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The Studio Sydney is a new media and tech innovation platform that is providing startups with an opportunity to realize their dreams. That is to say, this startup hub is helping the people of media, entertainment, music, design and creative industries to use their potential more productively. The idea is to foster the creativity of a start-up community and then help them to establish in the market. So, if you have an idea in mind that needs nourishing, then this place is meant for you. For instance, if you have been working on developing an app but lack the resources, this centre will help you. Not only will you get proper resources required for this project but full guidance as well. They are taking an initiative to transform the way in which people perceive media entertainment. 

The Studio Sydney is an independent and non-profit organisation working meticulously to support startups. Due to tough competition, budding businesses find it slightly difficult to secure their position in the market. Therefore, this workspace is striving hard to provide these young startups everything they require to grow and flourish. Also, the centre is trying to link the tech and media sector to give birth to new innovations. Not only this but they are also building links with a global network of media-tech communities. This will eventually help Australian startups to network with other big companies. All in all, you will get all the resources required to turn your dreams into reality! To know a bit more about this place, keep reading further.

Benefits of joining The Studio Sydney:

By becoming a member at The Studio Sydney, you get the benefit of networking with great industrialists concerned with media and tech department. You will also get a chance to learn new things by joining them as an intern. Apart from that, there is a long list of events to go to! All in all, you will get all the facilities that are required for the incubation of a perfect idea. So, by joining this place you are making the right choice.

  • At the Studio Sydney, you will have a 24/7 access to your work spot. So, you can drop-in at the centre whenever you like and get your tasks done.
  • Always stay connected by using the high-speed internet at the work centre. That means you don’t have to bother about getting your own connection or dongle.
  • The workstation houses a fully-equipped kitchen where you can prepare tasty snacks to get rid of the unannounced hunger pangs.
  • At The Studio Sydney, you will get unlimited tea and coffee. You know what they say, a good cup of coffee can do wonders!
  • The workplace also has special event spaces where they organise events on diverse topics. Further, events are a great occasion to form new connections.
  • Tired of sitting in one place for too long? No worries! This centre has spacious breakout areas where you can indulge in a fun activity and refresh your mind.
  • In case you want to hold your conferences in a professional environment, you can hire a meeting room at this place.






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Community Membership Plan at The Studio Sydney:

If you are undecided about becoming a permanent tenant at The Studio Sydney, then there is an option of becoming a community member. In other words, this membership will help you access The Studio setup once a month. The cost of availing community membership is $49 per month plus GST with a minimum of three months commitment. The benefits of opting this option include:

  • You will get discounts when hiring a studio or an event space within the workspace.
  • Wait! There’s more. You will also get an invitation to special events organised by the centre. What more could you ask for?
  • You can avail the space on whatever day you need. So, this is beneficial for those working on short-term projects.
  • You can also avail all the facilities available at The Studio Sydney. And for this, you will not be charged an additional fee.

The Studio Sydney – Studio and Space hire

At The Studio Sydney, you can hire studios, event spaces for your personalised events. These modern rooms are equipped with all the facilities. Further, you will experience a whole different way of hosting events. Similarly, the meeting rooms have been fashioned in a way so that they fulfil your requirements. To know about the availability and cost of these spaces, please get in touch with the concerned team.


The Studio Sydney is situated on the 6th level,11 York St, Sydney which is in the Sydney Startup Hub. Because of its set-up in the Startup Hub, you have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the major companies located within the area. The building is disabled friendly and offers concierge services. Further, it is easy to reach this place as it nearby to train and bus stations. Not to mention, it is located just above Wynyard Station. Also, you will find abundant bars and restaurants close by in case you are planning an outing.

To know more about the place, pay a visit to their website or email them at [email protected]

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The energetic community of The Studio Sydney is focussed on supporting startups to network with global industries so that they are able to leave a mark. Also, they offer plenty of opportunities to help you grow. For instance, there are a variety of internships, mentoring and educational programs to make you ready for the industry. Apart from this, the regular events and workshops held at the centre will inspire you to work harder on your innovations. This then leads to the execution part wherein you can directly contribute to media-tech ecosystems.

The Studio Sydney is Australia’s only media-tech startup community providing assistance to young creators. The collaborative environment at this centre will help you work more productively. Besides, you will get the support of some of the major Australian media companies and universities. Once you step into this amazing centre, your future is set. So, stop putting your efforts in the wrong place and their community. Happy creating!

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