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MakerSpace & Co is a work paradise for Innovators, Creators, Inventors, Designers and the likes. This space is home to a number of creative minds. A DIY or work project, hobby, or starting a manufacturing business, there can be many reasons for a membership here. They also have multiple studios for crafting wood, metal, ceramics and textile etc, besides, a coworking desk space. If you are naive with the machines, you can attend an induction class. And even if you are a pro, their friendly staff is always there to assist you with the tools. Additionally, you may also learn from among their wide variety of maker courses to get the skill set. So if you have a knack for making, this space is worth a checkout.

The MakerSpace & Co is a huge space, packed with creativity and ingenuity to the brim. They have a wide range of machines, equipment and tools. On which you can create, produce or experiment, or even run your maker startup. Even kids can be a part of this space, except that they must be accompanied by an adult. Further, you can book the tools when you need them. So be a part of a community of designers, creators and innovators and see your own talent touch the zenith. Read to know more about their spaces, tools, plans etc.


  • MakerSpace & Co has super fast internet and wifi for seamless connectivity while at work.
  • They also have shareable Meeting Rooms for members to meet their clients. Or for group meetings.
  • The communal Kitchen area is accessible for all members. Besides, the constant supply is always in demand irrespective of the domain of professions.
  • They also have Printer, Photocopier and other office equipment for members to use.
  • The best part, they organise member-only events which are a great opportunity to make new connections.
  • What to do with your heavy materials at the end of the day? Simple! Just leave them behind safely in the material storage space. These are available on additional hire.
  • They also have Lift access to the upper levels to carry stuff like heavy equipment.

Various Spaces at MakerSpace & Co:

  • Coworking Space: The coworking room is an open plan warehouse space. There are green plants and sunlight apart from the work desks and chairs. A great space to work from and build connections.
  • Workshop: The Workshop is a huge space with benches of different sizes for individuals. You can book the desks smaller desks or larger ones as suitable for your task. Or an even bigger space for short term projects. Plus, they also have a loading dock so you can easily bring in your equipment. The ceiling is high, but the entrance door is a regular size. So that’s the only thing you have to be careful of while bringing in your stuff.
  • Metal: The Metal space has all the tools and machines to deal with the metallics. Need to work on a metal sheet, rod or hollow pipe, or twist them into different angles. Besides, the machinery is of top quality and well maintained. They have various ready to use metal tools in this space like Bar Benders, Bench Grinders, Saws, Linishers, besides welders. These are ready to use in this space. Apart from these, they also have many other tools that you can book including Hydraulic Press, Plasma Cutter etc.
  • Ceramic: The ceramic studio has multiple pottery and banding wheels, tables and slab rollers etc. Besides two gas and fire kilns. It is a spacious room with plenty of natural light.
  • Wood: The wood workshop has small and large sanders, saws, planers, press, etc. Along with a collection of hand tools and select power tools like wood lathe as well. They also have bandsaw for resawing
  • Textile Studio: The textile studio of MakerSpace & Co has knitting and sewing machines. While they also have ironing equipment.
  • Blank Space: This blank space is for you to fill in. It has the capacity for up to 45 sitting and 60 when standing. You may hire this space for an event, be it a seminar, exhibition or a casual brunch.
  • Digital Studio: They even have a digital studio wherein, you can do all things printing. Besides, you can also get into graphic designing, textile printing etc. This space has a poster rig, apart from large tables. They have laser cutters, CNC Routers, 3D Printers etc.





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MakerSpace & Co Membership Plans:

Memberships here come with a lot of machines, tools and materials, apart from the spaces. They have different memberships for different spaces. Go through the following plans to know the best fit solution for yourself.

Coworking Desks

If you are a digital marketer, graphics designer, coder, et cetera, you need a desk to create stuff. MakerSpace & Co has a beautiful office space with dedicated desks for each member. Further, these desks are 24/7 accessible. So if you have a day job, you can use this space at night for giving wind to your dreams. Additionally, you can also access the internet, meeting rooms and many other amenities. There are two options to access this space, for added flexibility.

