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Coworking concept is not just about spaces, but the culture and community. And Christie Spaces Sydney, center on just that. Christie coworking spaces are home to numerous startups. Especially in their early journey to become well-established businesses of today. They have five coworking spaces across two major Australian cities – Brisbane and Sydney. With all the locations operating on one common goal to aid collaborations among members. For this reason, they give their community many opportunities to know fellow members and share ideas. A membership here can assist you in reaching all your immediate and long term objectives. Plus, their flexible terms and membership plans provide businesses with freedom at its best.

Christie Spaces Sydney exists to inspire innovations. It is a hub to a community of people that work separately but acts as a collective support system for each other. Each member here brings along their experiences, skills, ideas, ambitions and a lot more. The motto of placing them all under a single roof is to catalyse collaborations among them. The corporate locations, ready to start shared spaces, offices, break out areas, kitchens etc provided at the Christie Spaces are designed to help you grow. They have spaces for all, from individuals to small/ medium teams and even bigger, 100+ member companies.

Locations of Christie Spaces in Sydney:

Christie Spaces have three office locations in Sydney, two in North Sydney and one in Sydney City. Though both North Sydney offices are just 250 m apart and on intersecting streets.

56 Berry Street


56 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW, is Christie Spaces first address in Sydney. This building is in thriving business precincts of North Sydney. This building gets in plenty of natural light, thanks to wide windows and a high ceiling. The Greenwood Plaza (36 Blue Street) is at a short walking distance. While the Rag and Famish Hotel is just a minute away. The Railway Station is just 300m away. Moreover, buses and Taxis are accessible right in front. Additionally, you can park your car on the street. While there are racks for your bike too.

100 Walker Street


100 Walker Street in North Sydney, NSW is hard to ignore high rise building, with reflective window panes. This space has many private office spaces. The Fitness First Gym is on the ground floor and Anytime Fitness at a minutes distance. Besides, there are plenty of restaurants around, including the like Five Point Burgers. And, public transportation, be it train or buses, are also a few minutes away. Moreover, they have ample car parking space in the basement.

To book a visit to the two North Sydney coworking spaces contact Christie Spaces Sydney at  02 8404 4100 or on their email, [email protected]

3 Spring Street, Sydney


3 Spring Street, Sydney office is near Botanical Gardens and Hyde Park. Further, there are many bars and cafes around it. For instance, Subway, Maxwell’s Cafe, Bowery Lane, etc. And if you love golf, the Golf in the City space is just across the street. Coming to public transport, a bus stop is right in front of the building. While Trains and Ferries are a couple minutes away.

The Sydney City office at 3 Spring Street can be contacted at 02 8249 4500. While their email address is [email protected]


Christie Spaces Membership Plans:

Christie Spaces Sydney offers various membership plans to fit in businesses of all sizes. Memberships are accompanied with monthly ‘points’, the number of points being different for different membership types. These points can be used to access Meeting Rooms, Office accessories (Printers, Scanners etc) and other services they offer, without extra payment. But once you run out of points, you have to pay to avail additional services. Various Christie Spaces memberships along with prices are:

Hot Desks

All the Christie Spaces Sydney have spacious common areas assigned for member coworkers. You just have to come in, grab a desk and start off with your work, next to other fellow members. These are temporary desks, so may get to interact with a new member each day. Thus, these spaces are all about working, making connections and growing. These hot desks are available at

  • $450 per month for full time (24/7 access) and
  • $275 per month for part-time (general working hour access).

These prices exclude GST and are the same across all the Christie Spaces coworking locations. You may also book Meeting Rooms with the monthly 4 points that come with this membership. The Mail services are accessible at an extra payment of $50 per month.

