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A big wall which exudes inspiration, the dapper interiors which makes work fun and tidy, and a stunning view of the coast which calms your mind, body, and soul. This is what you will find at Tank Stream Labs Perth, a coworking space powered by Sydney Labs which focuses on grooming startups and businesses that are aiming to scale up. The aim of establishing this space in Perth is to bridge the startups of the East Coast and West Coast and build a network of entrepreneurs.

To build a better ecosystem for the startups and entrepreneurs Tank Stream Labs at Perth has teamed up with EY. The opportunistic ecosystem of Perth has attracted TSL to open up shop in the city and this space is located in EY’s Perth office. Entrepreneurs in Perth are growing up to this new venture which has made it easy for them to start a startup. You can also be a part of the TSL community and benefit from the expert advisors and consultants.

Tank Stream Perth – Location

The Tank Stream Perth

Tank Stream Labs Perth is located in the abode of the Swan River, at Level 2, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, Western Australia.

 Website: https://www.tankstreamlabs.com/perth-coworking-space/

Tank Stream Labs Origin

This tech hub was first incepted in Sydney to gather the talent pool of startups and budding entrepreneurs. The motive was to provide them a breeding ground for excellence and progress. Since then they have allowed more than 400 startups to call TSL their home. Fin Tech Australia has awarded TSL with the best coworking space in Australia in the year 2017. The second city where The Tank Stream is present is Perth.

Amenities and Perks

At this coworking space, you will find everything that is required to work in an office plus it is far away from the drab office culture that we see everywhere else.

  • There is no right time or fixed time to work, the doors of TSL are open 24*7.
  • A fully equipped kitchen has all the goodies and appliances that you require.
  • Need we talk about the internet? Yes, they have it and it is (oops.. you missed it).
  • The management team at The Tank Stream Perth is ever ready to assist newcomers and veterans alike.
  • The front desk services operate to take care of all the trivial things so that you can focus on your work.
  • There is an on-site testing lab to test run the product or application.
  • The meeting rooms are equipped with state of the art AV facilities and eloquent infrastructure.
  • Networking is at the core of Tank Stream Labs Perth, hence, they host numerous events to help you gain exposure and build networks.
  • You can also rent the event space to host your private function or launching a product, and the in-house bar will certainly add glamour to your event.





Membership Plans

There are three membership plans to choose from at Perth location of Tank Stream Labs. The exact pricing of these plans is not shared by TSL. We have listed below the plans and what you will get with them. What TSL has provided is the price range, which starts from $350 and goes till $700.

Part-Time: This plan is for those who are only under the planning stage and are looking to start their own startup. There are various part-time plans to choose from at this coworking space.

Hot Desk: The hot desk is for those who have just started their journey and are in the stage of development. This plan will give you a new seat every day in the coworking space. You can interact with other entrepreneurs at Tank Stream Perth and be a part of the community which will help you grow and become better with every passing day.

Dedicated Desk: This plan is for those who are looking to level up and become a permanent part of the community. You will get a fixed desk at the Tank Stream Labs coworking space plus all the amenities listed above.


This is the wall which I mentioned in the first paragraph. This wall is a constant reminder that something is better than nothing. So whatever you have right now, just make it happen, I guess they missed one thing; Make some NOISE.

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The meeting rooms have a vibrant setup and are accustomed to holding over 10 people and it also has a TV screen to help you illuminate your message. Similarly, the event venues are also spacious and it gives you a platform to share your progress and products with other creatives and innovators with the Tank Stream Labs Perth.

Added to this the vibrant interiors and the exquisite view of the bay is also a big motivator to work. At the end of the day, you will be leaving home from a place where you would love to come back. So tighten your belts and hop on for a progressive ride to flourish in Perth with the help of Tank Stream Labs.

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