Hub Sydney Coworking Space – Hyde Park & William Street | Interiors, Pricing Plans & More

Hub Sydney is one of the most vintage coworking space in Sydney which is also considered as one of the best in Australia. This space has witnessed the growth of the coworking culture and helped spread entrepreneurship in a big way. Located at two premium places in Sydney, Hub coworking can be found at Hyde Park and William street.

In Australia, every one out of three individuals is gearing up to have their own business setups and the scenario of entrepreneurship is growing a lot. The need for office space is growing too. and thus the coworking operators have come down to the rescue of this ever increasing demand.

Hub Sydney

Hub Sydney is one of the most reputed and well operated coworking space in Sydney that you could ever come across. They have an awesome interior decor which has been beautifully created with people in mind. Hub Sydney has been quite successful in building a strong sense of community among working professionals at all their locations.

There are two major locations of the Hub Sydney and both of them are a quite high profile that accommodates both small and large-scale businessman along with freelance individuals who have the motive of creating something big.

Before we move on to get some insights into Hub Hyde Park and Hub William Street locations, let’s have a general overview of Hub Sydney. The coworking space has been designed in a way that it can easily accommodate over 110 people and is absolutely brimming with high-end amenities. The workspaces are absolutely vibrant and have a collaboration with a lot of colours so that the work hours do not seem monotonous. The common office areas are absolutely bright and Sunny with a tinge of greenery to make you feel refreshed after work or in between breaks. The buildings where Hub Sydney coworking spaces exist, have a trace of historical evidence and is a very classy place to have your office set up.

Hub Hyde Park, Sydney

223 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

One of the locations of Hub Sydney, Australia is right next to Hyde Park and thus is named Hub Hyde Park. This is a complete coworking space with all the facilities that can be possible for a good shared office. It is, without doubt, one of the buzzing spots for all entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups in and around Hyde Park area of Sydney. Hub Sydney or rather the Hyde Park coworking space of Hub Australia is one of the largest coworking spaces in the entire city. Commuting from this place is quite easy because it is nearby to the museum station and all the Oxford Street buses are accessible from here.

The interior decor of this coworking space is more inclined towards the natural ambience and the shared workspaces are filled with arrangements of open breeze and sunlight to seep in. It has a number of private offices, Flexi desks and even special meeting rooms for your important client meets or board meetings. Not only this, Hub Hyde Park in Sydney has magnanimous spaces for events so that you can hold professional meetups and events.

Coworking Prices at Hub Hyde Park, Sydney:

Pricing plans at Hub Sydney Hyde Park location start from $550 a month. This gives you unlimited access to the space so that you even according to your own schedule. The price of dedicated desks at this coworking space in Sydney starts from $750 per month.

Hub William Street, Sydney

Level 2/101 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Situated at a stone’s throw distance from Town Hall Museum and Kings Cross station the Hub Sydney – William Street is one of the most trending coworking spaces in the heart of Sydney. It is located in a premium space and has been able to attract numerous people who look for shared office spaces to build a strong professional community.

The interiors at William Street location of Hub Sydney are mind-boggling. White is the base colour of all the office spaces and that has been sprinkled with a touch of numerous colourful elements like posters and paintings to bring a look of elegance. The dark wood furniture and the ergonomic chairs make the seating arrangement absolutely comfortable. The lounge is one of the coolest spaces to have a relaxing time out of the monotony. There are ample cove lightings and the boardrooms are completely sunlit.

Price of coworking at Hub Sydney William Street

In order to get private office access for 12 hours per month, you need to pay $680 a month. If you want to have a dedicated desk, then you have to pay $650 per month. The price for the flexible membership varies from $300 to $500 where you can choose from 8 days for a month to the frequent axis in the coworking zone. If you choose to be only a connect member you will have to pay $30 per month and the flexibility to go for any of the hub locations at only $40.

The Sydney Hub is an excellent coworking space. It also has an awesome community and will suit you if you are looking for a shared office in a premium location at Sydney. Hub Australia is going to be a great choice.

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