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Coworking is fun and it is trending all over the world, but it is even more engaging and exciting with organizations like Servcorp Perth actively taking part in it. Servcorp is a multi-national organization which has set benchmarks in developing exquisite workspaces. It is like a blacksmith is making his own weapon and surely he will make the best there is. Servcorp is also making their own coworking spaces all over the world and provides everyone with a chance to be a part of the world community.

The accumulative offices run by Servcorp are ruling in 23 countries, 54 cities, and more than 160 locations worldwide. With such a vast network they are proud of assisting more than 40,000 creatives, innovators, freelancers, startups, and businessmen to run their organizations from the shared offices. From intricate office settings to state of the art technological facilities, Servcorp Perth is home to two coworking spaces located in Brookfield Place and AMP Tower.

Servcorp Perth

Servcorp is a WeWork competitor with a presence in almost all Australian cities. In Perth, Servcorp has 2 locations and both of them are at premium addresses.

Servcorp Perth Brookfield Place


The definition of an office is where you will get all the required services to run things smoothly, someone who can look after your calls and parcels. The coworking spaces models is a bit different than this, most of the tasks are to be done on your own. But Servcorp has amalgamated all the resources of an office and added them to the coworking culture. The result is that you will get dual benefits of services, resources, and fun at work all in one place, that is Servcorp Perth. Your new office in Perth will be located in one of the most eloquent towers in Perth which resides in the heart of Perth CBD. Moreover, you will be face to face with the Swan River and the city skyline. Above all the whole building is given a 5-star green rating.

Contact: When you see yourself standing at 125 St. Georges Terrace, Perth West Australia gazing upon the Swan River this means that you are standing in your new office.

Phone number: +61 8 6189 8642


Servcorp Perth AMP Tower

The seats that have never been used, the bone china that has never been eaten in and the glasses which do not even have a speck of dirt, your new office designed and perfected by Servcorp Perth. This 1975 built AMP tower has 30 storeys and it is housed in the premier locations in Perth. In this coworking space, Servcorp has taken care of each and everything that you can wish for. Bike parking, check. Bike charging areas, check. Showers and towels, check. Lockers, check. Amazing views, check. Nearby restaurant and shops, check. You name it, they have it and this is over and above all the necessary office requirements and equipment. With a number of attractions and recreational activities to do nearby, the AMP Tower is the most sought-after office space in Perth.

Contact: The address for this yet to open coworking space in Perth is 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Australia.

Phone Number: +61 8 9278 2555


Amenities and Perks at Servcorp Perth

Listed below are all the goodies and benefits that you will get after becoming a member of Servcorp Perth. There are a plethora of amenities available, we are going to list some of them and for the rest will be a surprise for you.

  • There is an in-house pharmacy for the members and assist during an emergency.
  • Exponential IT support, which has crossed all the barriers of convenience.
  • Every member will get an exclusive landline phone and access to the directory of more than 40,000 Imagineers.
  • For every business today a seamless IT support is essential, hence, Servcorp Perth has a standby IT support team to rectify any issue.
  • Most importantly Servcorp has the strongest and the most robust community support.
  • There are showers, towels, hair dryers, and ironing boards available so that you do not need to step out of the office to get ready for an event.
  • Full admin support where you can also delegate your trivial tasks to the receptionist.
  • The breakout zones and al fresco sitting areas are built to give you peace of mind.
  • This is important, the beer is free, tea and coffee are also free. So choose wisely.
  • Bike storage and bike charging hubs make it an environment-friendly building.
  • You will be able to share a premium address for your office, which only ups the ante.
  • Your membership at one location will give you access to all the Servcorp locations worldwide.
  • The members can access the coworking space at any time of the day and week.
  • There is a kitchen built within the whole area stuffed with all the necessary appliances.


Servcorp Perth Membership Plans

The Membership: this is like a virtual membership but you can access the events rooms and the meeting rooms at the rates kept for members only. At $50 per month, your business will be listed among some of the biggest and successful business listings in the Servcorp portfolio. You can interact with any business located in any location around the world. You will also get 2 vouchers every month with this membership, one voucher which is otherwise valued at $25 will give you one day access to a hot desk. Otherwise, you are welcome to sit in coworking lounges and use the blazing fast internet provided by Servcorp Perth.

Hot Desk: this membership plan works on the principle of first come first serve, if you want the River view seat, you have got to rush. The hot desk membership rate is $350 per month and the number of goodies and benefits are higher than the virtual plan. From IT support to secretarial support, you will be able to leverage a lot more than you are paying for this plan. There are some additional services that come at an extra cost of $100. Like a landline number and a secretary to answer your calls, you can also use their official address after giving another $100 per month.

Dedicated Desk: Added to the facilities given in hot desk plans, you will have 24*7 access to your fixed spot at any location. The dedicated desks are kept in those areas which receive the higher intensity of natural lights as opposed to the artificial lighting. The dedicated desk also means that you are serious about your work hence, you can find similar engaging and vibrant coworkers at Servcorp Perth. The wireless printing and scanning service makes it easy to give a command and collect the sheets later on. The $450 per month worth desk space will also give you 5 free vouchers per month that can be used for various purposes.

Private Offices: Servcorp has ready to move in and start working immediately offices available in both the above locations. The full secretarial staff comes at no extra costs and you can also call in your guests for casual meetings. The breakout lounges are open for all the office team and you can also use them to meet other Imagineers working right beside you. Added to this with the private office membership you can use Servcorp Perth address as your official office address. The membership price for this plan is not shared by Servcorp on their website.

Servcorp has always upped the levels of coworking and shared offices spaces with their design, prime locations, and the interior designing. Here are a few images of how your next office will look from the inside.

A coworking space which sets the bars high enough and which gives you a chance to express yourself better to the vast community Servcorp Perth, is truly a magnum opus coworking space. From better services to a vibrant community you will get full support to upscale your business or startup.

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