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Tank Stream Labs Sydney, is an off the beat coworking space. For the fact that it is a laboratory where innovation and creativity are nurtured. It is also the winner of 2017 Best Coworking Spaces in the country, as per FinTech Australia. The Labs are a success story in themselves, as more than four hundred startups call it home. And consequently, it’s a breeding ground for thousands of dreams and ideas. Plus, they give startups access to additional spaces like meeting and boardrooms, besides event spaces. Which are generally not accessible to them, yet are essential for the growth of a business. Plus, the interiors get plenty of sunshine. And as many green plants as are required to keep the atmosphere fresh and upbeat.

Tank Stream Labs operates the coworking spaces at four locations, with three in Sydney and one in Perth. Specially curated for entrepreneurs and innovators, you may also call it an incubator or a breeding centre. They also have a Blockchain Hub. But, the best and my favourite part of this coworking space is its Usability Testing Labs. These labs actually test the user experience with your business. They bring in real participants, who test your digital or physical services. And then analyse their feedbacks, into a clear and concise report for you. You can then learn about what works and what doesn’t. These labs are accessible for both startups and corporates. And this my dear is very much what every business needs before going reaching out to real customers.

Tank Stream Labs Sydney Locations:

Tank Stream Labs has three offices in Sydney.

Sydney Bridge Street


Address: Level 4, 17-19 Bridge Street, Sydney 2000.

This Labs location is a prominent commercial heritage building, in the CBD area. It is very easy to locate, as it is directly opposite the Australian Securities Exchange. Most spaces get sufficient sunlight. While the vicinity has many bar and restaurant options. Parking is also available onsite. And the bus stop is right at the front of this building. This building is also home to the Blockchain Hub, an initiative of Tank Stream Labs.

Sydney Start Up Hub


Address: Level 8, 11-31 York Street Sydney 2000

This Startup Hub of Tank Stream Labs Sydney is in Wynard Greens. Which is also home to many other corporate firms, besides Starbucks. And many other dining spaces. Apart from this, the location is easily accessible through the Wynard Stations and Wynard Walk. This 180-metre walkway connects Wynard with Barangaroo. Besides if you need some peacetime, there’s a park right in front of this building.

Sydney Barangaroo

Address: 1 Munn Reserve, Barangaroo

This location of Tank Stream Labs Sydney is eye candy. With a facade facing the Sydney Harbour, there is always a nice view through the windows here. Plus the historical Munn Street Reserve is one of the select addresses in the city. The building was originally a wool storehouse. Though refurbished, it still retains its characteristic high ceilings. Plus, there is plenty of parking spaces. And any time you need to get fresh, walk down to the wharf, and spend some time there.

For any other information, please call them at +61 2 9240 3100, or send an email to [email protected]

Website: https://www.tankstreamlabs.com

Amenities at Tank Stream Labs:

All amenities at this coworking space help in providing businesses with everything that’s growth stimulating.

  • Administrative Support: At all the Lab spaces, a support staff, besides a receptionist will always be at your anvil.
  • Fast Internet: Need high-speed internet? At Tank Stream Labs Sydney, you will get it all. Optic fibre internet, hard-wired ethernet or simply wifi. Always stay connected!
  • Stress Busters: Work can be both trying and tiring. But doesn’t matter, for there are sufficient arrangements to kill stress.  And that’s because they also have ping pong tables and game simulators.
  • Bar: They have an in-house bar too! Winning down the weekly stress or a celebratory shot on Friday is a much-deserved reward.
  • Ping Pong: Another stress buster! Because another player will almost always be handy here, for a great match of ping pong.
  • Lounge Areas: Lounge areas are perfect spots to relax or get a little chatty with coworkers. So resting and networking go together in this space.
  • Networking Events: They also have event spaces. Which you can hire for business events of your company or startup. Or just be a part of the regular events organised by the Labs themselves.
  • Meeting Rooms: Accessibility to the meeting rooms in inclusive for member packages. But these are also available for external hiring. These have all the furniture and AV gear for all things ‘meeting’.
  • Printer Access: Members can also access general office equipment, including printers, copiers etc. at all Tank Stream Labs Sydney locations.

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Membership Plans:

Tank Stream Labs Sydney understands the need for flexibility for a startup. For this reason, they offer flexible plans for both individual entrepreneurs and teams. You can choose from day passes to a few days per week access. Or even full time dedicated memberships. Read and select what fits your needs.

Day Pass

Have an idea, but don’t know where to start from? Get a day pass at the Tank Stream Labs Sydney for $50 per day. This pass gets you to access both the coworking area and community. Wherein, you can have a feel of being a part of something bigger and better. Work from the hot desk that comes with this single day pass. Connect to the fast wifi and start off with your work. Also, these are temporary desks in an open plan area. On each visit, you will have to find a vacant desk, and its location is all on your luck. And once you get the confidence to continue with your venture, move on to the next level of membership. Anytime! Besides, the buzzing community here is always ready to help, assist or advice fellow coworkers.

Part Time

You can also access these coworking spaces for part-time at the price between $450 and $600 per month. The exact price of the membership will depend on the number of days you need the facilities in the month. You can ideally choose something like 3 days per week. So you will be able to use A hot desk in the common area on each visit. And as mentioned before, a new desk on each visit. Besides, you can also use the Tank Stream Labs Sydney location, from where you work on your business collateral. Not to mention you will also be invited to the member events. Thus, you will also get access to many networking opportunities. And of course for the exact price for your needs, please contact the Labs.


Once you are ready to be fully engrossed in your budding venture, a dedicated desk is what you need. You may hire this desk for $850 per month. These are also in an open plan coworking space. The additional per being that permanent desk area is 24*7 accessible. Besides, you will also get access to the partnership options at the Tank Stream Labs Sydney.


And if your home office is still more appealing to you, you can get a Community Membership. Wherein, you can attend selected events at the location. Apart from using the Tanks Stream Labs Sydney mailing address as your own business address. All your communications reaching at their address will be efficiently handled and safely reach your hands. Plus, you can put up the address on your website and marketing materials. Thus adding authenticity and trustability to ur brand. The Community membership is available for $50 per month.

The Blockchain Hub at Tank Stream Labs, Bridge Street

A Tank Stream Labs Sydney initiative, to create a hub for businesses and entrepreneurs that deal with the blockchain technology. This facility is so far available st only the Bridge Street location. Wherein, Beam Wallet, Prismatik and CanYa are both partners and sponsors. These three are, global startup, consultants and service marketplace respectively, for blockchain technology. The educational platform, Academy Xi is also a partner. While the main aim behind it is to bring together all the Sydney Blockchain Professionals and support them. If you too are a blockchain professional on startup, you can get a workspace here Monday to Friday, business hours. And the best part, it is absolutely free! Though each desk shall be available for three-hour windows.

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Are you a maker, breaker or innovator? Tank Stream Labs in Sydney can be your best laboratory space. For you will find a home here like never before. The interiors are not only filled with sunshine but also many talented entrepreneurs ready for taking off. At this coworking location, you will be among growth hungry, but friendly and collaborative members. Who actually know and understand that collectively they can reach great heights.

Another great reason to be a part of Tank Stream Labs Sydney is the facilities they offer under single roofs. Everything from the spaces and interiors, including bar, kitchen, meeting rooms, networking opportunities etc, are all growth boosters. This place is here to stay. For it is hard to find a similar space where ideas galore and startups grow. So when are you hitting the Tank Stream Labs in Sydney?

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