Spaces Surry Hills, Sydney – Coworking Prices, Interiors & All You Need to Know

If you are looking for one of the best coworking spaces in Sydney, then Spaces Surry Hills is the right place for you. It has been able to assist a number of startups and established businesses with its shared office space. It is a very distinguished working space which is located at a very premier location just next to the Sydney CBD. A delightful coworking space at Flinders Street in Sydney, Spaces has made a name for itself in the Australian startup community.

Every time you are bored at work, you can always gain access to a number of bars, cafe’s, movie halls and restaurants that are very much present in the same area. There are abundant bus and train services from the bus network and the Central Station so commuting to Spaces Surry Hills can never be a problem.

Spaces, Surry Hills – A Coworker Prospective

One of the major problems that all the entrepreneurs of today face is the constraint of budget and after all the startup costs, there is hardly any capital left to rent a good office at a prime location. This problem is being solved by the Space, Surry Hills as it is located in an eminent building and provides the ideal office spaces that one could ask for. The best thing about it is that you only have to pay for the time in which you are using the office – so that major cost-cutting is already done!

At the Spaces coworking in Sydney, you will get to meet a number of professionals who belong to different working sectors and some might even be related to your own working territory. This space focuses on community. So not only will you get to have an office space here, but also you will be able to have a healthy competition, and even a mentor so that you can follow the right path to success. The interactive sessions with the coworking members can also inspire newer thoughts and give you a deeper insight into the work that you are doing.  In order to get a better feeling, you can go for a detailed tour at Spaces Surry Hills for a day so that you can have a greater understanding of the culture and the coworking trends.

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The  Decor & Interiors of Spaces, Surry Hills

They have taken up both the ground and the first floor of the elegant building and the interiors are absolutely dynamic and inspiring. It consists of high soaring ceiling, glass adorned office cubicles and has abundant natural light seeping in so that there is no need for false lighting. Many of Australia’s leading startups have been started from the same and many top-level companies who are efficient in the field of marketing, advertising, architecture and designing have started their journey at this coworking space. The unique factor of this space is that it has a specific business club for all the businessmen to enrol in and have their discussions and leisurely activities.

Inside the Spaces, Surry Hills, you have all the amenities that any coworking space would ever have. It is complete with state of art equipment and segmented office cubicles that are ideal for working. There are a number of ambience types you can choose from – you may go for a quiet spot or a buzzing one according to your mood and working pattern. For example, painters and writers always opt for quieter spaces rather than the fashion designers who are looking forward to talking to people. The communal spaces are also designed in the most interesting manner so that the interactive sessions can also be fruitful.

Location & Contact

Reach The Spaces, Surry Hills

Ground Floor, 111 Flinders St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia.

Contact: +61 1800 545 553



The Spaces, Surry Hills – Membership Plans & Pricing

Indifferent of the size of office or working zone you want, the Spaces Surry Hills has all at your assistance. Here are some of the membership plans that can be availed.

Dedicated Desks – In this, you become a permanent member of the Spaces and you get a fixed place from where you can operate in the most convenient manner. The pricing of this place is $767 per month for unlimited access.

Business Club – If you want to meet up new people without leaving the comfort of your own office compound, you can always opt for the business club and the pricing of this spot starts from $589 per month.

Meeting rooms and conference halls – If you want to have a board meeting in a plus ambience, nothing can be better than the meeting room of The Spaces, Surry Hills. For half a day booking, the cost of this room is $250. The best part about it is that along with the members, the non-members can also rent it anytime they want. In order to book the event spaces, you have to ask for a quote as the price is declared as per request. It is magnanimous and the price depends on the kind of event that is being organised as well as the kind of package that you are choosing.

The Spaces, Surry Hills is undeniably one of the most fabulous coworking spaces and has gained immense popularity over the years.

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