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The Boroughs is a clean and cozy space for coworking. They have equally elegant interiors and community. The refurbished warehouse space still retains its exposed brick walls. And a pitched roof. The building has ample lighting, from both natural and electric sources. Moreover, there are gorgeous green plants in every nook and corner, constantly supplying the inhabitants with fresh oxygen. Whereas, the premium fittings including timber and concrete floors add comfort to this space. Not to mention the furniture features original mid-century pieces.

The Boroughs has been set up by the Belle Laids team, which is an event management and creative firm. They have not only built it as their own headquarter but also opened its doors to many others. This, they did by the way of making it a coworking space. It is home to many entrepreneurs, and startups, who come from a diverse range of professions. But they together make this location a hub of energy and growth. Therefore, this is the address where creativity and collaborations soar to new heights.

At the Boroughs you will be amongst an innovative camaraderie.  The members are supportive and allow each other to hone their skills. It will always feel like you are at a home away from home and work comfortably. Because, in order to work efficiently an individual needs a tranquil environment. Here you will find calm and peace allowing you to push your limits and concentrate on your work more.

Amenities at the Boroughs:

The Boroughs Sydney offers a variety of amenities under a single roof.

  • 24/7 Access: The members can access this location round the clock.
  • Free wifi: They also supply free and unlimited wifi access to all the members.
  • Secure Spaces: These spaces are under constant security vigil. So rest assured of your safety.
  • Lounge Area: Whenever you get tired working from the desk, you can shift on to the comfortable sofa at the Boroughs Sydney. Or you can just take a short work break and chat with a fellow coworker.
  • Meeting Spaces: They also have spacious meeting rooms. You can use these to meet and greet your clients or for group or team discussions and planning. They also have the facility for video conferencing etc.
  • Lockable Storage: They also have cupboards wherein members can store their belongings safely. So if you regularly access this space, no need to carry back your equipment or valuables back home each day.
  • Kitchen Space: The Boroughs also have a large kitchen space that has all the general equipment. Including fridge, microwave, toasters etc. Besides, you will also get access to sandwiches, milk etc.
  • Showers: Bicycling to work or returning from a stroll down the Camperdown Park? You can easily get fresh with a quick shower onsite.
  • Unlimited Coffee: In addition, you will also get a constant supply of coffee, thanks to the excellent coffee maker in the kitchen.
  • Parking Facility: There is lots of space for parking your vehicle right on the street. So you can park your bicycles, motorbikes and cars with ease.

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The Boroughs Membership Plans:

The Boroughs has one of the most simple membership Plans. You may hire a desk space at this coworking space for $160 per week. The price excludes GST. The desk is a wide one with 5.9 into 2.9 feet as the dimensions. All desks here are dedicated ones. These are permanent desks so on each visit you will get the same desk space. And you won’t have to look around for a vacant desk, as in case of hot desks. Moreover, you will have a desk to call your own, throughout your membership term.

The chairs, on the other hand at the Boroughs in Sydney includes ergonomic 1992 design Aeron chairs. These were once best selling in America. Apart from which you will also be able to use all the amenities of this space within the package. Additionally, this space is a great opportunity to get to meet new people. Thus building connections are collateral with this membership.

Location and Contact of the Boroughs:

The Boroughs Sydney

The Boroughs of Sydney is spread across a 500 sqm warehouse space. This locality in Camperdown is an attractive area for investors. You will have plenty of dining options here, as the location is close to many eateries. For instance, Noodle Star, McDonald’s, Acre Eatery, Camperdown Commons and many more. Besides, you can also find many retail stores in the vicinity. Apart from these, whenever you need to relax and get in touch with nature, Camperdown Park is right in front. Besides, the street is lined with trees.  

Address: 27 Australia Street, Camperdown NSW, 2050

For any queries or to schedule a visit please send an email to [email protected].


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Make the Boroughs your home, if you are looking for a neat and concise workspace. Work at home professionals will find it a great place to boost their productivity and get real work done. The freelancers can be a part of this set up to get a taste of the work culture. Besides, if you own a startup, the borough will be just the right space to make connections. Lastly, many facilities available here make work easier. So all you have to do is focus on your work. And they will take care of everything else. Do visit them to get the real taste of things!

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