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Space and Co Sydney is a flexible coworking space. They have four offices in Melbourne and two in Sydney. With all locations having five-star facilities. And they are still on expansion mode along the Australian east coastline. The prime CBD locations on top, give an additional edge to resident businesses for networking opportunities. As offices are in close proximity to the many other corporates and government offices in the city. Plus they are easy on their terms. So you get all the flexibility to scale up or down your membership, as per your needs. All you need to do is inform them.

Space and Co, as the name, suggests, are spacious enough for ideas and businesses to breathe and thrive. The facilities are open for everyone, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporates. They are a part of one of the oldest real estate businesses in Australia, namely the GPT Group. Which now crafts future ready coworking spaces for gen-next startups and businesses. Most memberships have the option to use the Space and Co Sydney locations as their business addresses. And that my dear is an excellent opportunity to add class and impact to your business.

Locations and Contact:

Space and Co Sydney have two office spaces in Sydney. These are at,

580 George Street


Space and Co at 580 George Street, beams off creativity, inside out. The interesting facade is a landmark in itself. Besides, the interiors shimmer with rose gold featuring. The high ceiling still retains its industrial look. While there is plenty of sunlight within. There are many retail stores, bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres and even medical facility in the building itself. Besides, this prime CBD address has buses, train and monorail, accessible right through the front door. While the Town Hall Train Station is directly beneath it.

Address: Level 2, 580 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. 

For any queries call at +61 410 315 996 or send an email to [email protected]  

Rouse Hill Town Centre


Rouse Hill Town Centre is a shopping hub. It is home to many retail stores, cinema theatres,  and much more. Schofields Station is the closest train station. Besides, the busses are accessible every 10 minutes to half an hour right in front of this location. And if you prefer a bicycle, there are 300 bike park spaces, so you never run out of it. The Anytime Fitness Gym is at the same level as Space and Co. So no workout excuses here.

To visit the Rouse Hill Centre you may call at +61 427 167 071 or send an email to [email protected]

Address: Level 1, Cnr Main Street & Link Lane, Rouse Hill Town Centre, NSW 2155

Email: [email protected]


Perks of Space and Co Sydney:

  • Super Fast Internet: The coworking facilities at Space and Co have excellent internet and wifi connectivity.
  • Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms: They have excellent meeting facilities. These rooms shave all the tech AV equipment, including projectors, screens, whiteboards etc.
  • Kitchen: They also have an open kitchen space that has all the necessary appliances. Besides, fruits, snacks and coffee are unlimited in supply. Spend some time sitting on bar tables in the kitchen area.
  • Secure Parking: Both locations have ample parking space for both bikes and cars.
  • Printers: Not just printers, they also have all the office utility gear a business could need like scanners, photocopiers etc.
  • Lockable Storage: Space and Co also have lockers. So you don’t have to carry back all your valuables back home each day. You can safely leave them behind and use them on your next visit.
  • Catering Service: Impress your clients and treat your team with quality catering service. Be it a team meeting, or client presentations, or a business event.

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Additional Perks at 580 George Street:

  • End of Trip Facilities: The 580 George Street location has 16 showers. In Addition to towels, laundry service and drying rooms. Plus, they have hair dryers and straighteners too!
  • Breakout Areas: The cool and comfy break out areas are excellent means to get rid of stress. Not just break, you can also bring in your laptop here if you need more comfort. Plus a casual conversation with a coworker could also mean collaboration.
  • Writable Walls: Need space to project your ideas in 2D? Space and Co give you a full wall. So you may go on with all that you need to write on it.




Space and Co Sydney – Membership Plans

Space and Co offers a variety of membership Options. For instance, they have a day pass, flexible and fixed memberships. Though the prices are different for both locations. The following memberships are common for both Sydney locations unless specified. Besides, except Day pass and Connect membership, all plans have use of mailing address as an inclusive.

Day Pass

With this pass, you can access the hot desks in the coworking area for a single day. Though during the normal business hours and weekdays only. The hot desks are temporary desks in an open plan area. And on each visit, these desks are available on first come first serve basis. Besides, these are a great option if you need a space for a day to escape the home office distractions. The price for a day pass is,

  • 580 George Street: $60 per day
  • Rouse Hill Centre: $45 per day

Flexible Memberships. Why pay a full monthly fee when you need a coworking hot desk for only a few days a week. This membership has a price range of $210 to $550 per month. Also, you will pay for only as many days you choose to access the space. There are three flexible plans at Space and Co Sydney.


The Connect membership at both Sydney locations is for $210 per month. In which you can access the place for any 5 days in a month. Additionally, you will also get free access to Meeting Rooms for 2 hours.


With the Connect membership, you get a hot desk for 3 days a week. Moreover, you can also use the Meeting Rooms for up to 4 hours a month for free. The price of this plan is,

  • 580 George Street: $500 per month
  • Rouse Hill Centre: $450 per month.


This plan is available at Space and Co Sydney’s Rouse Hill Centre only. Suitable for those who need 5 days a week access to this space. You can get this membership for $550 per month. Further, you can also access the Meeting Rooms for up to 6 hours a month. Moreover, this space is a great choice if you need to make connections to grow your business.

Fixed memberships. Suitable for those professionals that are looking for a dedicated space for themselves and their team. Furthermore, the price range for this membership is between $600 and $1000 per month.

Dedicated Desk

The dedicated desk is a permanent desk in the coworking area. These desks are accessible 24*7. These are permanent desks in a shared coworking area. Further, this membership is inclusive of free use of Meeting Rooms for up to 6 hours a month. The price of a dedicated desk at the two Space and Co offices are,

  • 580 George Street: $900 per month
  • Rouse Hill Centre: $600 per month

Private Office

Need a space that lets your team, work in tandem without any disturbance, get a private office space. Like dedicated desks, these spaces are also 24*7 accessible. Additionally, this plan too comes with free access to the Meeting Rooms for 6 hours a month. You can hire a private office space at Space and Co Sydney for,

  • 580 George Street: $1000 per person, per month
  • Rouse Hill Centre: $1300 per person, per month

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Space and Co Sydney is a coworking space of a distinct kind. Its a saviour from the exorbitant office rates the city of Sydney is infamous for. Besides, the prime corporate locations deliver luxury at a much lesser price than the private leased offices. That too without any additional overheads or a headache. All you need to do here is focus on your venture. Whereas Space and Co staff will take care of everything else. And not to mention, the many entertainment and lifestyle options in and around these spaces are motivation boosters. Besides, the constant commotion gives a sense of being a part of something big. And better!

So just schedule a visit to Space and Co and see it all for yourself!

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