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Stone and Chalk is a not-for-profit, coworking, Fintech innovation hub fostering the development of Fintech start-ups. Over the years, technology has been growing fast and with it, new innovations have come to existence. Similarly, Fintech is the new face of technology that seeks to automate the delivery of financial services. With its aid, a lot of startups are set up. So, if you are a newly set-up startup and require guidance, Stone and Chalk will take care of that. Also, they cover all the areas under this new technology. For instance, crowd-funding, automated advice, capital markets, crypto-currencies etc.

With about 680 residents, Stone and Chalk Sydney has already made quite a mark. Here, entrepreneurs from different backgrounds work together and collaborate to bring ideas to life. You will get a chance to meet amazing people who can help you to reach your goal. However, to gain access to this centre, you have to go through a selection process. Not all things come too easily! This centre houses some of the finest fintech startups who have shown great growth potential. So, you will have to earn a place here. The current resident startups are working on different categories including IoT, equity crowdfunding, cyber security, investment management and much more. Sounds interesting? Read further to know more about the place.

Amenities offered by Stone and Chalk:

Stone and Chalk offer its members with a lot of additional perks that are essential to execute various business operations. Besides providing a flexible shared workspace, they have made available a list of necessities that can ease the process of accomplishing tasks.  Some of the amenities are given below:

  • Internet: The centre is equipped with a fast internet connection. So, you will always be in touch with your clients and colleagues.
  • Events: The events held at Stone and Chalk will help you to grow as a business person. Additionally, these events will help you build connections and gain clients.
  • Workshops: Informative workshops to broaden your perspective. Also, you will be participating in some of the great projects designed by the centre. The aim of these well-planned workshops is to polish your skills and make you well-rehearsed with the intricacies of handling a business idea.
  • Chillout areas: Tired from sitting at your desk all day long? No worries. There are breakout areas at Stone and Chalk to recharge you. Further, you can indulge in fun activities in this area with other coworkers and relax for a while.
  • Meeting rooms: Well-equipped meeting rooms are also available in case you want to conduct a meeting in a professional environment.
  • Printing facilities: You can get your documents printed at the centre only. So, no need to go out and spend extra money.
  • Shower and Changing rooms: Interestingly, the centre has shower facilities as well. Take a quick shower and refresh your mind for a new task.
  • Bike Racks: Stone and Chalk Sydney also provided you with bike racks!
  • Kitchen: There is a well-equipped kitchen in the centre where you can store your lunch or prepare meals together with other coworkers. Tending to your hunger needs is important!






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Membership Plans at Stone and Chalk:

Once you pass the screening at Stone and Chalk Sydney, you will be presented with a list of membership plans. So, based on your requirements, you can choose the one that fulfils your requirements. You can either choose to work in a collaborative atmosphere or a more confined place. All of this depends on what you need! Go through the options given below and see what suits you the most.

Full Time Flexible: Flexible desks at Stone and Chalk are open-plan workspaces specifically designed for collaborations. Here, you get a chance to interact with prodigious innovators. So, leverage your network and build connections with the top-notch entrepreneurs. Also, you can choose to work in any spot you like! The vibrant atmosphere together with modern interiors will unlock your creativity. The cost of availing this membership plan is $580 Monthly per Desk (ex-GST). You will have 24/7 access to your work spot in addition to all the basic facilities available at the centre.

Full Time Dedicated: Do you need a more personalized space to work? If yes, then this plan at Stone and Chalk is your ideal match. Under this option, you will get a permanent desk where you can carry out your tasks. Apart from this, you can customize the appearance of your space to make it homely. Another advantage is that you can leave behind your work stuff at the workstation. So, no more worrying about carrying things around. Need more? Well, you will have 24/7 access and can use all the facilities at the centre. This option is available at a cost of $685 Monthy per Desk (ex GST).

Secured Office: For those who prefer working in a private environment, Stone and Chalk Sydney provide the option of a secured office. These offices are well-contained and are equipped with all the basic items. Further, the office space is well-suited for an individual as well as a team. So, whether you are a soloist or work in a team, this space will cater to your requirements. These offices are available at a cost of $820 Monthly per Desk (ex-GST). Moreover, this option gives you access to all the amenities provided by the centre. Also, you can use the space for 24hrs all week long. Too many benefits in one single package! Hard to say no to. Isn’t it?

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Programs at Stone and Chalk:

Stone and Chalk Sydney offers a number of programs to help the startups grow their business. These programs will provide you with a deep knowledge of the business world. Also, they will give you a hands-on experience regarding how to deal with a business operation. Given below is the list of the programs offered by the workstation.

Innovate with Startups: Stone and Chalk offer a four-week program that comprises of a number of workshops. These workshops will help you become ‘Startup Ready’. In other words, you will be taught how to up-skill staff and enhance your business opportunities. Gradually, you will learn how to establish your business in the market. 

Multi-partner Program: Under this program, you will be given a challenge that has to be solved within 12 weeks. Also, this will be a shared business challenge. That means you will learn how to tackle a problem and devise solutions while working in a team. Moreover, this program will help you understand the significance of collaborations.

Accelerated Programs: Learn how to design and test a viable solution for a business problem in just 12 weeks at Stone and Chalk. You will be given a ‘minimum-viable-product’ (MVP) to work on. Further, you will have to present your design on Demo Day. With the help of this program, you will get to know about problem handling techniques which are quite important for a venture. 

Hackathons: In this program, you will have to come up with solutions to specific problems in a day or two. Moreover, these programs are designed to help you build a stronghold on the ideation process. It all depends on how you process an idea and use it to tackle problems in the long run.


Stone and Chalk, Sydney

Stone and Chalk is located within the central business district of Sydney. So, you will be working at a posh business address that may help in attracting more clients. The exact address of this workspace is  Level 4/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.  Not to mention, it is easily accessible owing to its links with major transportation routes. Additionally, it is at a small distance from Wynyard Railway Station. You can find famous restaurants like Subway close by. To procure more information about the place email them at [email protected]  or you can pay a visit to their website


Stone and Chalk Sydney has spacious rooms where you can easily get your tasks done. Further, a variety of coworking desks are available at your disposal. So, you can choose the one that suits your requirements. The community of this centre come from Fintech backgrounds and are entrepreneurs, stakeholders, corporates etc. All in all, if you want to grow your business, then this coworking space should be on your hitlist.

Stone and Chalk has been operating from the last three years. Not to mention, in such a short duration it has managed to rise above all the challenges. Currently, 500 entrepreneurs working in over 100 fintech startups work here. Also, these startups have raised over AU$260 million in funding. All this is proof of the fact that this centre nourishes the budding entrepreneurs. So, take a tour of this place and see for yourself what the place is all about. I am sure you will love it!

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