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A hub for changemakers, that is what everybody working at The Platform Perth calls their coworking space. Located in the beautiful Perth city in Australia, this coworking space works with a distinct aim in mind. Do you think that your idea or product can change this world, then this is the place for you. The Platform Perth is set to personify the inter-connectivity between people who think alike and share a similar path. A path which some may have forgotten in the expressway of life but it is here that they will re-ignite the spark to build and do something good for the world.

The Platform Perth operates through two channels, one is The Platform Space and other is The Platform Studio. Space is where you can host events and conduct meetings, your product launches and arrange a small get together. This is where you can come to show your results, but the real work is done somewhere else. The Platform Studio is primarily a coworking space located in the heart of Perth CBD. The studio has a number of individual desks, offices, meeting rooms and one boardroom. Added to this you will an ample amount of open space to interact, converse and collaborate with the changemakers.

Location and Contact

The Platform Perth

This coworking space named “The Platform Perth” is located at Level 3, 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Australia.

Phone: 08 9221 4072

Email: [email protected]


Now that you have all the contact information, let’s know a little more about them in terms of perks and benefits provided byThe Platform Perth. We will start with the amenities offered:

Amenities at The Platform Perth

  • There are a number of events and mentorship programs to help you learn.
  • The coffee and tea are on the house.
  • The purpose huddle helps you learn from the best in industry. We’ll talk about it a little at the end.
  • You will get a chance to be a part of larger not for profit organizations.
  • Meeting rooms and the conference rooms at The Platform Perth are tailored to provide comfort and to get things done.
  • There are breakout zones and rooms built especially to carry you away from all the hullaballoo of work.
  • The in-house staff is every ready to assist you regarding all the matters.
  • It is nearest to the Adelaide Tce After Hill station and the St. Georges Tce Stand M.
  • There is a small kitchen located amicably within the cool and calming interior settings.
  • The locker rooms are provided to keep your belongings safe.


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The Platform Perth Membership Plans

There are five different plans to choose from at The Platform Perth. These plans do not target coworking as a particular subject but they inculcate the essence of working together to make a change. Three types of people can become members of The Platform, Patrons, Partners and the Pioneers. FYI, The Platform has not shared the pricing information on the website, we will update as soon as we get some insights about it. Along with this, these plans will be given for a 12 month period.

Friends Plans: members joining under the friends’ package will have access to all the above-listed benefits but no free access to meeting and conference rooms. Added to this you will be able to gain access to the Purpose Studio for one day in a month.

Light Plan: except the conference room, you will have access to all the other amenities provided by The Platform Perth. Plus you will be able to use the studio once every week. The meeting room can be accessed for one hour each month at no cost.

Standard Plan: The meeting room hours will increase to two hours every month. Added to this you will be able to use the studio for every 2 days in a week. You will also get full access to The Platform at Perth under the standard plan.

Premium Plan: This is most The Platform Perth has to offer to their members. Under this plan, you will be able to use the studio for 3 days a week. The conference room is only available to the premium members and the teams for one hour in a month. The free meeting room hours increases to three hours a month.

Teams: for a group of people or teams who want to be a part of the changemakers community at The Platform there is an exclusive plan. Each team will be able to benefit from the amenities provided and they will also be able to access the conference and meeting rooms.

Inside The Platform Perth

In Perth, The Platform is a cool coworking space and is quite great for events.

The Purpose Huddle: The Platform Perth is a community of changemakers and those who want to do something for the global community. Hence, the people need to discuss and deliberate over various issues and sometimes an expert is needed can clear the air. The Purpose Huddle is a concept in which every Wednesday a guest speaker sits amidst the changemakers and they discuss various issues confronting them with the expert. The time is 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM, that is the discussion is held over lunch.

This space is distinct from all the others that we have listed because they are on a mission, a  mission to change the status quo in our society. Being a part of The Platform Perth means that you are entering a realm of transformation where people and entities come together to change what we have now and aim to build a better world.

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