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Creativity has no bounds and this time I am bringing forth a creative coworking space, Windsor Workshop. Located in Melbourne this coworking space helps connect fellow creatives, artists, illustrators, photographers and everybody who can create their own limitations. This space hones the cloak of creativity with its work model and distinguishable space usage. From a fashion designer to a sports club entrepreneur, you will get an opportunity to meet diverse creatives at the space.

The Windsor Workshop can be considered as the pit stop for artists who are coming from different backgrounds. This space will allow you to collaborate with fellow creatives and provide enormous opportunities for boosting your skills. The same coworking space will help you increase your web presence as they promote all of their in-house artist members. For promotional activities, your name will come up on the workspace website, Instagram page, and coworking blogs.

Coworking Amenities at Windsor Workshop 

  • There are up to 12 workstations and you can also tailor them to suit your needs.
  • The workspace has an intercom entrance, so nobody will barge in on your work abruptly.
  • At the center of the floor, there is a large communal table to discuss things over and reach a common ground.
  • The Windsor Workshop has an in-house kitchen too.
  • Moreover, the street has a plethora of restaurant offering mouth-watering cuisines.
  • You can have all day access to your work station.
  • Creativity is best reflected in nature. And this coworking space has an abundance of natural light penetrating to every workstation.
  • The whole area (work + event space) is centrally heated and cooled down.
  • There is an exclusive meeting area to discuss important matters without anyone eavesdropping.
  • The Duke Street/Chapel Street Tram no 78 is only a stone’s throw away from the space.
  • The interiors are customized to rev up your thinking neurons and provoke the creative self.





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Windsor Workshop Membership Plans

Availing a workstation at The Windsor Workshop is easy. You only need to pay $100 per week and the station is all yours. Along with online promotion via the workshop, you will also leverage from Cross-Promotion through the existing members. Being in a community of like-minded individuals you will feel welcomed.  

Added with the workstations, there is The Windsor Workshop Project Space. This space is available for conducting workshops and events. You can also attend various workshops run by the management like candle making, designing, ceramics training among others. The event space is perfect to hold book launches, symposiums, seminars, product launches, and conferences.

Location & Map

Windsor Workshop Melbourne

Prior to The Windsor Workshop opening up shop at the current address, Patterson Cakes resided in the same shed. Although they have remodeled the whole interior the essence and the charm of the age-old workhouse has not faded away. The whole street is colored with cartoonist graffitis of animated characters and players. There is plenty of restaurant and bars running on the same street. The Chapel Street also connects with the State Route 24 (High Street).

Address: The Windsor Workshop Co-Work, 1/115 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria 3181.

Email: [email protected]


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There are very few coworking spaces which target a specific industry and the Windsor Workshop is one of them. The major benefit of these coworking spaces is that they provide a specific channel to the beneficiaries for development. Along with this, in these spaces, you will find the right tools and a self-sustaining culture curated by the existing members. So, giddy up join a welcoming coworking community to carve out your real talent at The Windsor Workshop. Happy Coworking!

Ajay Deep

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