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Out of all the coworking spaces in Australia, The Arcade in Melbourne is the first nonprofit coworking space that has been formed for specific professions. The Arcade Melbourne has been termed as the paradise for the game developers so that there can be an immense level of innovation as far as gaming technology is concerned. The establishment of the Arcade can be traced back to the year 2013, and within a short span of just 5 years, it has been able to grow by leaps and bounds.

Situated right at the Kings Way in Melbourne, transportation from this place is quite easy which is another reason why this place is so sought after. The best way to reach this place is via a tram or a private car.

Here you will get to see all tech-based professional people with brilliant minds working in a collaborative manner, and if game creation has been your passion, then this is the aptest place that you could ever choose. The world of gaming and web development is quite vast and contains a number of variable segments. Here you can meet the professionals from all these segments and have interactive, brainstorming sessions with them as well.

An Insight into The Arcade, Melbourne:

The Arcade, Melbourne which is located at a premier spot in the heart of the city has acclaimed a huge space for creating this coworking spot, and has been divided into sections for creating soundproof cubicles, hot desks, private office areas, shared office spaces, meeting room and a lot more.

It is open for all five weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm and remains closed on the weekends. It assists all the creative gaming companies as well as freelance game developers so that they can work efficiently in a calm and composed manner. The interweaved community in here helps you in enhancing your business and also helps you in building your personality in a holistic manner. There is a common breakout zone for all startups and coworking members to have a relaxing time and meet with each other so that they can chalk out something innovative even during their leisure time. It also gives the member access to elegant meeting rooms, pantry area with all food equipment, three coffee machines for the caffeine lovers and the coolest lunch area.

The Arcade, Melbourne is one of the rarest non-profit coworking space whose main motto is to enhance the field of gaming and technology and to nurture the culture of entrepreneurship. That is also one of the reasons why the price of coworking over here is low as compared to the others.

Location & Map

Location: 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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Interiors at The Arcade Melbourne

This coworking zone has been adorned by the finest interior decorators of Melbourne, and since it is the heaven for game developers, the decor could not have been merrier! Every nook and corner of this spot has been designed with ample care so that it can invoke the sense of creativity among its members. Once any gaming enthusiast steps in here, he or she is bound to feel that this is just the kind of office space that they have been looking for so long.  

The glass walls of The Arcade Melbourne, ensure that there is no dearth of natural light to seep in. The entire spot is covered with cove lighting facilities which make the area look warm and cosy. All the office spaces have been splashed with vibrant colours and there are posters and paintings of all the famous online games. These serve as an inspiring element to all the budding gaming companies who aspire to grow big in the industry by creating mind-boggling games of every genre. Here you can choose from an array of seating options with a variable ambience so that no matter what mood you are in, you can grab a spot accordingly.

The meeting rooms are airy, spacious and brimming with high-end equipment to make your presentation complete and also to conclude your discussions to be fruitful ones.  Not only it is a simple coworking spot like any other, but it is also a platform where a number of seminar and events are held for the upgradation of all its members. Many external advisors collaborate together to bring up the events and a lot of mentorships can be expected from the same. This, in turn, benefits not only the small and large gaming companies but also the individual freelancers.

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Membership Plans at The Arcade Melbourne

  • Hot desks/ open plan seating- For a single person per day, the price of getting a hot desk for rent is AUD 33 (can be termed as the lowest in the coworking industry). These are flexible and variable spaces and can only be accessed during the reception hours of the Arcade.
  • Dedicated Desks- The price for a dedicated desk at Melbourne’s Arcade has not been declared as yet but it is a fixed spot that can be accessed by the individual anytime within the opening hours or even for a full day.
  • Private Offices- Even for the private offices, the price has not been revealed and it has to be brought forth on request. It is a private area that can hold from 1-10 teams at a go and has the confidentiality that you are looking for.
  • Meeting rooms and event spaces- The price of the meeting rooms are variable in accordance with the duration of booking and the same goes for the event spaces as well. Also if you are choosing an event package, the price is going to hike up a bit.

The Arcade in Melbourne is the perfect coworking space for you if you are into gaming, coding or other related technical fields. It is not just a coworking space but a well-knit community of people.

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