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Inspire Cowork is an amazing coworking space in Sydney’s southern precincts. This space is an amalgamation of comfort, flexibility and collaborations, apart from workspaces. Thus the work at home professionals can escape the homebound distractions and seclusion. While the startups and smaller teams can get access to a community of other like-minded professionals. And in fact, this space will provide all the support and exposure to budding entrepreneurs. So naturally, being a part of this wonderful community brings a feeling of doing something bigger and better.

Inspire Cowork Sydney has performance enhancing fit-outs. Workspace and furniture are said to affect a person’s productivity. Keeping this in mind, they have ergonomic furniture here. With the chairs being adjustable to a great extent. And in fact, they even have standing desks. So whenever you are tired of sitting, move on to the standing desk for a change of posture. Apart from this, most spaces have access to natural sunlight. Thus you stay in better touch with nature’s cycle. Keep reading to know more about this space.

Coworking Perks at Inspire Cowork:

Inspire Cowork offers world-class coworking facilities. Some of them are,

  • Secure Space: This coworking space has super fast internet with 24/7 access. Along with cleaning and security facilities. Also, the building is under constant e-surveillance.
  • Standing desks: Inspire Cowork also offers standing desks, which are fast trending in the coworking sector.
  • Virtual Receptionist: Whenever a client or a postal arrives, you will be informed by the virtual receptionist instantly.
  • VOIP: You can also ask for a VOIP phone system. These are inclusive for the Full Time and Office Studio memberships.
  • Utilities: Printers, scanners, and all other general office equipment are handy at this location. Inclusive for monthly members.
  • Kitchens: Inspire has two kitchens in its space. Both are fully stocked, with fresh milk (including delicious almond and soy milk), apart from other refreshments.
  • Unlimited Beverages: This space extends an unlimited supply of selected teas and barista coffee. And in case you are a beer lover, the bar fridge is your destination.
  • Networking Events: They hold multiple members-only events at Inspire Cowork. Thus, the members get lots of opportunities to meet new people and build relations.
  • Private Phone Booths: Handling a difficult client on call? Or one from home, listing the groceries? Maintain the privacy of all your calls in the enclosed phone booths here. Further, the phone booths are accessible for all memberships.
  • Catering: Make your business meetings and events top notch, with their extensive catering service. They have wide menu options, with a hospitable staff.
  • Chill out areas: Tired or hungry for a work break? Head to any one of the 6 balconies in the building. All have wifi access. So at these spaces, you can relax, have a chit chat, or even work.
  • Disabled-Friendly: All doorways are wheelchair accessible. While the upper levels can be accessed by the lift.
  • Others: At Inspire Cowork Sydney, services like a creche, gym and parking etc are all handy.







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Inspire Cowork Membership Plans:

Inspire Cowork Sydney, offers great membership choices. Their prices are all inclusive, with no lock-in agreements or termination fee. Moreover, they offer both hot desks and dedicated desks. The hot desks are available through three different plans, namely Day Rate, Starter and Part Time. While the full-time membership comes with dedicated desks. Let’s read them in detail.

Day Rate

Need a desk for a day, and on any day? It is simpler than never before. Just get a day’s pass at the rate of $40 (+GST), per day at Inspire Cowork. And you will get a hot desk space in the coworking area. Besides, you will be free to use the kitchen, have unlimited coffee or tea etc. So just come at the venue, pay for a day pass, grab a desk space, plug in your laptop and start off. You can also pre-book a coworking desk from their website.


Starter membership, as the name suggests, is for those starting a new venture. Or those who aren’t yet familiar to the coworking culture. So, if you want to know how coworking can fit in your business needs, start with this plan. This plan is available for $150 (+GST), per month. But do note that Starters can visit the coworking space for only 5 days a month. Wherein, you will get a temporary desk space, besides you will be free to use all their amenities as other members. Additionally, this plan might also be handy if your business lacks connections. Because a lot can happen over a casual greeting at Inspire Cowork Sydney.

