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This coworking space is challenging the hot-desking options and is providing only dedicated desks to the members. One Small Step Collective is originally a digitalization organization which deals in digital marketing and content management. In terms of coworking, the operate and invite like-minded organizations and individuals who are working in the similar niche.

The simple coworking model which decides the occupancy rate and the type of members that join this space matters. Hot desking may become frustrating and a piece of work sometimes, hence One Small Step Collective has chosen to operate without them. The dedicated desks are spacious, and in total there are 13 desk spaces on the upper level of the building for hire.

Amenities at One Small Step Collective

You must be wondering that with such a small space to offer, what are the amenities that one can expect at One Small Step Collective. Simply, follow the list below to know what can you expect after becoming a member.

  • High-speed internet facilities and efficient printing machines.
  • There is a small kitchen in the midst of workspace to calm your taste bud anytime you want with free snacks.
  • Members will also have access to their space 24*7.
  • The meeting room has state of the art infrastructure and presentation equipment.
  • For relaxation and rehabilitation there is a lounge area, ping pong table, and chill out zones.
  • Personal lockers won’t let you worry about your stuff anymore, just lock it in before leaving the premises.
  • The Cliff Street Station is only 5 minutes away from the office space.
  • There is bike parking available within the building.
  • Directly opposite to One Small Step Collective is a huge car park bay.
  • Drink as many cups of Coffee or tea as you want, because they are free.
  • Time to refresh? There are onsite showers to help you revive after a busy workday.
  • Plus if you want brand refurbishment of advertising, then you are already sitting amongst the pioneers of their industry.

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Prices at One Small Step Collective

As there are only dedicated desks and private office space available at One Small Step Collective, it works under two membership models.

Dedicated Desk: The big and private single person use desks are located on the upper floor. They offer month to month subscription on these desks and the price is $500 per month. With this membership, you will be able to use all the amenities and services offered by the management.

Private Office: Coming to the private office at One Small Step Collective, there are a few office spaces available for teams. The lease rate for the office is $5500 per month. The main attribute that you should have and will make it easy for you to work here is the cultural fit. With a specialized work agency offering work desks and offices, it becomes easier to integrate for you and for other members if you are working under the same banner.


Small Step Coworking Melbourne

One Small Step Collective have beautifully converted an old warehouse to develop their office premises. The outer decor of the building exudes their profession and it attracts a lot of by passers piquing their interest as to what happens inside the four walls.

Address: 45 Ellis Street, South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]


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I think Melbourne is such a vibrant city and it houses a humongous potential for success, this is what drives One Small Step Collective to start with a coworking model. They have realized that if you want to build something diverse and effective, you need a diverse team. Even if you are working on your own project, the team working downstairs is not far to have a quick chat. Moreover, you will also get a chance to work with them. All in all, working here is not without a pool of opportunities which can help you narrate your stance to the clients proactively.

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