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Is your business missing the spark to get noticed? Set sail to the Spark Bureau coworking space on the Sunshine Coast. But it is not just about coworking. The Spark is also an incubator and a hub to access the latest technologies along this coast. Besides, they organise plenty of events and workshops to improve the awareness and efficiency of members. And, another great reason to be here is the amazing crew they have at the Bureau. For, they are always happy to help!

A partner of the Sunshine Coast Council, Spark Bureau is a not for profit organisation. So the youth of the locale get all the convenience at a very pocket-friendly price. But that is not all! They have the aim to nurture innovative ideas by providing them with efficient support. Besides, encouraging an environment of growth and development for existing entrepreneurs and smaller firms. With the spaces that they have on offer, including work and collaborative spaces they have upped the ante.

Amenities available at Spark Bureau Sunshine Coast:

  • Media Studio: If your business involves webinar or podcast recording, you have found the right place to get them executed.
  • Fast internet and wifi: All the spaces at The Spark Bureau are powered by high-speed internet and wifi connectivity.
  • 24/7 Access: The fully furnished and air-conditioned premises are 24/7accesible for most members.
  • Tea and Coffee: They have a lovely coffee machine that cares for everyone’s daily dose of caffeine. And tea too!
  • Office Utilities: Be it fax, printers or other general office equipment, all are available at Spark Bureau. Besides, moderate use of the colour printer is absolutely free.
  • Meeting Rooms: They have a number of meeting space for 2 or more people. These are hireable on hourly rates as well as half or full day.
  • Workshops: This coworking space organises many workshops for people to get more competitive. These are available at fair prices for the public, while they are free for the members. Hooray!
  • Event Spaces: Need space to launch your product or venture. Or just a little gathering with colleagues? Event spaces at this location may suit your needs.
  • Catering Service: And when I said events, they have catering too. The catering services are provided by their partner restaurants and bars.
  • Ping Pong: They have ping pong too. Where you can throw off all your stress right out of the corners.



Membership Plans:

Hot Desks

Spark Bureau Sunshine Coast offers hot desks in an open plan seating area. This shared area has wide desks with steel framed chairs. So, every day at hot desks involves finding a vacant desk in the coworking area. And then just plug in your equipment and start off with your trade. Moreover, this membership is a great option for members to meet new people and grow their network. But, one point to note. The hot deskers, if they need access to the Meeting Rooms or whiteboard spaces, will have to pay extra. A Casual Day pass at the Spark Bureau is available for $45 per day. Thus hot desks are most suitable for freelancers and startups. Or even when you are visiting this part of the Australian coastline for a vacation.

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks are for people who need more regular access to the coworking space. A dedicated desk is a permanent desk in the coworking area. Dedicated desk members may also access other common spaces for free, 24/7. These include the meeting and podcast rooms etc. And if you opt for this membership, a desk space will be reserved only for you. Until your term. In fact, they offer many different payment options, depending on their need to access these desks.  For instance, 1 day in the week, 2 or up to full week use. The price for the dedicated desks are,

  • 1 Day Per Week: $145 per month.
  • 2 Days Per Week: $280 per month.
  • 3 Days Per Week: $410 per month.
  • 4 Days Per Week: $530 per month.
  • Full-Time: $650 per month.


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Other Hireable Spaces

Media Studio at the Spark Bureau:

The Spark Bureau Sunshine Coast has studio space that you can rent by the hour, or for a half or a full day, perhaps. This space is fully equipped with the latest tech, including Windows and Mac devices, professional lights, microphones, editing software etc. Besides, they have green screens, commercial music license and much more. These Media Rooms are a great venue for recording videos, webinars, podcasts or photoshoots. And in case you need expert assistance, they also have in-house professionals as well. Moreover, they have great gear for virtual reality as well. You may hire the studios for the following prices.

  • Hourly Rate: Starting from $69 (inc GST) per hour.
  • Half Day Rate: $219 (inc GST)
  • Full Day Rate: $395 (inc GST)

Meeting Spaces:

This space has a number of meeting spaces for you to choose from. These are fully furnished. Besides, optional catering can also be availed. Please note that all stated prices are inclusive of GST. You may also ask for a catering service. For the reason that they have partnered with nearby bars and restaurants for a professional service in their space. While you are under no compulsion to use only Spark Bureau’s catering assistance. The different meeting spaces are,

  • Meet Up Pods: There are two of these mini spaces with seats for 4 if decently put. Or for up to 6 if you are a familiar bunch. You may hire these pods at Spark Bureau, for $29 per hour. Or for $95 you may use it for half a day. Besides a full day booking is possible at $145.
  • Conference Room: The conference room has a huge whiteboard wall. So your 2D business plans and strategies will never run out of space. Moreover, it has enough space for up to 10 people. The room has a 45” TV screen, besides it gets ample natural sunlight. This room comes at an hourly rate of $49. Half a day use is at the price of $159. While Full day booking is at $295.
  • The Mother of all Whiteboards: Yes, that’s the name of this space. And, again yes, because it actually has a huge 12msq dry erase whiteboard wall. The fun part is, this wall also doubles as the projector screen. Bean bags, besides chairs and desks, are a part of its furnishing. This room is hireable for $20 per hour. It’s half day price is $70. Though the full day rate is $130.
  • Boardrooms: A wide boardroom, with a huge table and steel framed chairs around. You may hire this boardroom for $29 per hour. The half-day price is $159, while the full day price is $295.

Location and Contact:

Spark Bureau Sunshine Coast

17 Ocean Street is the place to be at. This street is an amazing location, not far from the Maroochy River. There are many restaurants, bars and cafes in the vicinity. And so are plenty of retail stores. Coming to the interiors, they have a huge whiteboard wall, right at the entrance. They have coworking spaces, media and meeting rooms. And even spaces for events and workshops. The Big Top Shopping Centre is at a stone’s throw. Where you can have a snack or shop for almost any essentials. While the Sunshine Plaza, on the Horton Parade, is just 6 minutes on foot. Besides, they have ample space for car parking on site.

For any queries, just give a call at +61 7 5370 8241 or shoot an email to [email protected].

Address:17 Ocean St, Maroochydore 4558



The Spark Bureau Sunshine Coast is one of the best coworking spaces in this part of Queensland. The work at home professionals of Maroochydore can now work from a professional address. While startups can breathe and thrive under an air of opportunities. So thinkers, innovators and business or technology enthusiasts, this is a hub just for you. Visit and feel the spark for yourself at this Ocean Street address.

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