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Mycelium Studios is a creative hub for artists and musicians. Located in Brunswick, it provides a creative shared space for art practitioners to explore their skills and flourish. You will be working side-by-side with talented people who may prove to be of help to you. A question may arise in your mind. Will I be benefitted by working in a shared creative space? The answer is, yes! With an opportunity for networking with fellow artists, your creativity will enhance. Fostering a collaborative environment, Mycelium Studios engages you with its community of growing artists. The high costs of renting a studio may have driven many young artists towards working in a shared space. That is one reason why people are switching to coworking. The other causes include meeting new people and getting additional benefits.

Many people confess that working with your peers can be very constructive. At Mycelium Studios, about a third of the total space is devoted to communal areas and facilities. You can become a part of their workshops and exclusive events. Not only this, there are a lot of amenities in store for you! As an artist, you require plenty of space and shelves to store your equipment. All this will be taken care of at the studio. These features surely make this space stand out for artists and creatives. Read further to get a closer look at this amazing work centre.

Amenities offered by Mycelium Studios:

Booking a place for work purposes is one of the most important decisions of your life. You need to fully check that it meets your demands. In this scenario, Mycelium Studios will not discourage you. They offer a variety of benefits so that your work becomes easier. Some of the amenities are listed below:

  • Accessibility: You will have 24/7 access to your workspace, so you can work till late hours. The place is disabled friendly providing wheelchair access. You will find the location easily accessible as it connects with many bus routes. So pack your things and book a spot at Mycellium Studios and unravel new great ideas.
  • Additional Facilities: The list of facilities offered by this workspace is long! You will have access to high-speed internet. There is plenty of parking available near the building. This will surely lessen your burden. The offices are fully furnished and well-equipped. Not only this, you can enjoy great views of the area from your office window. Worried about your stuff? Don’t be. There are locker facilities available just for you.
  • Equipment: Mycelium Studios provides you with chill-out zones, video rooms, ergo-chairs and silent-zone to help you refresh yourself. A small break or two can sometimes do wonders. Apart from that, there is also a phone booth. You can make your important calls in peace.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Mycelium Studios has a well-equipped kitchen. So, you can prepare your meals and beat those cravings. Also, the place offers free drinks.
  • Meeting rooms: Conduct your meetings in a professional environment. Well-designed meeting rooms are available to the members of Mycelium Studios.

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Membership Plan at Mycelium Studios:

Mycelium Studios not only offers a great number of benefits but flexible membership plans as well. The coworking space can be accessed on either a daily or a monthly basis. Just pay $25 and get a spot to work on your projects. This option is well-suited for those who do not work according to a plan. Another option is to pay $50 a week and access the workspace for more time. A plan like this should give you all the more reasons to join this centre.

Other spaces at Mycelium Studios:

Private Studio Spaces: Mycelium Studios is home to a community of artists that include designers, installation artists, jewellers, filmmakers and more. If you require a quiet space to work, you can opt for a private studio. The studios are big, filled with abundant natural light. They are designed and structured to suit an artists necessities.

Event Rooms: Mycelium Studios has two open spaces in its Artist Complex for holding events and workshops. The ambience of the room provides a relaxing environment. If you want to organise educational workshops, seminars or exhibitions, these event spaces will be perfect for you. They are glass fronted and spacious. There are a bunch of additional services that can be availed when you book an event room. The capacity of the room is 400. More good news awaits you. There are two fully equipped kitchens and a custom built bar. Other than that, you can get facilities like art sound system, DJ gear and Lighting. You will not find a better venue for your functions!

Sound Studios: Mycelium Studios tends to your audio production needs. Here, you can indulge in various activities associated with recordings. For instance, you can record, mix and do voiceovers for films, radio programs etc. There is also a team of professionals who can help you with the technical part. You can get all the help you require from the recording to the editing part. Know about the prices by getting in touch with their team.

Location and Contact

Mycelium Studios Melbourne

Mycelium Studios is located in an inner-city suburb, Brunswick East. It is just a few kilometres away from Melbourne ’s central business district. You will be able to locate many landmarks nearby. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes for satiating your hunger pangs. As an artist, you will find this place suitable for your requirements. The building has abundant light so you will not face any hurdle while working on your masterpiece. The exact location of the centre is Factory 1/10 – 12 Moreland Rd, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia. You can know more about the place by contacting them on 0477 080 873.

Visit their website, and see for yourself!


For all the artists out there looking for a creative place to work, Mycelium Studios should be on their list. Celebrating art, this space caters to all your needs. You can book a spot whenever you like and get to work. There are specialised studios in case you need more advanced services. All this can be used at a very affordable cost.

Mingle with the like-minded peers and watch your creativity soar. Mycelium Studios is a place where you can enhance your skills. If you think that a shared studio will hamper your concentration level, then this place will change your mind. Book a spot today and you will get to know. Get, set, work!

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