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Muse Surry Hills is home to artists, designers, creative content curators and architects. Located in the heart of Surry Hills, this centre offers coworking spaces and event rooms. Generally speaking, it is a place to work in collaboration with other artists and thrive in your work. Moreover, the design of these shared workspaces will definitely enhance the productivity of your work. The chic looking rooms will boost you toward conquering all your tasks. Also, the regular events at the work centre will help in your personal growth and development. 

This place not only has an elegant name but it also has beautiful decor. There are also other additional perks in store for you. This includes the availability of a number of options like virtual address and offices. So, even if you are not present at the work centre, you can still avail their services. You will also benefit from working at this centre as it is close by to central business district. If you have been working in a strict traditional corporate environment and want to switch to a more flexible option, then you should try Muse Surry Hills. The artsy name completely matches the type of place it is. Read further to know more about the place.

Amenities offered by Muse Surry Hills:

  • At Muse Surry Hills, there are regular events to help you nurture your growth like creative talks. 
  • A sound mind and body are essential for maximum productivity. Hence Muse Surry Hills facilitates yoga classes for the members. 
  • Before you vanish for the weekend, don’t forget to enjoy the Friday Drinks. 
  • Here, you will have access to a high-speed internet connection that will help you to always stay connected.
  • The workstation also has an onsite staff that will assist you whenever you need them.
  • Muse Surry Hills has modern Cannon printers so you can print clear pictures.
  • The centre has regular cleaning services so that your work spot is neat and tidy.  You will always have a clean space to work.
  • A well-maintained library is there to allow you to read and have a peace of mind. 
  • When it is time to meet the sunny bright sky,  step out on the rooftop terrace.
  • Muse Surry Hills has an in-house espresso bar and coffee. 






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Membership Plans at Muse Surry Hills:

The membership plans at Muse Surry Hills are designed to suit your working style and schedule. Furthermore, the diversity of plans is such that you can easily choose the one that fulfils your requirements. This centre offers the below mentioned membership plans.

Full Time: If you are a full-time worker then this option is a suitable match. Once you become a full-time member, you will be assigned a fixed spot where you can work on your tasks. Apart from getting 24/7 secure access to your workspace, you will also be given some additional facilities. So, besides coming to work at whatever hour you prefer, you can always exploit the resources of this workstation for your benefit. To inquire about the cost, please get in touch with the team of Muse Surrey Hills.

Part Time: If you travel often for work, then there is another option for you at the Muse Surrey Hills. You can book a part-time plan wherein you can access your work spot on the days you are in the city. To procure more details regarding this plan, kindly connect with their team.

Casual: This option is best suited for freelancers who need a workspace for a few days. Furthermore, in this plan, you have the option to pay for the day wise. So, you can pay for the day you worked here and that’s it! It’s this simple. To know more about this plan, get in touch with the team of Muse Surry Hills.

Virtual Office: A virtual office allows you to work from any desired location while still having access to very important services. In this plan, you will get access to all the workspaces for four days including the facilities as well besides postal address services. To know about the membership cost, please get in touch with the team of Muse Surrey Hills.

Virtual Address: This plan is meant for those you require a postal address for business purposes. You can use the address of this centre to carry out your various tasks. Also, this is a central location which will leave a good impression on your clients. For more information, connect with the team of Muse Surrey Hills.

Meeting Rooms Kahlo: For important meetings and creative sessions, this well-designed space is an amazing option. Encompassed with a professional aura, you will find it an ideal place to conduct all your meetings. Also, the architecture of the rooms will leave you mesmerized. To inquire about the membership cost, get in touch with the team of Muse Surry Hills.

Meeting Rooms Rivera: If you are conducting a smaller meeting, then these meeting rooms will be best suited for the purpose. Besides being private and well-contained, these rooms have a great ambience. Also, there are catering services available. For information regarding cost, connect with the team of Muse Surrey Hills.


Muse Coworking Surry Hills

The Muse Surry Hills is located at 74-76 Campbell St, Surry Hills, Sydney. You can enjoy the views of the bustling streets and the lifestyle of Surry Hills. Also, this centre is at a small distance from Central Station and Museum Station. You can easily reach this place as it is connected to a lot of bus routes. The area is surrounded by abundant cafes, restaurants, galleries and theatres. There is also the availability of parking and bicycle racks.

To know more about the place, contact them on +61 2 8073 9702 or visit their website

Email: [email protected]

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Muse Surry Hills combines grandeur with creativity with the boutique experience. In addition, there are many events held at the centre which presents you with an opportunity to network with other creative people. No wonder this place attracts artists and media people! Business professionals looking for modern meeting rooms could not find a better place than this.

Overall, Muse Surry Hills offers a great atmosphere that will impress even the most demanding professionals! The variety of spaces available at this centre speaks about the flexible plans provided by them. So, check out the place for yourself and book yourself today!

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