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The Circle Collingwood is business-oriented coworking space operating in Melbourne. Running a business in the 21st Century is easier said than done, although some believe that with technology everything becomes easier and the amount of work to be done is transformed. But the real work starts when you have to take care of each and everything in a business. This routine often parts us from the work that matters most to the business and its growth.

This coworking space leveraging from the above fact has built a platform for the like-minded business focussed individuals. Here you can benefit from the community culture which inspires every member to progress and work harder than ever before. The number of tasks that engulf a businessman always cause some trouble. In this scenario, The Circle Collingwood gives a way out by helping you in fulfilling some tasks and let you focus on the important ones.

The professional yet chirpy interiors act as a motivation to work harder and stay focused. You will ample amount of light penetrating the atmosphere and lighting up the whole space beautifully.  On one hand, the meeting room exudes a corporate environment and on the other, The Circle Collingwood also has a game room. Excited yet? Let’s know something more about this coworking space in Melbourne.  

Amenities at The Circle

Here is a list of all the services and facilities made available by The Circle Collingwood for the members.

  • There is an in-house gym so that you never lose track of your health.
  • You will need a shower after a workout, well, they have it sorted out too.
  • Time for a quick refreshing activity? Don’t worry, head to the game room.
  • What about your mind’s health? I guess the meditation room will help you a lot.
  • There are private phone booths to discuss confidential matters away from everybody’s ears.
  • The event hall can accommodate the whole group of people.
  • Want to observe your bright side or practice your favorite pose. You can use the photography studio built within the Circle Collingwood precinct.
  • Tired from work? Hop in the massage room for a bit to soothe your muscles and rev up the brain.
  • Whenever you are stuck up on something, settle in the idea room and crawl through every aspect to figure it out. The ambiance of the Idea room is customized to excite the thinking neurons. 
  • For recreational and entertainment purposes there is an arcade basketball room, foosball and an exclusive game room on the premises.
  • There is an in-house kitchen containing all the necessary appliances and goodies. No need to step out for a quick bite. 
  • Anytime and everytime snacks and fruits are ever present in the kitchen.
  • Beer, coffee, and tea are free for all members.
  • The on-site library is stacked with a plethora of books.
  • The Circle Collingwood has a proficient and a convivial business-focussed community.



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Membership Plans @ The Circle Coworking

The membership plans at Te Circle coworking space have been curated after considering each and every aspect that will help you focus on your work rather than on sundry aspects. There are three membership plans.

Floating Desk: the floating desk plan is the first step towards building your business contacts, network, plans. Also, integrate with others on a personal and professional level. You will get a spacious desk and an ergonomic chair in the common work area surrounded by individuals from diverse backgrounds. This option is best for freelancers, creative writers and the benefit of such a partnership is the opportunity to connect with a larger group of people. This 24*7 accessible desk will cost you $370 per month.

Dedicated Desk: your next option is going for a dedicated desk. A single permanent desk is given to all the members at the cost of $600 per month. This desk is best for those individuals who like to work on their own terms. The 24*7 access option makes working only during the office hours redundant and mundane. Set up your own open office at The Circle Collingwood and you can leverage from the prudential community thriving within the space. This desk option is best suited for small teams and solo entrepreneurs.

Private Office: when things are getting serious and you need a team to support you in your business it is time to shift to a private office. At this coworking space, you can hire an office space starting at $730 per month. The office setup is such is that you only need to take the key and start working in your new office. Rest everything is taken care of by the management. There is a separate printer and other essential utilities available in your office. Also, the seating arrangement can be customized as per your choice.

Location and Contact

The Circle coworking Melbourne

This coworking space is located on a quiet street, corresponding a Honda car Showroom on Hoddle Street. With the Langridge bus stop only a few steps away and the Collingwood train station 2 minutes away by walk you will find your next business hub spot at 4 Bloomburg Street, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.

You can always go there for a free trial and make up your mind before joining the best business integrator and collaborator in Melbourne.

To book a free trial ping The Circle Collingwood at [email protected] or you can give them a call at (03) 9034 9888.


Events at The Circle Collingwood:

The events hosted by the management with the collaboration of several stakeholders needs a special mention here. They conduct workshops and events that are solely focussed in honing your skills in order to become a successful businessman or businesswoman. For instance events like ‘How to get Clients’ or ‘Your brand of Facebook’ they only assist you in some or the other way to develop your business strategy, plan and blueprint.


The reason that I have focussed on business development throughout this article is that The Circle Collingwood considers it their bounden duty to help individuals in their business. With an already developed plan and several amenities provided to the members, it is imperative that you leverage from all that they have to offer. The business ecosystem that has become a fount for all the startups and entrepreneurs to take the first towards progress. So giddy up and get ready to join your next prosperous business catalyst right here in Melbourne.

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