is the list of all the membership plans:

5 Days: Want to work at Tyro Fintech Hub for a short duration? If yes, then this plan is a perfect match for you. Under this program, you can gain access to the workspace for a period of 5 days. Also, while working at the centre, you can enjoy a wide range of facilities. And, guess what? You do not have to pay anything extra! For instance, you can access Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and much more. All this is available at the cost of $292.

Full Time: This option is suitable for those who require a work spot on a full-time basis. Further, you will be provided with a personalized space wherein you can work upon your tasks. Besides getting secure 24/7 access, you can avail all the other facilities available at Tyro Fintech Hub. The membership cost of this program is $720. You can choose to work whenever you want to! So, sign up for the plan today!

10 Days: This is another option for FinTech entrepreneurs who do not need workspace on a regular basis. By opting for this program, you can get access to a shared desk for 10 days. Also, to ease your burden, there is a bundle of amenities available just for you! From high-speed internet to shower facilities, Tyro Fintech Hub has prepared everything for you! Conclusively, the membership cost of this option is $519.


Tyro FinTech Hub

Tyro FinTech Hub is located at the address of 5/155 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. With the convenience of a CBD location, you have the chance of enhancing your business. Also, you will be at the epicentre of everything if you choose to work here. There are abundant cafes, bars and restaurants in the nearby surroundings. Moreover, the building offers car and bike parking facilities.

This location is connected to some of the major transportation routes. This implies you can easily travel to and from your workspace. To procure more information, email them on [email protected] or visit their website https://tyrofintechhub.com

Reviews: 4.8 out of 5

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A lot of startups face barriers when it comes to establishing themselves in the market. So, to support them, Tyro FinTech Hub is providing a collaborative space to work and learn. Being Australia’s first hub for FinTech startups, they are helping emerging entrepreneurs to bring innovation in financial services. Moreover, this space is meant for those people who are tired of working in a strict corporate environment and want to launch their own startup.

If you think of yourself as a budding entrepreneur and want to boost your business idea, then Tyro FinTech Hub will help you achieve that. Not to mention, they have invested a lot of resources with an aim to grow fintech ecosystem. You will not be able to find so many facilities in a single place. So, become a member of this coworking firm and witness your business flourish. Take a tour today and look for yourself before committing to any membership plan. 

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