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The coworking culture is already diversifying traditional offices into modern workspaces. Added to this, spaces like Plus U are further forwarding the trend of diversification by dividing their space into niche workspaces. At this coworking space, you will find 6 levels of awesomeness filled with a vibrant community and mind-boggling interiors. If we talk about a unique coworking space, Plus U stands to gain the most points in this category.

The area of operation for this coworking space resides in one building. There are 6 levels and each level will present an option to choose a suitable desk option or office space for yourself. Collaboration knows no bounds at Plus U, you will find each and every possible avenue to set up your business all in one place.

Levels at Plus U

Level 1: The Collective

There are 14 hot-desks on this level along with 4 office suites and you will be amongst various successful marketers and advertising gurus on this floor. Plus there are recruiters and people who are into sales. Everybody is somebody down here, it is time that you decide where you want to be.

Level 2: The Hive

Are you a creative person? Well, what are you still doing at your home? At Plus U this whole floor which as over 30 hot desks and 3 office suites flooded with creatives. Plus there are freelancers from all sorts of creative backgrounds and startup entrepreneurs are also brimming in the corners. Most importantly, there is a bar on the floor. Just awesome!

Level 3: The Co-Op

This floor is for tech gurus and developers. Everything related to technology is present on this floor. There are 30 desks and 2 office suites. From germination of an idea to sell your first product, everything is done over here. The floor is best for already running startups and for those who are looking to scale up. There is a large breakout space on this floor and somewhere you will find a vending machine. 

Level 4: The Retreat

From the prestigious and sacred Zen to the practice of Yoga, you will find that level 4 has the pulse of the city in its hand. There are dieticians, yoga gurus, physiotherapists, and personal trainers on this floor. There is a yoga studio on this floor and a healthiness vibe rules the whole floor at Plus U.

Level 5: The Foundry

Here comes the foundation of a great project, a blueprint for the next biggest bridge in Sydney. Level 5 at Plus U hosts engineers to project managers and everyone and everything that is related to the engineering field. You will meet designers, architects, project planners, among various other enthusiasts of this field.

Level 6: The Productive

For everything that you do with your business, you will need lawyers, consultants, accountant. Won’t You? Well, you need to not flip through the yellow pages for that. Level 6 at Plus U houses anyone and everyone that you would want to assist you in business development. Added to this you can also join as a freelance lawyer or consultant for that you will find that there are 8 desks and a few office suites on this floor.





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Other Amenities Offered by Plus U:

  • There are meeting rooms on almost every floor.
  • Bike racks and lockers are there on the first level.
  • There is a dedicated reception for all the floors.
  • Ready for an event? You can use the event space available on level 2.
  • The fourth level hosts a comprehensive end of the trip facilities. There are showers, dryers, and even hair straighteners.
  • In all, there are 50 office suites and 10 meeting rooms.
  • There is an upcoming in-house cafe, which will deliver coffee at your table. There is no need to make a pit stop at Starbucks daily.  
  • When it’s time to expand your network, you can participate in the Plus U events and start collaborating.
  • All the members will have 24*7 access to their workspace.
  • This space has exclusive concierge services for its members.

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Plus U Membership Plans

At Plus U you can choose from 5 different membership plans as per your requirement and choice.

  • Bespoke: under this plan, you can set up your own single desk on any floor. The starting price for this plan is $590 per month. This plan also works under daily and weekly rates.
  • Flexible Desk: This plan also comes for $590 per month and in this, you cannot set up your own desk. All the floors are open for you, and you can also avail the flexible desk on a weekly basis.
  • Dedicated Desk: This membership plan at Plus U will give you an office suite with a capacity to house 2 people and you can either rent it on a partnership basis or have your own office. The membership cost starts at $1850 and is best for small business owners.
  • Connect: The connect membership is optimal for lone business developers or freelancers working on various projects at once. The starting rent is $950 for the month and this space is also available for rent on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Private Office: these office suites have variable strength and workspace. The prices begin from $950 and the rest will depend on the requirement. For business organizations and even individuals wanting an office suite Plus U is happy to oblige with your requirements and strives to present the best of coworking culture in Sydney.

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Location and Contact:

Plus U Sydney

“Never judge a book by its cover”. You will find that from the outside the Plus U building is a 19th Century structure which touches the Australian heritage. But once you are inside, you will surely say ‘magnifico’ because the interiors of this coworking space are splendidly beautiful and are exhibit tranquility. All the levels focus one some professional aspect and will help you develop your business conveniently. At the outside, you will find a number of cafes and eateries in George Street. For transportation the Central Station, Railway Square is the closest one among others to Plus U.

What you don’t believe me? Well, you can always go and have a free tour at 822 George Steet, Chippendale, NSW 2008. Make sure to book a free tour before you go.



With 6 levels of members filled with prowess in their respective fields, you will not find a better coworking space to flourish. For every startup and individual, the most important aspect is, support and you will find a healthy and supportive culture at Plus U. Added to this, they are the pioneers in Sydney for giving the best of services to the members. Plus U is not your regular coworking space, rather it is the crucifix of a convivial ecosystem and a professional work culture. Together it makes for an eloquent workspace which breeds innovation and reaps progress. Happy Coworking!

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