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Innovation, technology, culture, and hard work, when these four elements come together we have Flux Perth coworking space. Powered by Spacecubed, Flux coworking has set upon a journey to support more than 100,000 startups and entrepreneurs till the year 2025. With an all-rounder approach towards the modern office, and keeping in mind, the community culture required, Flux has become Perth’s largest coworking space.

You want to get a taste of 3D printing or test your product in virtual reality, they have everything that a tech-savvy entrepreneur requires. At the core, Flux is recognized in the city with their collaborative environment that provides a much-needed catalyst for grooming entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. From pitch nights to hackathons you will find a challenging atmosphere all around Flux Perth. This premises simply encourages and motivates you to strive for better.

Amenities at Flux Perth

The basic amenities include high-speed Wi-Fi, printing facilities, meetings rooms, lounge areas and spaces for events. But apart from the basics, Flux coworking space boosts of some cool features.

  • Along with a well designed common lounge area, they also have an outdoor terrace.
  • Members can have free beer.
  • For those who want some privacy during calls, they have special skype rooms & podcasting rooms.
  • For fitness freaks, Flux Perth has a dedicated gym within the space.
  • An inbuilt cafe with free coffee for all members.
  • Another uniqueness about Flux is that their space is wheelchair accessible.
  • They have a 3D printer along with audio recording and video recording equipment.
  • Apart from ergonomic chairs, they also have standing desks.

Location & Contact


Well, it is hard to miss by Flux Perth when you cross 191, Street Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia.

For queries, you can contact them on phone at 02 6102 5685.

Website = https://www.fluxperth.com

Labs at Flux Perth

One thing that is super cool about this space is that they have 2 labs for their members. These labs are named SOLDER and CORE. One of these labs is a virtual reality lab with all equipment and the other one is an innovative hub.


At SOLDER lab you can try your hand at innovative products and gain insights from fellow innovators, share your ideas and build something that can change the world. It is a kind of tech-driven workshop where you can build your imagination into reality and go on to build world-changing products. Not only you will get the tools to build your products, but they also provide next-gen technologies like 3D printing, and prototype simulations that make it easy to test run your  products and improve the design

Every year at Flux Perth you can participate in the SOLDER summer camp, where you can build something which can change the definitions of a concept or help save the environment. For instance, you have an idea about a car which will run on water (FYI: someone in India has already built it), join the camp and create your own car, test it on a 3D printed model and in the end take home your newly built car. The basic premise behind this event is to encourage people to rev up their imagination and think outside the box. You only need to bring your idea, rest everything will be taken care of by Flux Perth. 

Added to this, there are SOLDER scholarships for the students who want to build something. Their imagination gets a frame with this scholarship as they will be provided with all the tools and support to build their prototype. The most important factor in all these scholarships and exercises is the community support from the like-minded people.


At CORE, industrialists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers come together to build something that has the capability to change the status quo of the energy sector. It is the first coworking collaboration initiative of its kind where people from such distinct backgrounds come together to build something new. The focus is on improving the oil and gas industry and developing mining equipment technology and services (METS).

FLUX Accelerator

Flux Perth Australia has an in-house accelerator named Unearthed, a medium which invigorates your neurons and provides you all the support required to build some disruptive product or technology and transcend into the future with some better working models.

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Flux Perth Membership Price

There are three common coworking packages namely Coworking Lite, Coworking Pro and Permanent Desk. Membership prices at Flux Perth are a bit obscure as they do not divulge with the prices without making an official contact. Nonetheless, for 1-day access, you will have to shed around $50. The option of a hot desk (open seating) for a month is available for $400. The cost of a dedicated desk at Flux Perth can be somewhere around $600-750.

From dedicated spaces to offices with well-furnished infrastructure and easy to access amenities you can find all that is required to work conveniently over here. 

Another important thing is that if you acquire their membership, you will get access to all the Spacecubed powered coworking spaces in the world

Images @ Flux Coworking, Perth





Australia has never witnessed such a diverse and large coworking space which has become the go-to office for not only the brooding entrepreneurs but also for the large organizations. The reason is that here at Flux Perth, the ever-growing capabilities of the members and startups is a major factor that helps organizations small and large to leverage the upcoming technologies.

Unlike other coworking spaces, the Flux Perth is not limited to providing office spaces and enabling some basic amenities, rather it acts as a holistic incubator and supporter for its members. No matter the type of business you want to run, this coworking space has so much more to offer than others. There is no dearth of talent in this world but what everyone requires is a carrier which leads them in the right way with the right tools in the hand, this attribute of an enabler is what helps Flux Perth stand apart from others.

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