Open Office/ Dedicated Desks

The Open Office membership provides one or more dedicated desks, ideal for individuals and small teams. You and your team will sit on the same seats every day, among other coworkers, in an open area. Besides, each desk here has a lockable pedestal, so you can safely leave behind your important equipment. Further, these are 24/7 key card accessible areas. Plus, they also have hardwire-ethernet connections, besides wifi. Additional facilities include Printer access (free 120 B&W and 20 colour prints per month) and access to any shared area, besides unlimited events organized at the Christie Spaces Sydney. The open offices are available at the following prices. (All prices exclude GST and are for single desk)

  • Berry Street: $500 per month
  • Walker Street: $550 per month
  • Spring Street: $500 per month

Private Offices

Need a lockable cabin space for your team to work in a more private setting? Get ready to move in a private office cabin with a storage facility at Christie Spaces Sydney. Besides, these are 24/7 accessible, customisable private office spaces. They can accommodate teams of all sizes, from one to more than a 100. Additionally, most Private Offices get plenty of natural light. Moreover, their flexible plans allow members to conveniently change their private office sizes as and when the need arises. Hence, this is a great plus point for startups where the team strength increases at a gradual pace. Furthermore, they have upgradable, high-speed internet (up to 1GB) besides free wifi. You can also have access to 480 B&W and 80 Colour printouts per month for free. To know the prices for Private Offices, please contact the nearest Christie Spaces Sydney office with your requirements.

Project Space

Christie Spaces Sydney also offers temporary Project Spaces for teams (of any size) to carry out seamless work operations. These turnkey office spaces have all the furniture and technical appliances. And since they are customizable, you get a perfect blend of freedom and flexibility. Plus, these spaces are hireable at upfront bills and no hidden costs. Even for short or longer terms, whatever best suits your needs. When you rent their Project Spaces, you will also get customer support through ready-to-assist coordinators. You may even get a Receptionist and Call Centre services if you upgrade to Cowork Plus. Contact Christie Spaces office near you for pricing and other information about Project Spaces.

Christie Conference Space

Christie Spaces also offers excellent Conference space at 100 Walker Street location. This space has room for people ranging from 2 to 250. Besides it has all AV equipment, wifi, meeting rooms, catering services. And the best part is, the dedicated coordinators. Therefore, there are many reasons to choose Christie Conference Spaces for your important business meets. But for booking and pricing info please contact them.

Virtual Membership

Christie Spaces Sydney also offers Virtual Memberships, at just $95 per month (ex GST), per location. This price is the same for all locations in Brisbane and Sydney. In case you are not familiar with the concept, let me explain. Virtual membership allows members to use Christie Spaces office addresses as their own corporate address. This is beneficial for work at home professionals and startups. As they are operating from residential locations which are both confusing to locate beside being unimpressive.

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The following amenities are available at Christie Spaces in Sydney.

  • Fully secured high-speed internet and unlimited wifi.
  • Need any help? A dedicated Coordinator is a call away and will see everything you need.
  • Plus, there is 24/7 access to the spaces for permanent members.
  • Members of one location can avail hot desks at all other Christie Spaces locations. Including Brisbane offices as well. This can be done using membership points or at a nominal fee of $50 per day.
  • You can also access Meeting rooms/booths, Showers & Changing Rooms, Lounge Area, Yoga Space, etc.
  • You can get printouts for $0.15 per page for B&W prints and $0.60 per page for coloured prints. Members may also avail points for free printouts. Apart from limited free prints as available for certain membership type.
  • They also have mail and package handling services at Christie Spaces in Sydney.
  • Access to VOIP handset for (open/private) office spaces, with free (local/ national/mobile) calls within Australia. But at an additional payment of $90 per handset. Besides, each additional handset will cost $60 per month.
  • Christie Spaces mobile app for members to view membership details, know and connect with fellow Christie members, get event invites and much more.

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Any startup would know how big a hindrance the exorbitant office rates are in taking their first steps. While businesses operating from residential addresses fail to get their fair share of trustworthiness. The work at home professionals finds it hard to concentrate in their domestic setting. Besides, business isolation is definitely not a growth encouraging factor. While a coworking space is just an online search away. But it is important that you find one that delivers on its promises, besides suiting your needs. And Christie Spaces Sydney is one such name that can be instrumental in your success.

Christie Spaces Sydney has offices in major buildings in the city. And it has been on the journey of redefining the coworking culture. Their spaces offer beyond working desks, unlimited internet and good coffee. Each space is blessed with a central CBD location, with almost everything accessible inside and outside the building. Besides giving you immense opportunities for meeting like-minded people, who can be your partners to success. Christie Spaces are already waiting to assist you. When are you visiting?

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