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Fishburners Sydney is a much in demand coworking space. It boasts off of being home to the biggest community of digital startups and small businesses in Australia. It also has the honour of being a Startcon Award recipient, for the best coworking space category in 2017. They offer both hot and dedicated desks for coworkers, besides other spaces like boardrooms and event spaces for extensive business needs. Especially for the need of making connections and getting an audience. And additionally, they have world-class amenities for a corporate-like experience.

Fishburners Sydney coworking spaces operate under a not for profit business model. It operates with the aim to assist entrepreneurs and startups at the nascent stage. Moreover, Google, Dropbox, Amazon and Big Air, are a few of its prominent supporters. Itself a startup in 2011, Fishburners has fast evolved into a happening hub for digital nomads. Besides, the close-knit community under its roof is nothing less than a blessing. If you too are a startup, this is a space where you can thrive.

Fishburners Sydney- Coworking Perks:

Some of the best perks of this space are given below.

  • Soundproof Booths: Fishburners Sydney location has soundproof booths. So that you can maintain the privacy of your personal and business calls.
  • Pro Bono Clinics: Fishburners members get exclusive access to free advisory services. These include assistance with respect to legal, accounting, website designing and much more.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen here has all the accessories as that of a home kitchen. Be it a coffee maker, toaster, microwave or a fridge.
  • Unlimited Drinks: They go unlimited when it comes to hot drinks, be it tea or coffee. Besides, they don’t forget the cold drinks, for there are free wine and beer too.
  • Ideas Space: These are special rooms designed to let the ideas and creativity get a free flow.
  • Locker Storage: All members can ask for an additional storage facility, in the form of Lockers. Though these are subject to availability.
  • Super Fast Internet: Fishburners Sydney also have super fast internet for seamless business operations.
  • Printer Access: Members can also access printers and other general office equipment in the coworking spaces.
  • Business Address: Working from Fishburners, allows you to use the 11 York Street address as your business address. You can use it on anything from your website to post address.
  • Friday Drinks: There are happy and happening networking events organised at the Ideas Space, every Friday. This entails free drinks for all members.
  • Chill Outs: Fishburners have all it needs to keep stress at bay. Thanks to its pin pong table, besides the massage service and showers.
  • Exclusive Events: Fishburners also arrange many events just for the members. These include workshops, networking or social gatherings.







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Membership Plans at Fishburners Sydney:

The Fishburners are very easy on memberships and pricing. Such that they offer simple hot desks and dedicated desks, all in an open plan seating. Even for smaller teams, there are dedicated desks. While there are no enclosed spaces, anywhere in this location.


Community membership at Fishburners Sydney comes at a price of $450 (ex GST) per month. This membership includes a hot desk in an open plan coworking space. The hot desks are not exclusive. And thus, each day members have to find a vacant desk space in the common area. Additionally, this is the best plan to experience coworking in its truest form. But, apart from this, this space is a hub of collaborations and networking.


A dedicated desk is for you if you need a space that is yours. Or if finding a vacant desk on each visit is not your thing. Nevertheless, these desks are also in an open plan area. Moreover, dedicated desk members can set up their equipment permanently on their desks. And they don’t need to carry them back home each day. So, all you need to do is get a dedicated membership for $550 per month, excluding GST. And then, you just have to come to the venue and start off with your trade. Besides, you can access all other amenities as available for all other members.

Dedicated Team

You may also go for this team desk membership for a fee of $650 per month, GST excluded. Though, this membership can be availed for teams of 7 or more members. You will get a bunch of desk spaces, adjacent to each other and reserved for your team alone. But, these desks will also be in a common area. You can also set up your monitors etc on and under the desks allocated to you and your team. Additionally, this plan at Fishburners Sydney gets you to access multiple opportunities to connect with other businesses and professionals.


This membership is a great way to add authenticity to your business. For the reason that Virtual members can use the Fisburners Sydney address as their own business address. The special part about a Fisburners virtual address package is the access to its vast community. By way of entry into Fishburners Portal for members and startup directory and access to members events. Not to mention their national Slack group. There are two virtual plans, namely Standard and Premium.

  • Standard: The Standard Plan comes at the price of $29 per month, excluding GST.
  • Premium: The Premium members have to pay $49 (ex GST) per month. Though the minimum term of this plan is three months. Additionally, with a premium membership, you can even access the Brisbane or Shanghai coworking space once a month. Apart from this, you can also access any Google for Startups partner spaces, globally, for up to 3 days.

Other Hireable Venues:

Meeting Rooms

What can be a better space for holding meetings than FIshburners Sydney? That’s because here you get a boardroom space with capacity for 12 people. Where each boardroom has a whiteboard, CISCO spark board, flip charts, HDMI TV, besides, the high-speed wifi connectivity. Additionally, you can choose between, using accessing the kitchen space or hiring their catering service. Support staff shall also be at your anvil, the entire time.

Event Spaces

Fishburners Sydney has three event spaces in at this location, for gatherings of size 20 to 200. The first space has fashionable and artsy decor. With the entire venue being fully customisable. The second is an Auditorium, that is more suitable for speaker events, panel discussions, or presentations, etc. The third event space is the largest of all. It has beautiful furnishings with networking right next to it. Further, this room can be subdivided into three, as the need be. Also, all these spaces have all the tech equipment, including speakers, microphones, projectors etc. In addition to, optional catering service. Besides, you will get access to support staff, that will take care of all your specifications. You may hire these spaces for half or full day, on prices starting from $1500, excluding GST.

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Location and Contact:

Sydney Fishburners

You will find the Fishburners Sydney at level 2 of 11 York Street. The ground floor of this corner building has a Starbucks cafe. Fishburners Wynard Green location, is home to many corporates, besides the NSW government office as well. The Town Hall Railway Station is just 2 minutes by Tram and 5 minutes by taxi. Though the Darling Harbour is 12 minutes via the cross city tunnel. Whereas the Pitts Street Mall is just 5 minutes away. Street parking is also available at 11 York Street Sydney. As to the buses, a stop is right across the street when you step out of the front door.

For more information please call Fishburners at +61 2 8188 3991, or email them at [email protected].



If you are a startup on the southern side, Fishburners Sydney is a must go for you. They add versatility to their spaces by letting startups that can make a difference in the market scene. Thus it is an excellent opportunity to work alongside inspirational tech startups. Plus the multiple member-only programs like workshops and crash courses are also helpful for budding entrepreneurs. The vibrant environment on top is powerful enough to enhance your efficiency at work. And of course, there is plenty of wine and beer to celebrate and commemorate each baby step towards growth and success.

So, when are you visiting the Fishburners Sydney office? The clock is ticking!

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