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Spacecubed is not only a coworking space rather it is a wholesome enterprise which enables small traders, entities, firms, freelancers, and startups to raise up in the hierarchy by providing them with tailored programs. Yes, primarily they provide coworking spaces but added to it they have formulated incubators, accelerators, scholarships and have made the available state of the art infrastructure like high tech labs and modern technology like 3D printing in their premises to selected individuals and organizations.

The Spacecubed community comprises of individuals from the whole gamut of niches and it brings them all together under one roof. They aim to foster creativity, indulge with the maximum number of collaborators to build an environment of prosperity and growth. At the core of Spacecubed’s strategy is to empower and connect 100,000 businesses and innovators until the year 2025.

Coworking at Spacecubed

Coworking at Spacecubed is advantageous, it is engaging and exciting at the same time. As a member of Spacecubed, you will get a plethora of tailored services and perks that will only help you climb up the ladder. Most importantly the community at Spacecubed is better than other coworking spaces because of its various programs and social impact initiatives that bring together higher number of people than other coworking spaces. Spacecubed provides their coworking benefits through two spaces namely Flux and Riff.


Flux coworking space is located in the business district of Western Australia, Perth. It resembles other coworking spaces in the infrastructure and basic necessities but it stands out in terms of work environment, the benefits of operating a business from here and the diversity of people and events that are held at Flux coworking space Perth.

The business environment is made convenient by the Flux management team as they take care of all the trivial tasks that usually tax your time and does not allow you to focus on more important tasks and events.

From private offices to open spaces and desks, you can choose from among the various membership plans at flux. There are meeting rooms and event spaces that will help you connect with more number of individuals and businesses in one place.

Membership Plans:

There are three membership packages available at flux coworking space Perth, Coworking Lite, Coworking Pro and Permanent desk. The packages vary in terms of access to meeting rooms, the parking access.


The basic amenities include bikes and car parking spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, printing facilities, and most importantly access to the Spacecubed community.



Another important addition to the Spacecubed portfolio is Riff coworking spaces in Perth which is driven by exciting engagement between innovators, companies and NGO’s. From startups to independent large organization everyone has shown interest in becoming the member of Riff coworking space Perth.  

Riff is characterized by effectuating sustainability in its members because of the engaging environment and enabling community which supports you all the way. Community culture is imperative for every coworking space as it encourages you to work efficiently and lets you make acquaintance with various members and also build strong connections.

Membership packages at Riff:

You can choose from three membership plans at Riff, namely part-time coworking, full-time coworking and resident desk. Part-time coworking gives you limited days of access, full-time coworking gives 5 days access and the resident desk will provide 24*7 access.


High-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, community engagement, event spaces, lockers, and trip facilities, mailing address availability and a few extras make for a convenient work environment at Riff.

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Labs at Spacecubed

It is no surprise that Spacecubed is the largest and the fastest growing coworking organization in Perth. This is because of its numerous programs, events, accelerators, and labs that are tailored to help startups and young entrepreneurs build a successful empire.



You must have seen Tony Stark’s hardware space, consider SOLDER as one such space that is based out of Flux and provides a medium to innovators and developers to build solutions and products to resolve issues blemishing the environment, industry, and society.  It is not just a workshop that has all the modern tools and machines but it is something more than that. SOLDER is also a medium to connect with the Spacecubed community of developers who are working in the same direction. The motive for such a lab is to enable collaboration between people from distinct areas of operating and bring them together under one roof so that they are able to leverage each other’s knowledge base and prowess into making something better and beneficial for the society as a whole.

The SOLDER summer camp and SOLDER scholarship are a part of this lab which enables people from outside the Spacecubed community to play a role in development. They are provided with all the modern technologies like 3D printing and AI-powered simulators that help the innovators design a flawless prototype.


COMBINE: it is often said that “where there’s a will there’s a way”. Similarly, if you have the willpower, strength and some ideas for changing the agricultural scenario of the world, you will find the way-out at COMBINE. A unique venture where with the help of technology the government institutions are assisted by innovators and startups which aim to overcome the challenges faced by this industry.

Combine Scholarship: you bring the idea and they will provide the resources, together the world will benefit from better products and technologies. The Agtech as they call is making headlines all over the world, a mix of traditional and contemporary is sewed together with this scholarship. You can test run your product and find out all its flaws, get support from like-minded entrepreneurs and startups, collaborate with each other to make this a  better and sustainable space. The selected members will earn a 3-month membership with Spacecubed and an opportunity to gain insights from the 800 member community already working on their ideas and startups along with all the benefits that a dedicated spacecubed member is given.



The tagline of CORE Innovation Hub runs: “Where the resources & energy sector powers the human enterprises of tomorrow”.

The basic premise is that under CORE the industrialists and innovators come together below one hood and develop new programs, products or procedures that will help in building a better and sustainable tomorrow.

This is one of its kind initiative run in Australia and has already brought in individuals and organizations from across all the related areas in the hope of building a stronger future. In other words, it is a lab where researchers, suppliers, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and startups join hands work with each other to surmount challenges posed by the oil, gas and mining activities.

Spacecubed only aims to provide a channel to all these entities and organizations to build something that has the potential to change the course of future dealings in the energy sector.

Spacecubed Incubator & Accelerator

Spacecubed is also venturing into supporting the startups to develop and gain ground in terms of prosperity and higher growth in their industry. These incubators and accelerator programs are sponsored by various successful organizations which also provide intelligence and human resources to support these startups.

Plus Eight


Plus Eight is one of the programs that is currently running under Spacecubed, to provide support to high growth startups. For this program, Spacecubed has partnered with Telstra’s accelerator muru-D. Under this program, the selected will share resources, 6 months Spacecubed dedicated space and $400,000 Seed funding support. Added to this they will be eligible to take part in Flux mentoring classes and a trade trip to the US.

Spacecubed Membership Plans

The membership plans of Spacecubed are divided into 6 components:

Connect: you will get an opportunity to connect with the Spacecubed community and discounts on various services. It comes at the price of $99 per year.

Community: Be a part of the Spacecubed network and reap several benefits from the discounts coupons to conduct events and meetings. You will also get one day access to a coworking space at the rate of $25 per month.

Coworking: the coworking plans start from $140 per month and you can choose from one day per week package to the full 24*7 package.

Resident Desk: become a 24*7 member of Spacecubed by shedding $600 per month along with having all the benefits of community access and amenities.

Office and team spaces: you will get an exclusive office space and 24*7 access to your office. The prices are divulged after a formal discussion with the management at Spacecubed.

Enterprise: the enterprise package includes inclusion into various programs and an opportunity to become a part of the corporate sponsorship and branding services.

All in all, Spacecubed is a wholesome coworking space which provides a lot more than one could bargain for from any other coworking entity. It has startup support and is readily engaged in innovation and development to make this world a better place than it is now.

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