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Let’s be honest. The exorbitant office prices are nerve-racking! But at The Thrive Network, all nerves are safe. Pun intended! It’s because Fiona and Dan have built an elegant space in the name of Thrive Network. And even more elegant is the feel of its coworking culture. In fact, it is one of the best coworking spaces in Melbourne. For Thrive is a place, perfectly located away from the city commotions, but not more than 5 minutes from it. The classy furnishings, light-filled interiors, flexible terms, and courteous staff are all a business needs to rise and shine.

The Thrive Network is a member of Proximity Spaces, a network of global coworking locations. Thus bringing along the benefit of global access to the best of coworking spaces to its members. Moreover, Thrive is owned by people who understand the nitty-gritty of establishing a venture. So, they have made sure to fill their space with people from distinct fields but with a similar mindset. Consequently, Thrive is home to a community that lives on sharing and caring. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect location where your business can thrive? Read to know more.

Features of the Thrive Network Space:

This South Melbourne coworking space is a feature-packed site to work from. Here you’ll get all the amenities you may find at both a traditional office as well as at home. Don’t believe me? Check out the following list for yourself.

  • A Homely Kitchen: The Thrive facility has two fully accessorized kitchens, just like in a home environment. So, from aromatic Tea, Chai, Coffee or just plain water, the kitchen has all the basic fluids to boost your work stamina.
  • Snacks and Meals: Hungry? Grab a Meal or Snack from the kitchen or fridge. They aren’t free ($9 each), but are payable on a faith basis. So when you grab one, either leave the money in a cup or mention your usage and pay later.
  • Chill out Areas: Need a break? Relax in the comfy breakout areas and de-stress your mind over a little chit chat and/or a cup of coffee perhaps.
  • Thrive Network Slack: a team messaging app with different channels of communication. Like Random channel for impromptu discussions or the help channel if you need the service of the support staff.
  • Receptionist/ Concierge Service: Savour the hospitality of Thrive through their Reception and Concierge services, accessible Monday to Friday, during business hours. Plus you’ll have someone professionally trained to meet and greet your clients.
  • A Range of Meeting Rooms: At Thrive, you get to choose from a range of fully equipped Meeting Rooms. These are rentable by the hour or for the full day. The smallest room is accessible to all members. So select and pay for only what you need.
  • A Super-duper Internet: All members get access to superfast optic fiber internet and wifi. With awesome upload and download speeds, your work will be moving pretty fast on the net.
  • Musical Ambience: The Thrive plays soothing music on its SONOS stereos. It helps in filling the eerie silence plus softens sounds of footsteps and even embarrassing stomach growls.
  • General Office Accessories: Like any other office your Printing, Scanning and Stapling need are taken care of. A3 or A4, black & white or colored, you will get them all here.
  • Monthly Networking Events: They have plenty of events to know and grow your business network. Or just magnify your business acumen through the info-packed seminar events.
  • Secure Assured: Lockers are available where you can safely leave behind your valuable docs and costly equipment. While the building is accessible through a door key mobile application.
  • Efficient Mail Handling: While you use the Thrive Network address as your own, rest assured that each of your letters and packages will reach you in the shortest time, once at the facility. This service is available for the dedicated desk, private office, and virtual office memberships.
  • End of Trip Facilities: Cycling to work gets you sweaty? Or returning from a jog or stroll down the street? At Thrive, you can park your bike in the bicycle storage area. Enjoy a refreshing Shower. And then head towards your workstation.
  • Safe Car Park: Street parking or basement parking, you will get plenty of secure options to park your metallic beast.
  • Disabled Friendly: The Thrive location is wheelchair accessible for all guests and members.






The Thrive Network Membership Plans:

Memberships at Thrive Network are loaded with possibilities. The plans are plain and simple, while they don’t ask for any joining fee. The hot desking is available in three different membership plans, namely, Day Pass, Flexible and Collaborative; as per different user needs. Besides, they also have dedicated desks, and private and virtual office memberships as well. You may also avail a 2-day free trial. So pick what fits your needs and funds.

