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Wish to connect and collaborate with innovative thinkers and experts? Come to Nous House Sydney! You might be searching for coworking spaces to save on expensive office costs (if you are a team). Or to find yourself a comfy workplace (if freelancing). Coworking is obviously a great solution for you. But the Nous House facilities, with a community of diverse like-minded professionals, is an added bonus package. It has coworking spaces in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne apart from Sydney. While, all the spaces, irrespective of the location, house a vibrant culture and vibe that constantly motivates to innovate.

Nous House Sydney, is in fact, a powerhouse of networking opportunities. There will be many in-house connections that you can make on daily basis with other coworking members. And you may also consult the Nous Group, a well established Australian consultation company, for growth prospects. While, the events here are yet another chance to know people, listen to their stories, make announcements. And, you may even invite in your clients and friends to the venue and impress them. For, you never know which contact might become your future partner or promoter and Nous House understands that well. These spaces have a high probability to be instrumental in your success.

Amenities at Nous House Sydney:

You will find world-class amenities at this amazing coworking spaces.

  • 24-hour key card access for permanent members, at their home locations.
  • Fully air-conditioned premises with unlimited high-speed Internet and Wifi facility.
  • You can access all general office equipment for Printing, Photocopying, Scanning etc.
  • All members may access the Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces for free, whenever they are available. Otherwise, extra charges may apply.
  • Nous House invites all the members to its socio-professional events across all four locations to encourage connections and collaborations.
  • You can access their fully accessorised kitchen space along with unlimited Tea, Coffee, Snacks & Fresh Fruits (which are supplied daily).
  • Tired of the trip, or heading back from a gym or walk? This place has a great end of trip services like bike parking, showers, dry clean services etc.
  • Good access to vehicle parking, eating joints and fine dining restaurants, thanks to their CBD locations.
  • Members at Nous House Sydney can also avail the Newspaper subscription services at the premises.

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Membership Plans and Prices:

Nous House membership plans are flexible enough to fit in individuals to up to 20 member teams. Membership at one location, authorises you to access its all other coworking locations. Though subject to availability at the particular premises. They don’t ask for any lock-in contracts and have simple, advance paid monthly membership agreements. Now let’s go through the four membership plans as offered by them.

Private Office Suites

Nous House Sydney offers ready to move in private offices. These have all the furniture, including desks, chairs, whiteboards, storage facility etc, set in multiple layouts. Though due to different layouts, locations and seating capacities, different private offices have different prices at different locations. You may avail these modern lockable offices at prices starting from $2500 per month (ex GST).

Dedicated Desk

Under this membership, you get to choose a permanent desk in the coworking space. Different desks come at different prices, depending upon their location in the space. For instance, a desk by the window or one in a quieter area may cost higher than the rest. While this membership will also bring you the benefit of leaving behind your valuable stuff in lockable storage and be free of the need to carry the load back home on daily basis. The price for permanent desks at the Nous House Sydney is $650 per month (ex GST).

House Passes

House Passes are for the Hot Desk seekers. Most suitable for you if your coworking requirements are limited to a few visits a week or a month. Further, it is a casual coworking membership option wherein you can access the shared area at any of the four Nous House locations. So, on each visit, you may find yourself a different desk to work from. While enjoying all the amenities as available for the permanent members. Besides, it’s a new networking opportunity when seated next to a different professional every other day. Isn’t it? They also offer four casual coworking membership plans based on monthly visit count, as given below. So choose a plan that suits you best.

  • $200 for up to 4 visits per month
  • $385 for up to 8 visits per month
  • $460 for up to 10 visits per month
  • $525 for up to 12 visits per month

(All prices are exclusive of GST)

Casual day passes are also available for accessing hot desks for a single day at Nous House Sydney. Though for the casual day pass price, inquire here. Additionally, these are payable in advance or on the day you visit them.

Virtual Membership

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, you might have lost potential clients thanks to your PO Box or residential (read as unreliable) address. Because this makes your clients suspicious of your work quality. But you may now choose to use one or more of the premium locations as your very own corporate address.

Nous House charges a monthly fee of $80 for one location, $155 for two addresses, $230 for three addresses and $305 for all the four central CBD locations at Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra (prices exclude GST). Multiple city selections empower you with a national business presence from your existing location. You don’t need to sign in any lock-in contracts, though the yearly agreement may earn you a discount. Apart from using their address on your business cards and website etc, you will also access their mail services. Your client/business mails will be received at their location(s) and forwarded to your actual address (and in reverse).

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Nous House Sydney Coworking Location:

Nous House Sydney

60 Margaret Street is a premium business tower, with the classic 80s model architecture. It is at the intersecting corner of George and Margaret Street. And the building gives a prominent view of the CBD. Besides, it has secure Parking access at the Met Centre Car Park (at 60 Margaret itself). While, the Wynyard Station is directly accessible, with bus stops within a 100m range. Plus, the Circular Quay Ferry Terminal is just 700m away.

Need to take clients for lunch near Nous House Sydney? Visit the Panzerotti Bistro downstairs and treat them with fine Italian cuisine. Or you may also try the William Blue Dining (at 107 George St) for a Modern Australian dining experience with many others (the list is long). As for the caffeine fix, sip hot house blend coffee, while enjoying the artistic mural walls at Marlowe’s Way (on the Tank Stream Way). Further, for gym lovers, two Fitness First gyms are located at two short walk distances. They are at 20 Bond St and 259 George St, along with many others in the vicinity.

You may also contact Nous House Sydney on [email protected] to book your visit or for any other queries. Or call them on +61 2 8281 8077.

Address: Level 34 of 60 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000


But why Nous House Sydney? Surely, coworking is a fast catching trend, occupying hundreds and thousands of spaces across Australia and the world over. And why not. It hugely saves on exorbitant office rents and maintenance costs. While, freelancers get the luxury to operate from a corporate setting, along with an official address. Further, the coworking culture has also replaced the cutthroat competition mindset with a more harmonious and collective growth work model. In fact, many studies state that most of the people in the coworking facilities are happier. And are also better motivated and wish to continue in the setting.

The only onus on you is to find a coworking space that delivers a great sharing and caring community, besides the infra amenities. Nous House Sydney is one such option for you. These coworking spaces were created on the foundation of years of experience and client interactions of the Nous House Group. In addition, they have brought in all that a startup needs to not just survive but to thrive. Besides, the staff has a passion to assist your business growth, especially if you are a startup. Moreover, their virtual memberships have already helped multiple businesses get a national presence and outreach. So, without any delay give them a call and visit Nous House Sydney to check it out yourself.

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