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The Creative Fringe is a dynamic coworking space dedicated to foster the growth of creative professionals. Their main motto is to provide an inspiring environment to its tenants so that they work freely. Also, they will push you towards the right path and help you discover creative solutions. Apart from that, you will come across great membership options offering full flexibility. That means you have the chance to work according to your own rules!

Work in a friendly vibe with other coworkers and build new connections. This will help you to grow your network and ultimately expand your business. Also, they offer a wide variety of facilities that can help you accomplish your tasks. Why work from home when you have this amazing coworking facility? Take a tour of this place and see for yourself. Keep reading further to know more about The Creative Fringe.

Amenities Offered by The Creative Fringe:

  • Wi-Fi: The Creative Fringe offers great connectivity to its tenants. So, you can always stay connected and work on your tasks.
  • Free Tea and Coffee: Help yourself with as much coffee as you like and stay active all through the day!
  • Parking facilities: You don’t have to worry about where to park your car when you visit the work centre. That is to say, there are plenty of parking facilities available near the building.
  • Mail Services: The team of The Creative Fringe will take care of your important mails and divert it to you in case you are not available.
  • 24/7 access: You will have 24/7 access to your office. So, work whenever you feel like it.
  • Shower facilities: Feeling tired? Take a quick shower at the centre and recharge yourself for the next session.
  • Events: The Creative Fringe organises a lot of events which provides you with an opportunity to mingle with the crowd of like-minded people and build connections.






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Membership Plans at The Creative Fringe:

Private Offices: For the people who are looking for an alternative to a home office, these private offices at The Creative Fringe are a perfect match. Besides offering a creative space to work at, they provide you with the advantage of networking. Further, this work centre has a total of seven offices. All the offices have unique designs and are well-contained. To check the availability, visit their website or connect with their team.

Desk Hire: Rather than spending a huge amount on leasing your own office space, you can opt for shared desks. At The Creative Fringe, you have a variety of options at your disposal. For instance, you can choose a permanent spot or opt for a hot desk. Whatever suits you the best! Also, you can work alongside other professionals. The list of desks available at this centre include:

  • Dedicated Fringer: Under this package, you can choose your permanent spot. Also, you will have 24/7 access and can come whenever you prefer. Isn’t it great? A personalized space and a whole lot of amenities attached to it. For instance, internet, printing, parking facilities and much more. The cost of availing this option is $440 per month.
  • Roaming Fringer: Become a hot desk member for a month and gain unlimited access to your workspace. However, you can only use your spot during business hours and on weekdays. Also, you have the option to choose any desk you want, based on availability. You will gain access to all the facilities available at the centre. The price of this package is $363 per month.
  • Daily Visit: This is a much more flexible option for those who work on random days. In other words, you just have to pay for the day you spend at The Creative Fringe. Further, you can access the workspace o weekdays between 9-5pm. And you can use all the amenities for free! The membership cost of this option is $44 per day.
  • School Day Visit: This is another flexible hot desk option for those who do not have a fixed working schedule. You will gain access to your work spot on weekdays during the time slot 9-3 pm. And you can use the facilities present at The Creative Fringe. The price of this package is $33 per day.

Meeting rooms: Meeting rooms at The Creative Fringe offer a professional environment so that you project the right image in front of your clients. Apart from this, they are cost-effective and well-furnished. These rooms are ideal for solo as well as group meetings. Further, they can seat four people and provides access to basic amenities. Located in a remote area on the ground floor, they also have wheelchair access. The cost of availing the meeting rooms is only $20 per hour.

Training room: Do you want to deliver a training program but lack resources and space? If yes, then The Creative Fringe has one option for you. This room is well-contained and is surrounded by an inspiring aura. So, you can educate your clients in a productive environment. You can hire the room for a half-day or a full-day session, whatever suits you! The membership prices are:

Weekday Rate:

  • Half day rate (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm): $165 + GST (3 hours)
  • Full day rate (9am-4pm): $300 + GST (7 hours)

Weekend & Weekday After Hours Rate:

  • Full day rate (9am – 4pm): $300 + GST (7 hours)

Venue Hire: Need a place to host your events and workshops? No worries.The Creative Fringe houses creative and chic meeting rooms. However, these spaces are up for hire only on weekends. Also, they are ideally designed to suit all types of events. The membership prices are:

  • Weekend day rate: $300 + GST for the whole day (9 am – 4 pm)
  • After-hours weekday rate: $300 + GST for 3 hours accessible from 6pm till 9pm

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Sydney - The Creative Fringe

The Creative Fringe is located at the address Unit 6, 51 York Road, Jamisontown (Penrith), NSW 2750. It is closeby to various restaurants and cafes. Also, you will be just a few miles away from Jamison Park. To know more, contact them on 1300 722 896 or email them at [email protected]

You can also visit their website


If you are looking for a place where you can enhance your creativity levels, then The Creative Fringe Sydney should be on the top of your list. Also, have you been roaming from one cafe to another in search of inspiration but could not find any? Or you work from home but there are too many distractions? If the answer to all these queries is yes then you need to adopt a few chances. First and foremost, you need to join this amazing work centre and experience the difference.

All in all, The Creative Fringe will make sure that your work requirements stay fulfilled. Also, whenever you come across a problem of any sort, their dedicated team of professionals is always ready to help! Without wasting any more time, go check out this place. Now!

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