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Work Club Melbourne is a versatile space where members can network with like-minded professionals. Likewise, this place is meant for all those people who feel trapped in the monotonous routines of corporate offices. Here, you will be provided with a flexible working environment wherein you will dictate all the rules. Further, the venue itself will make you fall in love with the idea of work. Meaning, work no longer is a burden to carry around. Over the years, this workspace has fostered a community of startups, freelancers and business professionals who benefit from working together.

Making easy collaboration a possibility, Work Club Melbourne helps its tenants thrive and succeed in their endeavors. This workplace provides shared desks, private suites, and other corporate solutions to fulfill your requirements. This cool workspace came into existence when Soren Trampedach thought of building a unique space where people from diverse backgrounds could work together. This step was taken as a result of the changes taking place in the working trends. Consequently, this workspace was established to provide a flexible environment and space to budding professionals. To know more about this amazing place, keep reading further!

Perks of  Work Club Melbourne:

Basic amenities: Work Club Melbourne will offer you great connectivity with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Also, the rooms are air-conditioned to keep the sweltering summer heat out of the window.

Knowledge hub: Do you love to read? If yes, then there is a library filled with great collections at the Work Club. So, if you want to dive deep into another world for a couple of hours, then this is the place to be.

Social areas: These centers also have bars where you can socialize with your coworkers. Also, the tasty drinks available here will surely give way to really great conversations. Additionally, you can also bring along your friends!

Kitchenette: A well-equipped kitchen is also established within these centres. So, say goodbye to the unannounced hunger pangs and prepare yourself a tasty meal.

24/7 access: Now you can visit your work spot whenever you want to. Apply for membership and gain 24/7 access.

Mail handling: You don’t need to worry about collecting your mails anymore. Here, all your mails will be collected by the staff who will further make sure that they reach you.

Equipment: These centres are also equipped with modern printers and scanners. So, no need to spend extra money on printing.

Caffeine fix: Can’t work without coffee? No problem! Here, you can drink as much coffee as you like.

Events: To nurture your growth, the workspace organizes many events where you can meet and connect with new people.

Reviews = 4.8 out of 5 as per Google.

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Work Club Melbourne Membership Plans

Associate: This plan at Work Club Melbourne gives you the chance of accessing your work spot twice a week. That is to say, you won’t have to apply for a full-time membership. Just pay for the days you spend at the centre. Also, you can use all the services available at your disposal. To inquire about the price, please connect with their team.

Visiting: This option at Work Club Melbourne will give you access to the work center for four days a month. In this case, even if you are working somewhere else, you will always have a second place to host clients or to just take a break from your busy schedule. And why not? It is always refreshing to work at a new location. So get in touch with their team to know about the membership price.

Premium: You can get 24/7 access to a range of spaces at Work Club Melbourne. So, choose the spot that interests you the most. This option is a perfect match for full-time workers. In addition, this will give you access to their associated clubs in places like London, Dubai, Shanghai. What are you waiting for? Inquire about the prices now!

Side Project: Do you prefer working during the night time? Or are you working on any project that requires extra time to work on? No worries. At Melbourne’s Work Club, you can access any desired space after 5 during weekdays. Also, you can use the space all weekend long! So no more worrying about finding a place to work at night. Just get in touch with their team and know about the membership charges.

Club: Work Club Melbourne houses a club as well. This membership plan will provide you with access to the club area. The club is open till bar hours and you can also bring along three guests with you! The variety of beverages available at the club are surely going to relax you after working for hours together. To know about the price, connect with their team.

Private Suite: For those who prefer working in a private environment, Work Club Melbourne has the option of private suites. So, this workspace will be suitable for individuals or a team of about 200. If you need a well-designed and professional office space, then this might be what you are looking for. Get in touch with their team to know about membership costs.

Corporate: If you are a big corporate business and are in search of investment options, then you can become a part of this centre. That is to say, you can avail the service model of Work Club Melbourne. Further, this will enable you to come up with some major business spaces.

Location on Map

Work Club Melbourne

Melbourne 287 Collins: What is so important about a Collins Street office space? Asked no Australian ever! The Work Club Global coworking space resides in the prime 287 Collins Street, on level 2 and 6. This Royal Bank Chambers building is hard to ignore. Also, they have both indoor and open-air event spaces, with the capacity for 100 guests. In addition, from Work Club Melbourne, public transport, retail stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants are all at a stone’s throw. 

Address: L2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone:+61 3 8688 7188


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Work Club Melbourne supports diversity. Also, they take pride in providing space to people who belong to different backgrounds. They push their community towards progress and watch them thrive. Apart from that, you will definitely love the interiors of this workspace. The chic and modern look will surely stir your creativity.

The flexibility in membership plans is an added bonus. For instance, you can even apply for a membership that will give you access for four days in a month. I mean, if that’s not flexibility then I don’t know what is! So, throw all your doubts out of the window and take a tour of Work Club Melbourne.

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