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The Cluster is a cool coworking space in Melbourne, Australia. With a total area of 2400 meter square, this coworking space is situated right in the centre of Melbourne CBD area. The best thing is that it offers a 360-degree view of Melbourne’s well-known buildings. If you are thinking of a coworking space in Melbourne, a visit to The Cluster should be a priority on your list. Let’s dig deeper into this awesome space.

An Overview

Running a business is not a cakewalk and many have to say that it is one of the toughest tasks of the lot. But at The Cluster coworking space Melbourne, the scenario is a bit different since they believe in making a business a fun thing to create and establish. Here you will get to see even the most high profile clients, and it will teach you how to develop the best of networking while having a lot of frolic at the same time. Not only can you save time and money, but you can also indulge in holistic self-development by expanding, reusing and recycling resources which in turn can help in contributing to the environment.

The Cluster Melbourne covers an area of over 2400 sq metres which comprises a number of space types like conference halls, meeting rooms, desks, cubicles, private offices and a lot more. The Cluster coworking in Australia has a very strong community of working professionals and it comprises of a diverse range of professions as well. Not only small teams but also freelancing individuals are welcome here to interact and learn a lot as well.

Decor at The Cluster, Melbourne

If you want to work in lush green spaces, then you have to make sure of the fact that you visit The Cluster for once. In the lounge, even the sofas are surrounded by natural green decors. This can be a major point of an impression for your potential clients and you can have meetings in a much-relaxed mode.

The boardrooms are well furnished and comprise of ergonomic chairs so that the individuals can have meetings with comfort. The entire meeting room is surrounded by glass so that you can have the magnanimous view of the city. A cafeteria is a place which is worth the praise since it is beautifully designed and has a warm ambience to receive all those who are visiting this place. You can have free coffee over here and relax for a few minutes or hours together. The cubicles are neat and complete with lockers so that no matter which place you rent, there is always a space for keeping all your private files thus giving you the professional privacy you need.

Located in a skyscraper building at Queen Street in Melbourne, this office space is beautiful and decorated in the most elegant manner possible. It connects with nature in every possible manner and the glass surroundings ensure the fact that you are always connected to the outer world- unlike other coworking spaces with blinds covering the windows. The Cluster, Melbourne has featured itself in huge platforms like BRW, the Herald Sun, Leader, NEWS LIMITED, Startupsmart and of course Coworking Mag.

Location, Contact & Map

Coworking Space in CBD Area, Melbourne

Address = 17/31 Queen St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia.

Reach There by Map

Contact = +61 3 9008 5980

Facebook Page

Membership Plans & Pricing

The Cluster Melbourne has an array of coworking plans to choose from. We have mentioned various plans and their prices below:

Flexi desks – The cost of renting flexi desks is $130 per week. These desks can be chosen in any part of the office space and you can choose a new desk every day.

Permanent desks – The rent of these permanent desks is $195 per week, and this is a reserved spot. Here you can enjoy your privacy and keep your belongings as well.

Private office – The costs of booking private offices at The Cluster Melbourne are variable and the quotes are released only on request since there are many private office types. Here you and your team can work with ease.

Virtual office – This is a virtual spot when you can use the name of Cluster as your office address. The cost for having a virtual office space is just $15 per week.

Telephone answering – This is yet another offering by this coworking space where you can have all your calls handled by their skilled receptionists. The rent for this service is $25 per week.

Drop in – In this system, you can sneak a peek in the workplace and have an enjoyable time. Apart from the normal pricing of $40 per day, there is also an option for guest pricing which is available as per request.



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Great Things at The Cluster Coworking

Choose the kind of office desk that you need – the best part about this space is that here you get to have an array of options to choose from. Pick one from Flexi Desks, Permanent Desks, Private Office, Virtual office, telephone answering and day pass. Pay only for the space you are using and no more.

The relaxing zone at The Cluster Melbourne is sure to lure you. As you need a workspace, so do you need a leisure lounge. This is a special area within the coworking space where you not only relax but also create networks while talking to other professionals and entwining your opinions to come up with something innovative. Also, you get the privilege of free coffee so it is a cool place to be in when you are too jammed up with work.

A brilliant network of professionals. While you get your setup done in here, you will completely forget the need for a coworker or a mentor. Most businessmen think that they have to work and get their business established as a one-man army, but then, with passing time it gets monotonous. But in coworking spaces, you get to have like-minded people and those who are experienced than you in the world of entrepreneurship and so you are more likely to get a mentor as well. Not only that, sharing of opinions with experienced professionals can help you foresee mistakes that could have ruined your business, or caused a considerable delay in your success rate.

Upgraded state of art equipment in the office – apart from all the basic facilities that every coworking space offers, The Cluster Melbourne comprises of the best of equipment like a printer, scanner, round the clock access to ultra speed internet, phone booths, CCTV surveillance, biometric systems and a lot more. You just have to ask what you want and it will be brought forward without delay.

The staff – Another thing that The Cluster coworking space Melbourne believes in is that no matter what, work should not be hampered and thus they have the most efficient staff, starting right at the reception. Every person renting an office space here has a staff at their assistance on behalf of The Cluster, who will be running your errands in the most perfect way possible. The staffs here are punctual, and forever ready to be at your beck, making this place a second home for all entrepreneurs.

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