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The Hive Business Space is an amazing coworking spice, right on the picturesque Sunshine Coast. And businesses shall no longer suffer from the paucity of networking or exposure. Neither will the work at home professionals. They have multiple spaces, set to productive tunes. The wide windows light the space with the warm Australian sunshine. Apart from the pleasant views down the street. Plus, members are free to use any of the workspace areas. So can sit in the bar, lounge or even the terrace. Wonder, why there aren’t more spaces that offer so much freedom and flexibility.

The Hive Business Space is a much in demand coworking space. Set in the heart of Maroochydore, a major commercial hub on this coastline, the place has many rewards. Entrepreneurs or startups, all get plenty of alternatives to choose from. Be it sitting desks or pods with window view or height adjustable standing desks. They have done it all to present members with maximum comfort. The Hive Espresso Bar has large granite counters with mood flattering LED lights. Plus the TV or music streaming adds sweet ambience to this space.

Spaces inside The Hive Business Space:


Workspaces: The workspaces have ergonomic designs. These are multiple alternatives to choose from, be it hot, dedicated, sitting, standing, or even window view desks. Moreover, workspaces make use of acoustic dividers for noise reduction. These workspaces have been explained in detail in the Membership Plans.

Creative Lab: The Creative Lab has two huge Conference Tables. Where each table is four outlets for power and two for data. This is a nice space to get some peace of mind. Or to think out of the box and find a solution to a complex situation.

Espresso Bar (and kitchen): Enjoy good time at the Bar here. Great option for both working or having a break from it. Fond of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or just need still or sparkling water? They are all at hand here. Plus, they have an under counter refrigerator. Besides, a full-fledged fridge and Microwave for your hot and cold needs.

Business Lounge: A classy place to be in. This space has acoustic and comfy sofas, besides lounge chairs. In addition, coffee and laptop tables are also accessible here. And the best part, hum to the tunes of productivity under the musical streamings.

Meeting Rooms: These 24/7 accessible meeting rooms are available for hourly hire. Further, they have modern AV equipment. There are two meeting rooms here. The Pollen Meeting Space has seats for three. While the Honeycomb Meeting Space is suitable for up to five people. Plus it has a whiteboard.

Boardrooms: The impressionable boardrooms at the Hive Business Spaces are much in demand. The AV equipment here is controllable through iPad. Plus, they have a huge 75” screen for business presentations. There are two boardrooms. The Yellowbox Boardroom is for up to 10 members. And the Manuka Boardroom is suitable for up to 45 members.




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Hive Business Space Amenities at Sunshine Coast:

  • Full-Time Receptionist: A full-time receptionist is also accessible. So there is always someone to meet and greet your clients.
  • Tea and Coffee: A must have for any coworking space, for the body needs an energy booster every now and then. A range of select teas and coffee is at hand at the bar.
  • Concierge: This space provides members with access to business class concierge service. So you need to book an appointment with a dentist, the Concierge may arrange one for you.
  • High-speed Internet: Claiming to be the fastest internet on the Sunshine Coast, the 200 Mbps will surely speed up your online operations. Plus you get to choose between wired and wifi.
  • IT Security: The Hive Business Space has business-grade firewalls for IT security. And even the Print servers are cloud secure.
  • 24/7Accessible: The building, as well as The Hive coworking space, is under CCTV surveillance. While the spaces are accessible via swipe cards.
  • Support: Be it Administration, the Executive Managers or any other staff, they are always happy to help and support your endeavor.
  • Utilities: Need to copy, scan or print? No need to walk out of the space for finding one. Because they have in-house equipment at your anvil. Get them all free, besides much more.
  • Disabled Friendly: The facilities are wheelchair accessible.
  • Telephone and Messaging Service: Need a personal line for your business? Get one at the Hive along with the option for a messaging service as well. And you may also choose a dedicated VOIP phone.
  • Mail Handling: They also offer efficient mail handling services. Thus all your posts are safe and secure at this location.
  • End of Trip Facilities: Returning from a trip is no more tiring, even when you have been paddling hard or walked miles on foot. This for the reason that they have a great end of trip facilities including, bike racks, lockers and Showers.
  • Secure Parking: They also have a secure underground car park and bike racks in the building.

Membership Plans:

Apart from many hireable spaces, this Sunshine Coast coworking space offers many membership options. But, please note that the Hive Business Space has not shared Membership Prices. Therefore to know them you shall have to contact them. They have the following plans.

Flexi Desks

The Flexi desk membership includes hot desks. These hot desks are in an open plan seating and are available on a first come first serve basis. The desk spaces have Echopanel dividers between adjacent seats. These dividers are acoustic, as they absorb sound. Therefore they keep all the unnecessary disturbances at bay. Besides they also act as visual barriers to the next coworking desk. And if you need more space, say you are a team of two working together. The panels are removable, for you to get some more collaborative space. Though the best feature of these desks is the wide windows right in front. The Flexi members are also free to move around the space. Such that, they can even work from the Bar, the Lounge or even the Creative Lab.

Dedicated Desks and Pods

Need a space that is just yours? Dedicated desks are a permanent solution for you. Because you don’t need to look for a vacant desk in the coworking area on every visit. But as in the case of Flexi membership, these desks are also acoustic. These are made of special nanofibres that absorb sound. Plus, they come in vibrant colours add flavour to the spaces. Furthermore, each desk will come with four power outlets and two for data. There are three types of dedicated workspaces on offer here, including,

  • 120 Degree workstations: The Hive Business Spaces have a variety of these workstations that have a scallop shape. Besides, broad acoustic desk dividers help provide privacy and noise reduction.
  • Height Adjustable Workstations: Hive also offers adjustable desks, with the option to alter the height electronically. Thus, you can set the desk height as per your comfort level. Additionally, the top of these desks have dimensions of around 31” by 70”. Thus you get a space wide enough for work.
  • Window Workstations: Need space with a view? Get a window workstation, available in different sizes and view options.

Serviced Offices

The Hive also have fully serviced private office spaces. This is a permanent solution for startups and smaller companies looking for a prime office location. But also saves them from excessive leased office prices and overheads. These are fully furnished and ready to move in. Just choose from among one to four members office spaces and get a secure and lockable private office. And if you have a bigger team, just ask and get a customised space. Free use of Meeting Rooms for up to 4 hours is an additional perk of this membership. Feel something amiss? You can place your company signage too!

Location and Contact

The Hive Sunshine Coast

The Hive on the Sunshine Coast is in the tower 2 of Kon-Tiki Business Space. The tower 2 is a hub of commerce and fine dining. This level 1 space, is a dynamic address to work from. In case you are fitness conscious, the location has direct access to the Gyms in tower 1. Further, the prime location also has many retail stores and cafes, right inside the tower. And free parking as well, for members.

You may contact the Hive Business Space on 07 5451 0000 or on their email, [email protected].

Address: Kon-Tiki Business Space, Tower 2 Level 1, 55 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore CBD, QLD 4558



So is it worth a membership at the Hive Business Space? Well, it is for you to decide. But after going through all that’s on this page, it must have become easy. Moreover, work at home professionals and startups alike can make the most of this space. And so can bigger firms, who seek to expand their footprints along the coast. With so many facilities under a single roof, it is a complete package. While for a hands-on experience, you must visit the Kon-Tiki tower.

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