Part Time

Suitable for those who need to access the coworking space for a few more days, than the Starter pack. But a full month goes beyond their needs and/ or budget. The part-time membership comes at a price of $350 per month, excluding GST. Though the members can use the hot desks for any 13 days per month. So, on all these days, you can access a hot desk in the coworking area. And each day you will have to find a vacant desk in an open plan seating. Hence, this plan can help you build your network, that can stimulate your business growth.

Full Time

Are you looking for a space that is more personalised to your work or business? Get a full-time membership at Inspire Cowork. At the price of $450 (+GST) per month, you can become a full-time member at Inspire. This package doesn’t get you a hot desk, but a dedicated one. Dedicated desks are fixed desks, held for a particular member for their membership term. But, being in the coworking area, you will still get access to other coworkers in the space. This coworking section further has a swipe card accessibility, therefore it is fully secure. Additionally, you will also get a file cabinet to keep your docs and valuables in a safe place. A perfect option to get a private space coupled with networking opportunities.

Other Hireables at Inspire Cowork:

Studio Office

They also offer private office spaces, replete with furniture, fittings, electricity and other basic utilities. All being billed under one inclusive membership payment. Although the Private office members have to bring in their own printers. Nevertheless, you can also put up your company signage inside the space and in the building too. And the important part, these enclosed spaces have swipe card access. So all you have to do is concentrate on your business and the Inspire staff will take care of everything else. Please note that the packages for private offices are tailor made. So you will have to contact Inspire Cowork with your requirements for pricing info.

Virtual Office

This package empowers members to use the Miranda address as their own business address. Virtual office membership here comes at the price of $100 (+GST), per month. And then, you are free to use the address on your business website, cards, and the entire marketing collateral. While your posts reaching here will be efficiently handled or forwarded as per your instructions.

Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces

There are nine different Meeting Rooms and an Event space at Inspire Cowork. These are available on an hourly rate of $40, plus GST. These spaces have room for two to fifty people. Additionally, they are fitted with all the meeting needs, be it projectors or video conferencing equipment. Plus they have glass whiteboards and large screen TVs as well. Further, you may also request for a half day or full day rate to book these spaces. The meeting rooms are not just for business meetings. As you can also customise them for team training, business calls, job interviews or workshops etc. Besides, you can also ask for the in-house catering service.

Locations and Contact:

Inspire Cowork

The level 4 of 29 Kiora Road in Miranda is home to Inspire Cowork. This Sydney suburb location is blessed with a happy and happening locale. The building itself is home to retail stores, medical and consulting groups, and even a gym. The Westfield Miranda, an extensive shopping destination in south Sydney, is 6 minutes on foot. On the other hand, the Gym is located on the ground floor with cardio and shower facilities. The beautiful beach Cronulla is just 15 minutes by car. Moreover, the Miranda Railway Station is not more than 350m away. And there is ample car parking space in the vicinity, both free and paid.

For any queries call them at 02 8599 2289, or email at [email protected]

Address: Level 4, 29 Kiora Road, Miranda 2228, NSW, Australia


Reviews: 5 out of 5.

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Inspire Cowork is an impressive space to call home. All the spaces are a mix of both professionalism and luxury. Giving members the comfort of a home office. But with all the facilities and amenities of a premium workspace. When you get a membership here, also be ready to be pampered with constant care and support. For the reason that the founders are almost always available if you need any sort of assistance or advice. The high standards of cleanliness and uncomplicated memberships are additional reasons to be here.

The Sutherland Shire location of Inspire Cowork is also important for a business to thrive. The many facilities like gyms, showers and shopping hubs are either in-house or at close proximity. Which brings in constant footfall of people in the area, of whom many could mean business. They also organise multiple events, exclusively for members to meet and connect with the community. Especially the morning tea and lunches, every month are worth the waiting. The owners really know how important networks are for businesses to thrive on. My advice – visit the facilities soon! For it could be the next best thing to happen to your business.

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