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When the entire Melbourne is buzzing with the culture of coworking and growing range of entrepreneurship, The Commons South Melbourne have been able to carve its name in the list of the best coworking spaces in Melbourne. It is the most high-rated and reputed working zones that are brimming with ample facilities and covers three storeys that hover over the Victorian era Streetscapes.

The Commons, South Melbourne is nothing but a smooth functioning family which comprises of intriguing minds, freelance working enthusiasts and budding as well as established entrepreneurs. It comprises a number of working options like hot desks, permanent desks, cubicles, private offices, meeting rooms and a lot more and each one has been specially designed to serve the purpose.

The main purpose behind the establishment of The Commons was to redefine what setting up a business meant and to bring about a cheery ambience in the workspace so that there are no loopholes for monotony. After much brainstorming, the founders of this place has been able to build a space that can amalgamate the flexible working mechanism as well as the desired outcome of startups.

Reach The Commons, South Melbourne

The Commons, South Melbourne

Address: 80 Market St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Contact: +61 1300 848 568


What’s Special About The Commons South Melbourne

The Commons is not just another coworking space that is providing a space for the setup of a business. In fact, it is changing the work perspectives of a number of individuals so that they can develop themselves and earn a branding for their company. Every curious mind is welcomed here and the startup community over here believes in one fact – the only thing constant is change. Many entrepreneurs who have worked here have been able to evolve to a great extent and have been able to reach the pinnacle of success.

If getting a balance in your work is your priority, then The Commons coworking space, South Melbourne is one of the best places to pursue the same. Uniqueness is a much-loved element over here and you can feel that it is okay to be different and work in your own way. Enrolling yourself here can change your thought process and according to the recent survey, 95% of the members have been happier at work after joining The Commons South Melbourne. Not only that, since becoming members of this place about 75 of the members have claimed to have seen immense growth in their business.

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Inside The Commons, South Melbourne

The Commons is a coworking space with the ‘go green’ motive. The decor over here has been done with a touch of nature and greenery all over. It gives the feeling of freshness to all members and the inspiration to work better. The designers have worked in tandem to create beautiful serene nooks with a tropical feeling to make people feel energized while working.

The designing of all the spaces have been done with meticulous details so that each spot can serve its purpose. While the common area has been designed in colourful mode, the boardroom has been splashed with white to bring out the extensive professional look.

One best thing about The Commons South Melbourne in Australia is that you have the provision of designing your own custom private office space. This is meant for the already established companies who want to create a mark in their office space about their branding.

The coworking space consists of all the amenities that can be stuffed in any coworking space but the different things about it are that it comprises of a beautiful open air garden for you to stroll. The huge terraces are also designed and maintained in the picture perfect manner. These two spaces are typically designed so that every time you are in here, your stress can ebb away in a jiffy.

Also, the spin cycle stations are present in the Commons, South Melbourne to give your daily dose of workout and the library is designed perfectly for every bookworm in the community.  The most wondrous fact about this place is also that it consists of a brainstorming zone to keep the overthinking entrepreneurs in place!

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The Commons South Melbourne – Membership Plans

Similar to other coworking spaces in Melbourne like WeWork,  The commons also has multiple pricing plans to suit freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to have an office for work. The charges at Commons Melbourne are as follow:

The Open Desk/ Hot desk – If you want to have round-the-clock access to this coworking space along with a flexible sitting spot, you can opt for the open seating plan which is available for AUD 410 per month. Now working at odd hours is no longer a problem! 

Dedicated Desks- If you want to have a spot fixed to your name at The Commons South Melbourne, then the best option is to choose a dedicated desk. In order to avail this spot, you will have to pay $640 per month and you can have 24*7 access to this place.

Private office – If you are working with a team on a confidential project and need privacy, then the best option is to take up a private office space for rent. The costing of this place is AUD 1600 per month and can go higher as per the office spot.

Customized Private Office – You get to choose how your office will look with the help of the best designers. The price is variable and can only be declared upon a detailed discussion of your requirements. It may be noted that the coworking prices in Australia are decreasing.

The Commons South Melbourne is not just a coworking zone but an entire ecosystem working to make the world a better place to thrive in. Walk in yourself to feel the place. 

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