Day Pass

You may enjoy the comforts of the Thrive coworking space for as less as $40 per day. This single day pass will get you access to the shared coworking area, during business hours (9 am to 5 pm). Wherein, you can use a hot/ temporary desk, free wifi etc, in the coworking area. Besides, you may also enter other shared areas like the kitchen, breakout area, meeting rooms, or sip on a cup of tea, coffee etc. And the best part is you’ll get invited to the monthly member events held at the premises. And if you wish to save a little more bucks, pay for 6 day passes at once and you’ll get 25% off.


Are you an occasional coworker, who needs access to shared spaces for only a few days a month? Then a full month fare is quite unfair, isn’t it? Not anymore. The Flexible Membership at the Thrive Network gets you access to the shared area for any 8 days of the month at just $300 per month (ex GST). So just grab your laptop, reach Thrive, find a vacant desk in the shared area, and start off with your craft. You can use the service between 6 am and 10 pm on weekdays unless a different arrangement is made with the Thrive team. You will also be able to use the smaller meeting rooms for free.


Suitable for freelancers and startups with daily coworking needs. AT $550 per month (ex GST) the Collaborative plan gets you a 24/7 access to hot desks in the coworking space. You may come every day, find a vacant desk and start working. The desks are temporary and available on first come first serve basis. It’s a better way of becoming a part of the coworking community at Thrive.

Dedicated Desk at Thrive Network Melbourne

Need a more permanent space you can call your own? Get a fixed desk(s) for yourself (and your team). The dedicated desks are priced at $695 per month (ex GST) per desk. You get 24/7 access to a permanent desk in the shared area, with lockable storage and access to other amenities of the Thrive Network. Make use of plenty of networking opportunities through casual greetings, over some tea or the events you will get invited to.

Private Offices

Need both permanency and privacy in a coworking setting? Get a secure private office, suitable for teams of size 2 to 6. The office will be fully furnished with whiteboards, lockable storage etc, besides the desks and chairs. The price of a private office ranges from $1500 per month for a team of two, to up to $3750 per month for a five-member team. Plus you’ll get to save if you book the space for longer terms, say a year or two. For accurate pricing, you are advised to visit their website and inquire the rates matching your requirements.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a boon for work at home professionals looking for a corporate address to add authenticity to their trade. At just $50 per month (ex GST) you get the luxury of using the impressive South Melbourne address on your entire business collateral. If wondering what happens to your posts reaching 52 Albert Road? No worries! When your mail arrives at Thrive Network, you will be prompted with email notification and your mail will be secured for you in a safe place. You may collect them for yourself, or get them forwarded to your actual address. Moreover, you will also be presented with a day of hot-desking every month, besides invitations to member events.

Prices for Meeting & Boardrooms:

Thrive Network has four different sized rooms for your business team needs. These rooms have the maximum capacities for 4, 6, 10 and 20 people. These are fitted with both hard wired internet and wifi plus whiteboards. All boardrooms, except the smallest one, have 65” flat screen TVs, with screen sharing technology. Moreover, kitchen facilities, including tea/coffee/chai are also accessible, and so is catering service. Prices for the four rooms are:

  • 4 person room: At $25 per hour, or $160 for the full day.
  • 6 person room: At $45 per hour, or $300 for the full day.
  • 10 person room: At $100 per hour, or $750 for the full day.
  • 20 person room: At $160 per hour, or $1000 for the full day.

All prices are exclusive of GST.

Location and Contact:

The Thrive Network in Melbourne

The Thrive Network is located on level 2 and 3 of 52 Albert Road in South Melbourne. Fitted with modern furniture, green plants, and huge windows, the interiors keeps its inhabitants fresh and upbeat. The Level 2 has shared coworking areas for hot desking, while Level 3 houses dedicated desks and Private offices. Coming to the exteriors, the trams are accessible at a couple of minutes. While there are many sumptuous bars, cafes and restaurants nearby. Just the right location to do business from.

Need more info? You may contact Thrive at +61 3 9103 1312 or mail your queries to [email protected].

Address: Levels 2 & 3, 52 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC 3205



The Thrive Network is a place specially designed for startups as a solid base to thrive on. The design, setup, and location of the place are growth boosters. The community it contains is always happy to help and believes in collective growth. To sum it up, they have coworking at its best. Aren’t you looking for a coworking environment like this? Don’t waste your time thinking. Be a part of this amazing space and see your business thrive like never before. Try the space!

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