  • Dedicated Desks: To access a dedicated desk, you shall have to shell out $95 per week. Though you will have to take a minimum membership of two months. Additionally, these desks are permanent and will be reserved only for you until your term.
  • Hot Desks: If you need to access this space with more flexibility, you may go for a hot desk. The hot desk is a temporary desk which you can hire for $33 per day. On each visit with the day pass, you will get a new desk. These are available on first come first serve basis. And they can be accessed during business hours only.

Individual Studios

Need a private studio space where you can work on your craft more unobtrusively? Get an enclosed studio at MakerSpace & Co. They have a variety of studio spaces, ranging from 6 to 22 m sq space. Which can be accessed 24/7. Plus, this membership also gets you unlimited access to the tools and equipment present here. Besides, space for storing extra material and general amenities. The general pricing for individual studios is mentioned below. Though these are only indicative and are subject to change.

  • 10 m sq studio: $572 inc GST
  • 15 m sq: $858 inc GST
  • 20 m sq: $1,144 inc GST

Also, note that these prices are for single member only. For each added member, you will have to pay an additional sum of $20 per month. Thus, for the exact price of studio space, please contact MakerSpace & Co with your requirements.

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Other Associate memberships at MakerSpace & Co:

Tutored Sessions

If you have a project in mind but not much expertise or experience with machines, this plan is for you. Or even if you need to access a workshop or a little guidance on your project. Or perhaps, you can even join to learn a new art. You can learn about the tools and machines at this location, in a three-hour session for $75. You can choose a session from among the domains of wooden craft, metal ceramics and digital.

These sessions are for a small group of up to four members. And, you will be in the hands of experienced technicals. Besides, you will not only add to your abilities but also decide on the direction of your project. A few examples are introductory sessions to welding, 3D printing, robotics, leatherwork, embroidery, stitching, casting, and moulding, etc. In fact for resident membership, this plan is a necessary step. Though, please note that the price is exclusive of consumables.

Ceramic Members

If you need access to only the Ceramic Studio, you can do so for a payment of $160 a month. Besides, you get access to all the maker spaces at the MakerSpace & Co. But, you need to pre-book the consumables as per your requirements. Additionally, this location has limited vacancies, so you must contact them in advance.


With a $160 per month membership, you can call MakerSpace & Co home. The resident members can access all the facilities of this space. But it available on an application basis as the seats are limited. Besides, a tutored session is a must, wherein your abilities and project will be assessed. Additionally, you have to get a minimum membership of four months. Or else, if you need only a month’s membership the price will be $350.

Fabrication Service

If you are into prototypes, MakerSpace will suit you. This is a new addition to this space, so the price is available on application only. For more information and pricing, please contact them.

Location & Contact:

Makerspace & Co Sydney

12 Gerald Street is right on the periphery of the city. It has an array of windows on the front facade. The building has lift access to carry equipment to upper levels. Moreover, it is a great location with onsite parking. The Anytime Fitness Gym is at 2 minutes stroll from MakerSpace & Co. While, for catching a train, the Sydenham Station is only at five minutes. Besides, the Victoria Roads buses are at easy access.

Address: 12 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

For any queries or to book a visit, you may call at 02 9557 8584 or send an email to [email protected]



MakerSpace & Co is a great location for creative people. It is a beautiful opportunity to allow the maker in you get a fresh breath of air. As everything they have is top notch, be it their space, machines, the tutors, technicians or the community itself. Moreover, they have plenty of making options from the usual metal and wood to even ceramics and textile. And not to mention the wide variety of tools, machines and consumables as an option. Which are usually difficult to find in maker spaces. Additionally, their facility is 24/7 accessible so you can use the facility even in the after hours.

So when are you visiting the MakerSpace & Co in Marrickville to let your creativity soar?

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