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The COMMUNE Sydney is a coworking space with a difference. The exposed brick walls, green plants and sunshine through the windows add a class to this space. Besides, many artists, photographers and designers call it home, apart from the digital nomads. It is in fact, a factory that takes in people with creative ideas and churns out industry ready professionals. Moreover, it has elegant interiors. The desks are made of raw pine, with trestle support. Besides, ergonomic swivel chairs for max comfort. So, a creative or not, this space has enough scope for your growth. For it has fabulous energy inside out.

The COMMUNE Sydney isn’t just a coworking space. Because it also offers Studios for photography and artists, besides spaces for workshops and events. These spaces are massive in size. Wherein, you can shoot anything from small or large products, people and even a feature film. Plus there is a yoga studio, which is run purely on a donation basis. The usual donation is around $15. Hmm… Interesting? Keep reading to know more.

Locations of The COMMUNE:



The COMMUNE coworking space is spread over 150 m sq at 160 Rochford Street. You can also access many bars and cafes at Kings Street, which is just a minute away. If 15 minutes walk is not much for you, you can even reach the Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre. And in case you need green space, Sydney Park is a short stroll away. Besides, you may catch a train at the Erskineville, which is 10 minutes on foot.

Address: 160 Rochford Street, Erskineville 2043

Events, Shoots, and Yoga


901 Bourke Street has a vibrantly painted facade, just 10 minutes from Sydney CBD. This space of the COMMUNE Sydney is exclusively for shooting purposes. Besides, it has spaces for yoga classes and business events. It is also great for all things shooting, ranging from products to recording music videos. The Toyota Sydney is right in front. And so is the bus service. While the Green Square Railway Station is 5 minutes on car. Additionally, there is enough parking space at this location as well.

Address: 901 Bourke Street, Waterloo 2017

For more information or to schedule a visit, call at 02 8002 0999 or leave a message at [email protected]


Amenities at the COMMUNE Sydney:

  • Super fast internet and wifi: They have super fast internet and wifi facility with great upload and download speeds.
  • Backup Server: They also have an intranet server to safely backup your data, in case of failures.
  • 24*7 Share Car: This amenity is unheard of at almost all coworking spaces. Members at the COMMUNE Sydney get access to a pay per use car on a sharable basis. This includes hatchbacks, utility vehicles, etc.
  • Library: Need a novel or a tech book to read? No need to step out for it. Because they have an in-house library too! So you’ll have all the resources at hand.
  • Meeting Rooms: These rooms can also be used for business strategy discussions, meeting clients or even skype calls and interviews. Moreover, the coworking members are free to access the meeting rooms.
  • Breakout Areas: These space have all the comfort, you could find in a living room. It is the perfect spot to relax. Or you could even get chatty with a coworker.
  • Kitchen: The COMMUNE also has a kitchen that is always full of snacks and cereals. Besides, it has a coffee maker, which ensures a constant caffeine fix.
  • Storage Space: Why carry back your docs and equipment when you can leave them behind in a safe space. Moreover, the storage spaces are lockable.
  • Wireless Office Equipment: You will also get access to wireless Printers and Scanners, besides other office equipment. So you can get a print right from your desk.

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Membership Plans:

The COMMUNE Sydney has many membership plans on offer. They have day passes, besides, part-time and full-time access memberships. And though the plans, except day pass, have weekly prices, they are billed monthly. Additionally, a free day trial may also be available. And so shall discount on team desks.

Day Pass

You can get one day access to the COMMUNE Sydney coworking space for as little as $25 (+GST), per day. As mentioned before, the coworking space is available at the Erskineville space only. In this membership, you can use a hot desk in the open area, during business hours, and on weekdays. This is a great option for those working from home and in need of a productive day or networking opportunity. Or even if you are new to coworking and need to try the space before a longer commitment, try a day pass.

Part Time (Hot Desks)

And if you need flexible access to this space, a part-time membership might be suitable. The part-time membership at The COMMUNE Sydney is available for $100 (+GST), per week. With this plan, you will get a hot desk in the community area. The hot desks are temporary desks in the coworking area. Wherein, you will have to look for a vacant desk on each visit. Moreover, you can access the hot desk for 24 hours, but only on any three days in the week. Additionally, this space may fit the need of both individual entrepreneurs as well as smaller teams.

Full Time (Dedicated Desks)

If finding a desk every other day, bores you, get a desk space just for yourself. You can hire a dedicated desk for $155 (+GST), per week. And then you can access a permanent desk in open-plan seating 24*7, throughout the week. That too in a permanent office space. So a solopreneur or a team worker, this plan is the best fit.

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The COMMUNE Sydney Studio Spaces:

Photography and Event Space


The photography and film studio at the COMMUNE is available at the  Bourke Street address. This warehouse turned studio space is a great go for anything worth shooting. Be it portraits, fashion apparels, e-commerce product shoots, vehicles or even a music album video. Besides, you can also get access to professional lighting and photography equipment, but on a reasonably prior request. And the same goes for the catering service. Additionally, it also doubles as an event space, like an art gallery, launch party, etc. For more info about this space and its pricing, please visit their website.

COMMUNE Yoga Space


This space offered by the COMMUNE at Waterloo is an initiative to make the city business people happy and healthy. For this, they have many class options from the most naive to advance levels. Further, they have trained instructors. Moreover, you can pay for these classes in the form of donations. As they have conscientiously arranged in the like manner so that max people can get access to it. Plus you neither need to book it in advance or bring any mats etc. For more information about the COMMUNE ’s Yoga space click here.


The COMMUNE Sydney is base to many creatives. The word ‘commune’ stands for a group of people dwelling together while sharing resources and responsibilities. And this space is just that and more. For the reason that they support collaborations among the dwellers here. In fact, their aim is to make learning easier for newbies and business solutions feasible for the pros. They also cheer social initiatives, especially those that help support regional startups and businesses. Coworking here is thus full of many opportunities to know, meet and impress more people.

Don’t you wish to be a part of this friendly coworking community? Just schedule a visit to the COMMUNE in Sydney.

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